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Free Online University Courses

Updated on February 16, 2016

Stanford University


Online Universities

What if you can go to college or an ivy league university for free? Visualize having access to many of the top rated college or university courses worldwide totally free on the internet. A place to go on the internet where you'll be able to get a top of the line education and learning experience from several of the global leading educational institutions. Academic Earth is an organization that has built a website that is based in Houston, Texas and was created on March 2009 by a Yale University graduate creator Richard Ludlow and co-founders Chris Bruner and Liam Pisano. Academic Earth objective will be to supply all people in the world admission to the best education and learning totally free.

Academic Earth has designed the primary series of no cost online internet streaming college and university courses from the best educational institutions. What is awesome about Academic Earth is that it clarify and bundle the collection of courses in an incredibly helpful and simple way to use the website. Academic Earth organizes the library of educational courses by the many various universities and colleges, and by the study courses.

All of the study course classes that are presented by the Academic Earth Website are basically offered through the various colleges and universities websites. Next to the title of the study course you will see a written summary about every course video lecture, so you can see precisely what the study course is all about prior to looking at it. This space will also present the name of the lecturer and the duration of time for the study course.

Academic Earth Online Universities

Online Universities

Academic Earth performs a research of numerous colleges and universities worldwide to locate free online videos. Courses are added on a regular basis and also the design and the layout of the website are also updated regularly. Academic Earth will then have the main location on their website for everyone to go to in order to take advantage of the free online video courses from over twenty-five colleges and universities. The educational institutions that are featured on the site are:

Berklee College of Music 3 courses
California Institute of Technology 1 courses
Carnegie Mellon University 2 courses
Case Western Reserve University 3 courses
Columbia University 5 course
Cornell University 2 courses
Dartmouth College 1 course
John Hopkins Universities 24 courses
Harvard University 17 courses
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 232 courses
New York University 6 courses
Princeton University 3 courses
Stanford University 161 courses
George Washington University 1 course
University of Chicago 2 courses
University of California, Berkeley 64 courses
University of California, Irvine 4 courses
University of California, Los Angeles 18 courses
University of California, San Diego 10 courses
University of California, San Francisco 1 course
University of Houston 6 courses
University of Michigan 10 courses
University of Notre Dame 12 courses
University of Oxford 8 courses
Wesleyan University 0 course
Yale University 43 courses
Also offered and build within the site are free online courses for test preparation for ACT, GMAC, LSAT, MCAT, SAT.

Columbia University


Online Universities

Provided on the Academic Earth website you will come across a listing of selected picks of top rated online study courses referred to as the curated playlists. A simple explanation about the study course is detailed to evaluate prior to viewing the study course. The subjects that are provided on this curated playlists are

First Day of Freshman Year
Laws of Nature
Living a Good Life
Love is in the Air
Money Make the World go Round
The Nature of Evil
The Sound of Music
Understanding the Financial Crisis
You are What You Eat
Wars throughout History

Video Tour: Academic Earth

Harvard University


Online Universities

Another area of this website is the video electives. The video lessons consist of an outline about the various lessons and are displayed and built in on the Academic Earth website.

Atlas Shrugged
Born Republican? Born Democrat?
Fahrenheit 451
How the End of World War II Made Us Fat
How the Internet is Changing Your Brain
How to Start Building a Great Protagonist
Intro to the English Romantics
Practical Math: How to Take a Punch
The Economic Cost of Obesity
The Internet Knows Bitcoin
Too Many Too Soon: The Anti-Vaccine Fallacy
The Psychology of the Internet Troll

Online Resource: Academic Earth - Online College Courses, SAT, & ACT Test Prep

Dartmouth College Baker Library


Online Universities

Academic Earth gathers and posts college and university classroom sessions from throughout the nation in virtually just about every topic you can possibly imagine and all of the study courses are all absolutely free. Academic Earth delivers absolutely free online video lectures for complete college and university study courses in an extensive variety of subject areas. Most of these lectures have been recorded and filmed at top colleges and universities worldwide. Also, Academic Earth offers designed possibilities for individuals searching for options to earn a college degree.

Academic Earth considers that every person is deserving of being able to obtain access to a distinguished education and learning opportunity, which is why they continue to present an extensive variety of totally free on the internet study courses from the top-rated colleges and universities across the globe. Academic Earth is a wonderful way to devote some time learning and studying something new if you're seeking to broaden your viewpoints and a beneficial beginning position to study a subject you may be interested in or thinking about going back to school.
In 2009, Academic Earth was honored and selected as one of TIME Magazine's Top 50 Websites.

This service is great for those who is not concerned about receiving college credits for putting in the time and effort from being able to download totally free study courses from the best colleges and universities. Academic Earth has a wonderful website that has so many different study courses to choose from. This service would be great if you want to just learn about a subject without worrying about attendance, prices, assignments, grades, deadlines and traveling to campus. You may not get any credits or a degree, but you can bet you will feel smarter.

Princeton University Nassau Hall


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