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From Soup to Nuts

Updated on April 12, 2011

Where is it from?

The great phrase "From soup to nuts" is an entertaining example of a clever way to say "from beginning to end". It is related to a multi-course meal, in which the appetizer would consist of soup and dessert would be nuts, or a variation thereof. (Think pistachio pudding!)  But in everyday use, it can be so much more than a mealtime phrase.

How to use it:

This is a great phrase for everyday use.

A few places you can try it:

  • School: "I took excellent notes, covering everything from soup to nuts!"
  • Work: "Did I mention that you were in charge of the new project from soup to nuts?"
  • Dentist office: "The pain was incredible during the procedure, from soup to nuts!"
  • Movie theatre: "I tell you, from soup to nuts, that was an awful movie!"

Where did I hear it?

The first time I heard this phrase was in New York City at work. I worked at a steel company, and my boss would used the phrase often.  It was very entertaining, and always made me laugh when he would use it!  Most of the time it was when he was frustrated with something that he felt someone else should have done, after he had done his part "from soup to nuts". 


There's a movie?


Laurel & Hardy in "From Soup to Nuts"


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