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GED vs High School Diploma

Updated on April 25, 2007

Take a look at GED vs. High School Diploma To Determine What is Best for You.

What's the Difference?

So you have a high school student struggling to pass the standardized tests to graduate? Or, maybe you had to drop out of high school to help the family or because you just didn't think that diploma was important. Now, you are struggling to make ends meet, what do you do?

There may be another alternative that you haven't considered, the GED. But how is it different from a high school diploma and will you be able to get a good job?

GED stands for General Educational Development. This requires you to take classes and learn the information that will appear on the GED exam. So how is that different from high school?

The information you work on relates only to the test. You don't have to take Calculus, Trig, Advanced Literature or Typing. The purpose of the GED is to ensure that you understand the basic information you need to be successful in society and most importantly, on the job. The time it takes to receive a GED is significantly less than a high school diploma. You must be a certain age however, before signing up for a GED. Call your county's school district to find out more about that.

The exact amount of time it takes to receive a GED depends on the individual. The faster you learn the information and show competency, the faster you can receive your GED. While it is possible to just by a GED test tip book and study it, the website AfterHigh by Thinkquest, says it is better to sign up for a test preparation course. It helps to "back up" your general knowledge. Many states have Adult High Schools where GEDs are offered. Enrolling in such a program will provide you with assistance from instructors as you go through the information you need to know to receive your GED. There are five tests you must pass to receive the GED they are, literature and arts, math, science, social studies and writing skills. The tests can be taken in one day or in stages. Sound like a lot? Remember, you will take multitude of tests before you graduate from high school.

A high school diploma as many know is the certificate you receive after completing grades 9-12. And in most states, after you pass a standardized test. It takes longer to receive a high school diploma and you may be required to take courses that you aren't really interested in, including an art class, typing, music, etc. For some students, high school is a better choice for many reasons. Taking liberal arts and practical arts courses can make a person well rounded and expose them to things they would have perhaps missed. Students can attend a vocational high school and learn a trade while receiving their diploma. For some, the maturity that comes with four years of high school is necessary for some students to take the next step.

But can you get a job with a GED or attend college just as you would with a high school diploma? The answer is yes. A GED is the equivalent of a high school diploma. So which one to choose? The choice is yours. Depending on your needs and goals and after more research, it's important to choose the method that will work best for you.


