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Freaks of Nature

Updated on June 30, 2016

For most of the people, their first close encounter with the so called “freak” is at the circus carnival. Who can forget the elephant man, the wolf boy, the 8-foot giant, the 2-foot dwarf, lobster boy, the pincushion man, etc. In the news, occasionally, we hear about the twin that is jointed together in the midsection, the person with two heads or multiple limbs etc. From our recent knowledge of genetics, we are actually able to pin-point the genes in the DNA that are responsible for those abnormalities. The bad genes occur during the DNA’s replication and combination in the person’s reproduction process. As a matter of fact, any gene has the chance to be altered by mutation and or simple mistakes inherent in the process. Most of the times, we inherit every genes from our parents with no error. Once in a while, we get something different that can cause physical disfiguration and or mental retardation on the negative direction, or above normal mental and or physical capabilities on the positive direction.

Life Cycle

We all go through the same life cycle – birth, mating, giving birth, and death. But, each person’s journey through life is all different. Some are farmer, doctor, thief, murderer, teacher, banker, or janitor, etc. The diversity is due to each person’s unique physical and mental capabilities. This uniqueness occurs during the process of mating and giving birth:

  1. The sperm cell from the male combines with the egg cell from the female to form a new cell that contains the blueprint that develops into a new life.

  2. The sperm and egg cells are created specially to pass our DNA to the next generation.

  3. Normal cell division creates two identical cells that have identical DNA as the original cell.

  4. 4 sperm or egg cells are created after the cell division and all 4 resulting cells have slightly different DNA from one another and from the original cell.

  5. The new born developed from the combined sperm and egg cells bears traits not only from the parents but also the traits that are the results of random DNA mixing and mutation during the cell division.

  6. The new born can grow up as a normal or abnormal person. In extreme case, the new born can grow up as a freak.


Most of the people are born normal. Our man-made world is built for the normal people where they can make a living independently and raise a family with the opposite sex to keep the life cycle going. In order to keep the man-made world prosperous and moving in the right direction, people with abnormal mental and physical capabilities are needed to be:

  1. Leader of a nation to provide unity, stability, and as spokesman on the world stage,

  2. CEO of a company to provide inspiration, vision, and direction,

  3. Entertainer to provide singing, dancing, and or acting performance,

  4. Scientist to uncover Nature’s hidden treasures in medicine, energy, and technology, etc.

    On the other side of the spectrum, there are people with abnormal talents in materializing their ambitions and or urges without regard to the welfare of other people. They are:

  1. Dictator of a nation exploiting its people for power and wealth,

  2. Financier using elaborate Ponzi schemes to cheat money from thousands of ordinary people,

  3. Crime boss taking advantage of people’s flawed nature to conduct profitable business outside the laws,

  4. Hacker relying on one’s highly logical brain to break into other people’s computers to steal vital information, etc.


Our man-made world cannot sustain itself without the help from people with the extraordinary mental and physical capabilities. They are as rare as the elephant man and the wolf boy. They can see things that the ordinary people cannot even imagine, solve problems that the ordinary people do not even know exist, and do things that the ordinary people can only admire. They contribute revolutionary advancements to the man-made world in science, technology, medicine, literature, sport, etc. The end results are higher standard of living, longer life span, and more spare times to indulge in fantasy, recreation, and entertainment. These specially gifted people can be considered a freak of Nature just like those human oddities in the circus carnival. They all are the products of random genes mixing, matching, and or mutating during the human birth process. In a nutshell, this is the process behind the man-made world’s complex order.

Grand Design

To keep 7 billion people happy and health, we need people in the fields of food production, education, medicine, law and order, business, construction, etc. Majority of the people – the normal, the average, and the common – are performing the duties of raising a family and contributing the energy to make the world a better place to live. The minority of the people who have the talent to be a leader, manager, or supervisor provide direction, organization, and or motivation to make the world operating more efficiently and effectively. The rarity of the people are born to think outside the box, to understand all that can be known, and to comprehend the processes that make everything work. They are obsessed to understand how Nature works. From the unseeable nanoscopic realm of the atom to the unreachable, edgeless space of the Universe, they unravel their makeup, order, origin, possible finale, and the role of the human species in this grand design. They are the freaks of Nature.


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