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FuzzBug Sheds

Updated on August 9, 2010
FuzzBug Sheds, rickzimmerman 2010
FuzzBug Sheds, rickzimmerman 2010

No, this little critter is not being shocked out of its fuzz. This wall-eyed glance askance is a common expression for the relaxed and content FuzzBug.

Many pet owners are initially put off by the fact that this particular breed of Midwestern FuzzBug sheds. In fact, it sheds a lot — often, if not continuously. Most soon get over their concerns, however, once they come to realize that the hairs of this FuzzBug are anything but a bother, for they are both edible and nutritious (tasting quite like those crunchy little rice noodles you might find in the Chinese-American foods section of your local grocery store).

Your typical moderate-size FuzzBug sheds enough to satisfy a family of four or five, for up to 2 meals a week, depending on family appetite and number of side dishes. (Jewish families may want to board or borrow a few extra FuzzBugs over Christmas.)

Just be careful to get yourself a Midwestern FuzzBug, and not a Mideastern FuzzBug, for the hairs of the Mideastern FuzzBug, while edible, are not very nutritious, and taste a lot more like a combination of damp unclean denim and fish excrement.

Bon Appetit!


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