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    • profile image

      dali-lamah.. 4 years ago

      The men that created these things, are the ones who are having a wonderful time laughing all the way to the bank at the issues surrounding the hype about what's better. It takes me back to the old hip-hop days when people where squabbling over east coast vs. west coast and the two main people involved at the top on both cost where from either coast. That is way before your time. We don't have hip-hop any more, we have noise pollution. Back in the day, there was a reason and a point to everything that was done under the sun. People were trying to take care of the family. Men went to war with no education and when they got home, if they were able to come home alive, they were given this special option to have this GED and to take back there lives and make a home and embrace the meaning of family. Now days, the meaning of things are being stripped from every home, every heart, every mind, things are changing. The same mind frame doesn't exist anymore. It is GAIN! and GET! The family unit is deteriorating. Ever ask why. It is because Men and Women stopped looking at family as a great and honorable thing. This statement is proven simply by the poles of people living together in fornication and adultery than in a long and happy marriage. Or the simple fact that there are more children born out of wedlock and fatherless than children born and raised my both mom and dad in a marriage.. I have a friend who has 10 children and she is one of the most patient and loving woman. She is a wonderful mother and they all have the same father. But I also know a lady who has 1 kid and she is forever complaining, forever loosing her cool, forever in a day murmuring, fighting, blaming, in and out of trouble, and when it comes to her child there is no love and no patience what so ever. She is a HS grad. No job, no drive, no life. She is influenced by this lascivious and grievous world. Hype, Opinions, Fear of man, and that slave mentality. We can't forget that slavery only took place because there was a lack of good judgment, knowledge, wisdom & understanding. Not because one race hated another but that it happened on the account of ones going off their own understanding, instead of Gods. We as humans tend to forget that there was more than one race enslaved. My point is whether GED or Diploma; it is the person with the piece of fancy paper that matters and what we do with the information we collect through life, how I would go about to use it. There are a tremendous amount of high school graduated on welfare. I mean in the thousands. There is a tremendous amount of high school graduates in cell block A-Z. There is a tremendous amount of high school graduates in the grave right now for making grievous mistakes. And the same for the GED graduates. What is better, none of them if there both taken out of the context that was given them in the beginning. It is all just as watered down as we make it. The real question that everyone should look in the mirror and ask themselves is what is better for me. Do not let this silly world decide what is best for your individual situation. GED or Diploma. apples or oranges. there both fruit meant and created for the same operation. beef or pork, what difference does it make if you haven't had a meal in a while, you won't care what you are eating. I'm not saying all this to give rebellious teens an excuse for not listening to their parents and doing what it takes to get that diploma, we have a very lazy society. But, I am speaking to the adult who needs a piece of paper to say yes I did learn and understand that 2+2 =4, and I can convey it to others, to enhance the experience and drive in my heart, than they should be able to go and to receive that piece of paper with out any trouble from any one. I know, its like blah,blah blah, what do you know, and you are probably counting, and correcting my mistakes right now, and you probably came up with over 30 reasons in your mind why Im wrong. What hath a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul. All that is here is bickering and complaining about a piece of paper that in the last days won't mean anything. Whether it is a GED or a diploma it doesn't matter either of these things will not get you what you need to save your soul. It will not bring you joy, contentment, or self respect. I sat in a room for a meeting and I heard from 6 millionaires, only one of them graduated from high school. Experience, work ethic, and drive to succeed is far more valuable than a piece of paper even though it is nice to have the credibility to say at least I did something to appease the public. I am very experienced in so many areas, I have learned and done interesting things and I can say that now having none of those papers, I am very well rounded. I have a will, a drive and a confidence that wins over a piece of paper. In the business that I am in you can still be a success and have everything that the rest of the world has and be more happier than the rest because of the hard work that it took to get me to get where I am. honesty, equity, and heart! The only reason I am going back for my GED is to have a piece of paper to show the ones who drive and stake their whole dramatic lives on the fact that one has to have this to support a family. Otherwise, I could just go on and do the best I can for my family with out one. I am not trying to keep up with the Jones. I am not trying to live my life in front of the eyes of man because they are never satisfied. And, lets face it; Who in this world has never in their life ever used spell check, or a resume template, or a self help book? whether GED or Diploma we will always make the same mistakes. We will always suffer the same consequences. What woman who has ever worn a pair of stockings that did not have a run in them somewhere by the end of the day. Let me ask the men, have you ever bought anything that you had to take back to the store because it didn't work right? In a factory of people, when the mistake is made, is the first question out of your mouth, ged or diploma? No, the real thinkers will see the problem, and use the experience to fix the problem, then go about to teach the young fresh high school grad, or ged grad how to go about to keep from making that same mistake over again. Experience. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that either is bad, strive hard and go for what you know, and what you don't know. But if the situation is anything like mine, or anything like my friends then pull up the pants, let go of the drama, and make a goal and work hard to achieve it. There are a lot of experiences in HS that can take you through life, but that's all it will take us is through; life... Don't believe the hype neither is better, but either is helpful just the same. Not to mention the feeling inside, yup... every one I talk to all say that it is the same. In all this though, I must say, yes the only and I must say only; difference is, the Graduation ceremony and all that goes with that. But lets see, when there is a comment on my post, how many mistakes did I make, how many run on sentences, miss spelled words all that jazz. get the message. Be A Better U Today than U were yesterday!

