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From Atlantis to the Modern World

Updated on August 14, 2014
How the world looked prior to 12,600 years ago before the age of great catastrophes
How the world looked prior to 12,600 years ago before the age of great catastrophes

The modern world evolved in discreet stages

12,600 years ago, a tumultuous change engulfed the world that reverberated here and there around the planet until things reasonably settled down 6,000 years ago. We will look at events starting at 12,600 years ago, 11,000 years ago, 8,400 years ago, 1646 BCE, 535 AD, 1815 AD up to the current period to piece together the events that started with the laying of waste of the Atlantian world and laid the foundation of all that followed. We acknowledge the importance of natural dialectics in the material changes that come upon the earth and that this process effects everything and everyone on all scales throughout unfolding history both quantitatively and qualitatively. The evidence lies all around us and is being uncovered on land and under water.

13,000 years ago, the world was far different than now. All the land masses were joined with the exception of the region that is now Australia, Madagascar, Antarctica and the island that is now Iceland. Other than that, small islands dotted the Atlantis era oceans as they do now. The world that was Atlantis was in the grips of an ice age that had been in place for nearly 90,000 years. Atlantis was described as a sea-going nation that projected its power via the oceans that were 400 feet shallower than they are currently. According to Plato, Atlantis was advanced, lay beyond the Pillars of Hercules, was destroyed in a day and night by volcanoes and floods. There is even evidence of a rotational pole shift, an idea explored and developed by Charles Hapgood and backed by non other than Albert Einstein. Pole shift occurs both gradually and in sudden jumps. The gradual shift occurs in a few distinct processes such as precession and nutation. Sudden shifts can occur when the earth seeks a new balance due to sudden redistribution of mass and earthquake changes such as the 2004 Malaysian and the 2010 Chilean earthquakes.

12,600 years ago, an event occurred that brought a sudden end to many species such as the mastodon and mammoth. At that time the first Clovis people met their demise and cleared the way for the 2nd Clovis people. The event triggered and led to a mini ice-age called the Younger Dryas. It is now known from the evidence of iridium and hexagonal nano-diamonds that an impact occurred on the Laurentide ice sheet approximately over the region of N. Ontario and Quebec. The impact instantly melted and vaporized hundreds of cubic kilometres of ice. The ice being up to three kilometres thick blocked the formation of an impact creator. The comet or asteroid impact created secondary effects such as fire storms, volcanism, shock front winds, huge earthquakes, tsunamis and floods of unimaginable scale. These secondary events caused the extinctions of mega flora and fauna of north America and a climate reversal; or impact triggered winter lasting a thousand years.

The accumulating evidence tells us that right after the impact, a massive lake was formed from the run off; Lake Agassiz. In addition, the impact triggered a Richter 11 earthquake that formed the Niagara escarpment. The shock front circled the globe repeatedly. The heat generated a firestorm that burned much of the bio-mass, especially from secondary impacts in most of N. America and Siberia. In short order, there was massive volcanism and run off of melting of glaciers rose sea levels by some 200 feet initially accompanied with tsunamis. Coastal regions were inundated, burying many mega-structures below the new sea level. It was this that ended the civilization of Atlantis. To compound matters, a world that was emerging from a 90,000 year long ice age, suddenly returned to a deep freeze of another 1,000 years lasting about 12,000 to 11,000 years ago. After the sudden catastrophe of 12,600 years ago, some lucky inhabitants took to higher ground and survived to pass on their experience and their knowledge to their offspring. This fact accounts for the strange subsequent distribution of knowledge around the world according to speciality of the original source.

