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Founding Fathers: Alexander Hamiliton

Updated on July 1, 2017

Alexander Hamiliton is among the most interesting founding fathers I have come across in this unit. Among the reasons is that he is accredited to have pioneered various institutions, agencies and departments in the U.S of which many of them are currently in place. Among these include the U.S constitution, the U.S financial system, the U.S Coast Guard, the New York Post Newspaper, as well as being the pioneer of the Federalist Party, the first voter based party in the world. Historical records portray him as the first treasury secretary of the United States. In addition, this figure also took a huge role in interpreting and promoting the constitution in the U.S.

What is more interesting about Hamilton was his immense capabilities and talents. For instance, he was the author, writer who worked at various print houses. Additionally, Hamilton played a key role in the American Revolution by taking part in the revolutionary war. In the revolutionary war, he was at the forefront of it as a captain of the artillery that were involved in the war. These immense abilities make him to be quite a unique figure.


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