    • profile image

      Utineepem 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Chuc 5 years ago

      This is my opinion, if you can stay in school and get your HS Diploma then get your HS Diploma, your last option should always be GED. I understand that some situation can't allow you to continue through High school but 60% of you have invalid excuses, example classes and teachers. My father had it worst than 90 percent of you and he obtain a HS Diploma. Bottom line, the easy path is not always the best and the real world is different from what you view it as. You have to have and open mind and great attitude to face this challenging world. There are many success with or without a HS Diploma but is based on individual actions , will not give up attitude and wise decisions.

    • profile image

      rosi 5 years ago

      I'm going to comment from what I have actualy have witness at the college. I have seen adults who have spent 2 or 3 quarters trying to pass basic math. Because there is no one able to sitdown with an adult student to explain how you should go about learning your basic stuff. Be that math, or English or what ever. To me is like try to start getting up the tree from the Top to the bottom. College should not be for people who do not know how to reat or write. You can not cram even 6 years of knoledge in two or 3 quarter is rediculous.

    • profile image

      arthur 5 years ago

      waec help bece candiate to get school

    • profile image

      RisyJasyCab 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      Help 6 years ago

      Has any one really succeded with a GED I am planning on getting one and after that going to community college to get my associates in nursing is it possible?.

    • profile image

      Cp89 6 years ago

      Wow! I am honestly kind of taken back from some of you people. I am 22 years old I got my GED when I was 17. My mother and her husband separated at the end of my junior year of high school and I got moved to a different state. When I went to sight up for my senior year of high school they told me because of the names of the classes were different they would not accept them. So it would have took me till I was 21 to get my diploma. I hated having to get a GED and it wasn't the name difference I wanted my senior year. Going to senior prom, walking across the stage in my cap and gown, project grad ect. I would give anything to have done that. But I don't have a half ass job I own my own business and for 22 I'm pretty successful so some of you should judge a bit less. Now I'm not saying that some people aren't stupid and can't spell but Albert einstein couldn't spell and he was a very very intelligent man so you shouldn't judge. Plus I'm typing this from a iPhone so I'm sure my grammar is not going to be the best.

    • profile image

      noitalltellitall 2dumbhoes 6 years ago

      samantha you are a dumb trash talking prejudice still don't speak correct english...look how you write it lol You haven't even encouraged anyone! You are a cyber Bully who will be stopped. There is a judgement day for you.And with your mentality and apparent hate for the less fortunate,you are the LAST person who should be an EMT! HERE in the great state of Tennessee a GED is equiv. to a Highschool Diploma! No Where ever really ask for the diploma anyhow. They never check .Michigan and texas are the same. if you lied about having either MOst places would never know... if you had a ged and put on application hsd, you would be justified if they checked because it is an equivalent. People who have a hsd must be mad they endured 4 years just to be equal to someone naturaly smart. ps.. I have 2 aunts that work for the IRS( Internal revenue service) they've been there a looong time and both got there Ged and had children young making 6 figures ones also a spokesman. I also have an uncle who dropped out in 8th grade....who cares why he makes over 300,000.00 per year and put his children through college so luck ...I think Not .hard work is a God given gift and no one can determine that but a sheet of paper... ps#2 I got my ged married got a few degrees and Doing great things. people who want to be lazy wouldn't even pursue education you dumb asses! I am appauled by all the worthless comments .And to mr.flipping burgers, I bet your fat ass eat those burgers some are flipping. Maybe they'll flip a special something onto your sandwhich!

    • profile image

      Shae 6 years ago

      i only have one more year left of high school, but now in my junior year i got suspended a couple times and fell behind, because of this i failed some classes for the first time ever. school is seeming more and more pointless because the only thing that really matters is making money.

      so instead of wasting another year in school not making money i'm thinking about getting my GED. in what would be my senior year i plan to get my GED then get a job and save up money for college. After that year i plan on going to a community college where a lot of other students in my class plan to go to, after two years there i want to attend a art institute for either film and production or graphic design.

      I haven't made my decision yet but i would love some feedback about the negatives and positives of this!!