The impact of 12,600 years ago lead to the creation of Lake Agassiz, a huge fresh water lake extending from what is now the upper St. Lawrence River to Saskatchewan, north to almost Hudson Bay and south to the Great Lakes region. It was the largest fresh water lake on earth in all of geological history. It initially drained via the Mississippi River. During the impact, it suddenly began to drain to the North via the Mackenzie river and delta, triggering the Younger Dryas. Draining again changed 8,400 to 8,200 years ago when ice dams burst, leading to a sudden and dramatic rising of sea level by an additional 200 feet in a matter of weeks or months via the St. Lawrence River or the Hudson Bay when an ice dam failed. It was during this rise that first the Mediterranean basin flooded followed by a volcanic explosion of Mt. Etna and subsequent landslide in what is now southeast coast of Sicily, which triggered the flood of the Black Sea basin as a result of a huge tsunami. Many early civilizations were wiped out. This is now regarded as the basis of the Noah like legends of global flooding. After this, the world went into a prolonged dark age until about 6,000 years ago when another series of catastrophes struck. The climate shifted as a drought created major deserts. The world then had to wait for the emergence of civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt and India about 5,000 years ago.

There is Proof For a World Wide Ice Meltdown

The evidence of the antediluvian world now lies up to 400 feet below sea level. It consists of massive man made complexes off the shores of Japan and elsewhere in 500 other under water sites around the world discovered since 1997 and in underwater caves that have structures that can only form above sea level. It also exists in structures all over the Canadian shield that can only be attributed to massive glaciation. Huge gouges exist in solid granite, carved out by boulders. Huge boulders not native to the regions where they are found, suggest that they were dropped their by glaciers and or massive floods. Massive tombs of broken trees and animal bones crushed together exist in places like Alaska and Oregon. Two separate Clovis peoples are evident pre and post, but not during 12,600 years ago throughout N. America. The age of the Niagara escarpment is exactly 12,600 years old and it was formed by a massive earthquake of about Richter 11 at that time. All of these attest to great forces and sudden catastrophes.

The climate continued to change during increasing warmth, bringing an end to the 4th and greatest dynasty of Egypt from 2575 to 2467 BCE,about 4,500 years ago ended during a 200 year long drought. Similarly, India lost the monsoons for about 600 years around the same period. The lessor dynasties of Egypt follow with the era of Ramses when the Santorini super-volcano in the Aegean exploded during 1646 BCE according to Greenland and Antarctic ice cores. Some people put the event at 1,500 BCE, but the weight has to go with geological evidence of 1646 BCE. This is the time of Exodus and Moses and the Hyksos expulsion. The volcano created the famed plagues of Egypt that can now all be accounted for scientifically. Myth has become substantiated in historical, archaeologically based fact. The dispute of the dates is one of calendar uncertainties. We have to rely on the evidence of the physical material facts.

At the time accredited to the life of Jesus, Rome under Tiberius Caesar ruled the world as a brutal imperialist power. Slave rebellions and dissidents were all tortured and crucified publicly as an example to terrorize the populations to compliance under Roman domination. Others were sent to Circus Maximus or into the collesum to entertain the Romans in gruesome killing spectacles with gladiators or from wild hungry animals. The toll to animal populations alone was intense, driving some animals to extinction in Europe and Libya. We mention Rome, because it was the dominant world power that crushed Israel in 70 AD and was itself extinguished by a natural catastrophe in Feb. 535 AD. That disaster has been traced back to Krakatoa by David Keys in his book “Catastrophe”. By 536 AD, the world over was plunged into a nearly decade long volcanic winter. The weather continued to be wild for a century thereafter until the founding of Islam and the post Classic Maya. Europe plunged into a dark age of a thousand years. Today we see wild weather due to “industrial winter” influences, but not as wild as 536 to 546 AD.

Aside from the mini ice ages of the Spoorer and Maunder solar minima, the period after 630 AD, the world existed in a quiescent climate period; that is until 1815 When Tambora exploded on April 10th. The volcanic winters of 1816 to 1818 triggered much unrest in Europe due to food shortages. The unrest expressed itself in numerous revolts culminating in the Paris Commune of 1871. During this period and before, Marx and Engels wrote the bulk of their works. By now, the industrial revolution was well under way, which inspired works such as Das Kapital by Karl Marx. Also, Charles Darwin was compiling and writing his works on evolution.

We arrive to the current era where we have learned all of this amazing history and can back it up with physical evidence consisting of archeological trace and astonishing ancient machines to which we now turn our attention.


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