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Four Forces of Physics

Updated on July 23, 2013

What are the four forces of physics?

The four fundamental forces of nature are Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear. These four forces originated from the beginning of time. The first to be discovered was the Gravitational Force. Electromagnetism split off from this first force, and formed itself; a stronger and more understood force. The weak and strong nuclear forces were discovered later as atoms were studied. Many Physicists try to comprehend how all four of these forces could work together, in something such as ‘relativity’. Out of the four forces, the last 3 can be used in quantum studies. These quantum studies cannot explain gravity though, so something must be missing in the equation. The development of science in the new coming times will maybe, just maybe, solve the unsolved.

What is a force?

A force can be described as any of the four natural phenomena involving the interaction between particles of matter. All forces can be put into four groups. The four fundamental forces were first created at the beginning of time in an extremely hot inferno. The first to break off from the inferno was the Gravitational Force, after the universe started to cool, but not by much! The second to break off was Electromagnetism, as the universe continued to expand and cool. The third break was the Weak Nuclear Force, which happened almost at the same time as the second break. The fourth force can be seen when an atom splits. These fundamental forces make up the groups of every force we see each and every day.


The gravitational force is the force that acts between 2 objects with mass. The force increases as the two objects get closer. It also increases as the mass increases. This gravitational force is what holds us to earth and keeps us from losing our hats. The gravitational force can be found with the equation w=mg, where weight equals mass times gravity. Gravity is usually measured at 9.81m/s2 due to our position on earth. Gravity is the weakest of all the forces. The force of gravity only attracts, it does not repel. This force is one of the least understood in the world of physics, because it does not work alongside the quantum idea.


Electromagnetism is responsible for the formation of molecules. It makes covalent bonds, ionic bonds, and such things. This is the second strongest force. Electromagnetism decreases as an object gets further away from it. As the charges increase though, so does the force. This fundamental force is both attractive and repulsive. It can bring molecules together, and also break them apart. It can also withstand the force of gravity.

Strong Nuclear Force

The Strong Nuclear Force is what holds a nucleus of an atom together. It tends to show that positive atoms repel each other. This force must overpower the electromagnetic force, making it the strongest, in order to keep it together. The weak nuclear force can be found when this is broken; in radiation. The strong nuclear force keeps the neutrons and protons inside of the nucleus of the atom. If this did not happen, the neutrons and protons would be floating around aimlessly. The strong nuclear force instead keeps them together so that they may live peacefully in an atom. This fundamental force is essential to our everything; our computers, our telephones, our flags, our noses; it makes up atoms, which make up everything.

Weak Nuclear Force

The Weak Nuclear Force is the radioactive decay and emission of α particles, β particles, and ϒ particles. Another way of looking at it would be to say that this force emits radiation. When this force is in stable form, it is in a sphere. If the nucleus of an atom is unstable, with no Strong Nuclear force holding it together, it will release enough radiation to change into a sphere (stable form). The Weak Nuclear Force is only stronger than gravity. It was created at approximately the same time as the electromagnetic force. This fundamental force is a partner to the Strong Nuclear force and is best understood in examples with it. This force along with the Strong Nuclear force could possibly be used to wipe out a civilization, such as aliens on Uranus.

The four forces of Physics

Together, all four of these fundamental forces cannot be understood. Alone they wonder the world. Certain combinations create unimaginable outcomes, and some just make no sense at all. Quantum ideas can explain three out of four of the fundamental forces together, but gravity is a mystery. Even Einstein could not solve it! If all four fundamental forces could be combined, out world would be explained fully; why things happen, how they happen, how luck happens, the chances of winning a turkey at a turkey bingo.. anything.


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