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      I've had my GED for a little over 20 years now. I'm currently working for a large energy company earning a pretty decent wage. For those that do not have a choice due to personal issues, don't worry a GED will do the job.

      I have never had an employer turn me down for that reason alone. That's what the interview is for. That's your chance to shine, to show them who you are and why you're the right one for the job. If you can do that, they could care less about that GED.

      Don't let all the negative doom and gloomers get you down. I know what I'm talking about. You know who you are and what you can do. Keep your confidence high and you'll be just fine. I know you've heard this a million times but it's true.. "If you put your mind to it you can do anything".

    • profile image

      Samantha Is A Stupid Bitch. 6 years ago

      Man its sad these people have to add beef on people with ged, Sam you an idiot stop being cocky you have a good life ok good for you. Your son might not be the same as you he could be a dead beat. And you don't save lives??/ You answer calls, that's cool. i can do that. Im 17 and going for my ged and im happy for it, Im going to major in marine biology and i even talked to a marine recruiter, he said the HSD Is the same as GED. Doesn't matter what you have Bitch. So Stfu sam and all these idiot people who think there ''Funny''

    • profile image

      CdnGeo 6 years ago

      I want to add one last note to everyone who received their GED.







    • profile image

      CdnGeo 6 years ago

      I can't believe the amount of ignorance I read here, especially the insensitive accusations that GED earner's are quitters. There are many situations that are beyond a persons control i.e. Finance, physical & mental health (disability), Children, etc. No 2 people are exactly the same, therefore, everybody situation is unique. Not all students have the luxury of having their parents or a guardian support their H.S. education. Samantha is a prime example that being well educated doesn't mean you're smart. I applaud you for working full-time to help your parents put you through school. One key factor, you had your parents! You may have contributed greatly but they still supported you. You weren't homeless & you had emotional support. AT age of 14 I worked 35-40 hours/wk while I attended school and my dad took 75% of my pay. My dad didn't believe in education so I was kicked out at 16, still a kid yet I had to rent an apt, cook, clean, laundry, shopping,homework and work. For 7 months, I struggled to complete high school but I could barely afford to eat with gov't asst. I had to leave school but I promised myself I will get my diploma eventually. Just because I wasn't enrolled in a structured education program doesn't mean I stopped learning. My 1st job was a supervisor position and required me to attend a Rigid management training program in addition to working 47.5 hours a week. I studied my ass off. I earned my First Aid/CPR certification, attended many health & safety workshops and graduated their 3 year Mgr Training Program in just over a year with a 97%. High school is great but it's all theory. The real test is applying your knowledge in the real world.

      While I prepared for my GED exam I volunteered to tutor a 21 yr old kid who could barely read. To my surprise he got his High School Diploma but that's only because of an overcrowded, underfunded school system He refused to become a product of his environment & wanted to be a truck driver so for 6 months I helped him learn to read.

      In Feb 2006, I passed the GED test and earned a State of Florida High School Diploma. I moved back to Toronto & landed a great job with Wood Gundy right after they acquired Meryl Lynch. My GED transcript and High School diploma passed their very detailed and strict background check. After 4 years I decided to continue my education & earn a college diploma in Architecture.I applied to 4 respectable Ontario Colleges and 2 Private Career Colleges with my GED transcript accompanied by my Florida issued High School Diploma. I was accepted to every school I applied to and placed higher then a friend who had a high school diploma because my GED scores out weighed his HS grades.

      If I choose to earn a bachelor or masters degree in Architecture, I can bridge my College diploma with U of T or Ryerson University. They will apply my college credits at par on a university degree.

      Regardless if you have a HS Diploma or a GED, employers and education institutions are interested in your highest level of education so once you've earned a college diploma, your High School Diploma or GED Certificate is nothing more than framed art for your study.

      In the eyes of the education system,

      Adults acquire knowledge, skills, and concepts through working, training, traveling, reading, and other informal learning. GED Tests measure the level of “educational maturity” gained through experience, which is often equal to, or above, the level of a high school graduate.

