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Funny Thing This World of Ours

Updated on February 23, 2013

Funny thing this World of Ours

Funny thing this World of Ours
Funny thing this World of Ours | Source

Funny thing this World of Ours

Funny thing this World of Ours

I was reading the reports about Japan and the Exposure to the radiation as levels exceed their threshold in certain parts of Japan, and have to make one question which news source we as a whole world are going to really listen to. Are we really going to know the real truth, I say this based on speculations from about three different sources that I will not name. The United State as we enter the year 2011 have had issues with the News not really telling us facts, yet telling us what we rather didn’t want to hear, or not actually giving concise reports as to what is happening in our own country and do we look to these same agencies for the news about the effects radiation will have on the United States, who do you trust?

This is a hard question to answer as I went thumbing through the latest news reports, as one said, “There is no need of any worry of the United States, Including Hawaii, and Alaska to get excited about any fallout from the radiation as it will dissipate with the flow of our atmosphere and air streams”. Great, that is good news I want to hear, now onto a report from a news station in Los Angeles, California, “We have passengers arriving and we have detection units as these: holds in his hand a monitor looking portable machine, we have only had traces of radiation come in off the aircraft”. Dallas, Texas, “Well there was some medical equipment that came in from a flight that was positive for radiation and a few planes, but at low levels”. Ok cool, I was told what I wanted to hear. The truth is, if these flights are coming in and bringing in radiation at low levels, thus is it not affecting us already.

Of course it is, at low levels, what is considered low, I have no idea and what is considered safe, whichever agency says it is, I assume the World Health Organization that monitors our health systems and management association from harming humans and the environment. What does this Organization say, about the same as the news reports? Who are you going to believe when it comes right down to it, or are you really not too concerned? I wasn’t until I read that, Yes evacuation in 30 Kilometers of this town in Japan where the reactors are high levels of radiation, and all of these organizations have confirmed that levels in California have gone up from the radiation from Japan, only measureable traces. What is a measureable trace, and who decides if it’s healthy, we will never know? There are so many conflicting reports that you have to gather the information from all sources and see what they agree upon and base a final decision on the group.

Here are the facts, there is radiation coming in on the jetliners and some of the individuals coming in from Japan, there have been minute traces of radiation in California from Japan’s Disaster with Mother Nature. We are going to be affected, because we are being exposed to incoming traffic and people coming here from Japan. Will this affect you? I have no idea, do you? If it’s a concern for the monitors to let us know about the findings and then telling us there is no problems from Japans Nuclear Plants affecting you, will now we know it’s affecting the monitors, but maybe not you personally.

The world today is based on confusion and information that needs not be said to the public is how I perceive this, and what can you do except say your blessings and live your day like you usually do. If you are affected so is the person next to you, and what can you do about it, nothing. I am not worried as I know the Bible and feel very positive about life and death. I also know you can’t run from something you can’t see, or smell, taste or ingest. I also know if there was a real danger that we would not be told, it would be mass hysteria, and no one wants that.

It’s been a while now since this disaster and I have not really read about the radiation part till tonight, and I do not know what the effects of a person having been exposed has to do with another one that is not and I can’t seem to find that answer as well. We live one day at a time, and we get our information from multiple resources. This is not a scare article, this is a life article, and we live on and go through the motions. The years of not having problems with Hurricanes in the last few have been nice not to have, I am a licensed Casualty Adjuster and though I have zero experience , in catastrophe’s and thank God for that, I know that we can’t change the things we have no control over.

Putting my two cents into this one penny article, makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one that just wants to be told the straight truth, we will have to assume we are by the multitude of informants or bloggers may be our best reliability. I feel for the Japanese and think that an Earthquake of the magnitude would have done to California could have been a tragedy as well. God bless America and the World that revolves around the clutter.


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