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Learn My Three Ways to Pay for a College Education - It's Never Too Late

Updated on December 6, 2016

For Low Income Individuals

There are educational opportunities available for low income individuals
There are educational opportunities available for low income individuals


For many individuals and families, the expense of college can make continuing education a challenge. However, there are a variety of online colleges and universities that strive to accommodate people with low income by offering scholarships, online courses (some free) and financial aid.


You can search the Internet for Scholarships
You can search the Internet for Scholarships

AARP Scholarships

The wonderful thing about scholarships is that they're free and you don't ever have to pay them back. Begin in your own backyard and ask local associations and businesses if they offer scholarships. You'll need to write an essay, and if they choose yours, you'll receive financial reward and praise.

Many scholarships are directed towards women and minorities. AARP has a scholarship for moderate and low income older women (ages 40+). Seventy awards are given out each year in the amounts of $500-$5,000.

Free Courses

UC Berkeley offers free courses in engineering
UC Berkeley offers free courses in engineering

Online Colleges

There are online colleges that offer courses free of charge, enabling you to advance your career and realize your dream. Some colleges offer real time classes where you can interact with students and teachers.

If you choose a free course, you will not receive college credits, but you will receive the great gift of knowledge that might help advance your career.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers more than 1,800 free courses. Under the umbrella "MITOPENCOURSEWARE" you can attend MIT, one of the leading colleges for science and technology worldwide.

The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is ranked as one of the best public universities nationally and offers free courses which include engineering, biology and philosophy.

Financial Aid

Financial aid can help with tuition costs
Financial aid can help with tuition costs

Student aid

If you have a full time job or care for children, don't let the cost of tuition scare you. Financial aid is available, including federal grants and low cost student loans.

You must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form which includes your personal and financial information, as well as school codes.

However, be cognizant of the deadline dates when applying for financial aid, there are both state and federal guidelines.

Capella University in Minneapolis, MN is an accredited school with online courses such as education, accounting, business and nursing.

Taking the survey

Wow, according to the survey below, you or someone in your family has received a scholarship.

That's great! For those who are about to take on this effort, the best of luck.

The good news is there is money available, if you qualify.

It's never too late to begin your search for obtaining scholarship money.

The year is 2016 and hopefully president elect Donald Trump will pardon some of student loans and instead have colleges partially pay or charge less for a necessary education.


Have you or someone in your family received a scholarship?

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    • CamilleGizzarelli profile image

      CamilleGizzarelli 7 years ago from New England, USA

      khmohsin, thank you for your comments.

      There is a lot available to students these days.

      Yes, it would be helpful if students could somehow be guided through the processes.

    • profile image

      khmohsin 7 years ago

      These days cost is really effecting education system. Well nice sharing.

      There should be someone who should tell the students about the quality and cost difference in education system.

      Thanks for sharing such information.