      Both graduates have proven their abilities and met secondary school graduation requirements therefore, they they both earned the right to graduate and their credentials should be should be equally recognized.

      Failure to do so would be discriminatory and impedes our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom!

    • profile image

      Monica 6 years ago

      Ok Tim, I think you need to seriously check on the GED not being able to get into college...that is NOT true. No school under the federal government is to discriminate what so ever. As for it not being equivalent, I think you also need to check your facts completely on that one. My daughter was short 4 credits to graduate for her high school diploma due to health issues. Her school has incorporated the GED program for at risk kids to help them ATTAIN their High School diploma...her teacher right now is one of the top teachers working with at risk students and this program is working. After these students are done they have more knowledge compaired to the average high school student and if they were to test out their levels would exceed the expectation. In this day and age is not right to judge others just by what they achieved but what they are capable to doing. So Yes in some parts of this country a GED can help....and if some school does not let you in based on just a GED file on it, because it is unacceptable to discriminate!!!! Best of luck!!!

    • profile image

      Tim M, DrPH 6 years ago

      Sorry, I meant THIS link for how the G.E.D is PROVEN to be inferior to a high school diploma.

    • profile image

      Tim M, DrPH 6 years ago

      WRONG! A G.E.D. is NOT the equivalent of a high school diploma! A G.E.D. takes only 30 hours of prep time to take the 5 tests, compared too a high school diploma, which takes 850 hours! G.E.D students can retake the 5 exams as many times as they want to, until they pass! Not so with a high school diploma! And many colleges and universities do NOT accept a G.E.D. in place of a high school diploma. Just read this great article here:

    • profile image

      Cyngi 6 years ago

      Quick correction, junior in high school**

    • profile image

      Cyngi 6 years ago

      Now now, I'm a junior in college and have gone through some really tough mental issues, Multiple factors all striking at once drove me into a deep depression, lack of foresight with class choice(3 A.P. classes, hard when you're trying to deal with other things)completely ravaged my grades to the point where I had to take another year of highschool. I've had a troubled life, and I didn't even attend my freshman year of highschool for similar reasons, and I'm planning on dropping out and working toward my GED. What I've seen is people who call school hard, which it is not, and say they do nothing, which means they just don't try. The reality with me is, I HAVE tried, but family situation has prevented me from excelling. These kids can't spell for their lives, which doesn't help the initial impression people obtain for their reasons, but my reasons are my own life issues. It's not that I'm stupid or lazy or don't care, I'm getting my GED because I want to continue my education eventually, not give up.

    • profile image

      NoNoNo 6 years ago

      A high school diploma shows that a person can stick it out through everything... not just quit and take a last minute "essentials" test...

    • profile image

      thugnificent 6 years ago

      In high school you needed to pass a FCAT test in the state of Florida. Goal is 300, I received a 321 while my friend received a 299 he failed the test and has to receive a certificate of completion instead of a High School Diploma. So is a G.E.D. the same a high school diploma? No, in the long run because if we were both applying for the same job then who would get it? We all know yeah we can go to community college and complete the same thing but at the end, what really matters is the better not smartest person.

    • profile image

      tc 6 years ago

      After getting your GED are you still allowed to pursue a high school diploma??

    • profile image

      hannahjoywaller 6 years ago

      I have been reading so many of the responses to this. Some of them truly make me sick. I have made an account on this website purely to state my own beliefs. Though I agree with many of these opinions, as I said some make me so disgusted.. Before I tell you anything I should inform you that I am living in a very small town that I want nothing more then to get out of. ASAP!

