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Resource Material & Free Online Courses

Updated on March 31, 2017

Back in 2011 MIT announced the launch of a new online open source learning program, that offered courses for free. In addition, there are many more Universities that offer the same benefit including Harvard, Berkeley, and many more. Also, MIT offers a great deal of material online from their campus classes. This open source concept was developed by Devid Preston, a teacher who proposed an alternative learning method, were the student developed their own learning experiences. The material offered could be used for school assignment’s, researching, and article writing. I know a great deal of people that struggle to find accredited sources to use as references, so signing up for a class in your areas of interest may be worth it. Furthermore, they are open to anyone form around the world, and the subjects can range from forensics all the way to counseling, and education. Also, they do offer an abundance of science and engineering subjects as well.


Another great source of free education is Edx, a nonprofit organization that offers online courses from numerous universities and colleges. Edx was founded in 2012 by MIT, and today has over 90 partners, which include some of the leading universities and colleges from around the world. However, if you are looking to get a free grad or undergrad degree through Edx you will be disappointed, as most of the courses do not offer transferable credits. They do, however, have some freshmen year classes which offer transferable credits, but they are very limited, including mathematics (pre-calculus) and English. Edx does offer a certificate for each completed course, for which you would need to pay a fee of 50$ to receive, but it is not a mandatory requirement in order to participate. The 50$ fee goes to support the functions of the non-profit organization. They also, offer Micro Masters certificates which demonstrate the successful completion of a series of courses.


On the bright side, even though most of the free online classes do not offer credits, they are still great for educational purposes. Further on, potential students can try a few of them before they decide if they are interested in investing in a particular major without any cost. Also, free online courses are a great way for professionals to further their career, by specializing in a specific area of their profession. In addition, these courses offer a great deal of flexibility, with deadlines being a whole year for one course, so it is a perfect alternative for people with tight schedules. And of course, the fact that they are free can be a tremendous opportunity for people looking to save on education. My experience with Edx has been very pleasant. The course I choose was on solar energy, and I found the courses online platform to be extremely user-friendly. In addition, they offer a free PDF of the course book, which is another great benefit. Also, the fact that I could study whenever I had free time resulted in a lot less stress. And, I highly recommend these courses for people that struggle with assignment deadlines. In a nutshell, there are pros and cons to this type of learning, but in my opinion the benefits by far out way the drawbacks.


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