      I should be a Junior in High School, but I have been wanting to get out and move on already! I plan on becoming a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Which yes, it means many years of schooling including some med school, but I feel in the end it will be worth it. High School to me honestly seems pointless. I rarely ever learn anything new, so I have been looking up other options. At first I wanted to get my GED, then go to my local community college for a year or so and get move onto a University, but then I decided to go to a local school which has a program that you can work at your own pace doing online and packets. So I thought maybe I could do that and still get an early start on my life. I started in November and started off with more credits then the usual Junior would have. I found though, that this school doesn't work for me. It's so easy it is ridiculous. You're probably wondering why I don't just finish it then, right? Well, there are many factors for my reasoning of why not. The most important one that I will say is that to get an elective credit you need 65 hours of doing something such as cooking or making a quilt. 65 hours is equivalent to a month of school.. Meaning I won't be able to graduate until mid next year even working at the fast pace I am. Which doesn't work for me, because I am not wanting to stay in this town for more then another year.. If I knew that before going to the new school I probably would have just rather stayed and graduated with my class, because I loved High School in some aspects.... I just want to start my life, you know?

      I wanted to go to CC for a year before moving onto a University because I have a job here and want to take advantage of it while I have it. I also want to stay at home and save money until I have enough to get me started on my own. Going to a CC for a year would help me out a lot because I could work more hours, get financial aid and save more money, as well as get some schooling done cheaper then it would be at a University.

      Anyways, my mind is now started to wander back to my first thought of getting my GED and just getting this behind me and starting my life.

      I guess what I'm really looking for is advice.. Would getting my GED effect my being a psychiatrist?

    • profile image

      Ruth 6 years ago

      No, this is not totally correct. Right now you cannot enter all branches of the U.S. military on just a G.E.D. My sons' friend found that out the hard way.

    • profile image

      ANON 6 years ago

      It's really your choice. whether you get a ged, diploma, or neither. if you're smart enough you can make it big in this world. Some of the people that I've seen graduate high-school are total idiots. Getting a high-school diploma doesn't make you smarter than people without one. Try to understand that everyone is different, jackasses, some people are smart, some are dumb. This information isn't written on a piece of paper. It's encrypted in your brain. drugs are bad mmmk?!

    • profile image

      Nick 6 years ago

      Ok, so I'm fifteen. I droped out of school this year due to the fact I was attacked in the bathroom. The school did nothing about it because they had no proof other then the fact I got a nasty bruse on my cheek. Then the next week the school told me I had already failed the grade because I had missed to many days. And I actualy had excuses for the days I missed but they had a new Policy that they didn't exept the excuses due to the fact "Mommies and Daddies get there doctor friends to write excuses for there kids." (There's exact words.) So i droped now my mother has given me two options. One get my GED or two go back to school the following year. And I was wondering what your opinion is. Go back to school or get the GED.

    • profile image

      Alex R. 6 years ago

      The high school I was enrolled in happened to mess my schedule up my last year of high school. I had to be a completer, which means i had to take either a course for mechanics, social programs, culinary, horticulture or animal processing. The courses consisted of four classes taken yearly, well the administration at my school did not enroll me in the classes when I needed them so come my senior year I was Miserably placed in these courses. taking 6 out of the 8 classes i had that year. I am not trying to sound boastful or snobby, but I am one of the more intelligent if not the most intelligent at the school. my grades did not prove this but my school tests and standardized tests did, I scored the highest on every state issued test than any other student attending my school. When it came time that the schedule I had been placed with would endanger my graduation, I put some thought into going to get my GED. I have taken it and passed with no trouble at all, my composite scores were 650 and total:3250. so I am here to say that those who believe that people who obtain their GED are less capable and have less of a work ethic then let it stand I am evidence of their narrow-mindedness. I am academically ahead of my entire class, so high school would no longer aid my education and that is another reason for my pursuit of the GED. I wasn't looking for a short cut I was looking for the next step because I was ready to enter the "real world" as where others take 4 years to graduate and then still there is a rather large portion of those graduates that are still unready for what society can throw at them, so I believe it doesn't matter whether it's HSD or a GED. People can say that waking up, going to school, and making grades is much harder than taking the GED, but that right there doesn't explain why, that 40% of high school graduates would fail the GED test. Think to yourself right now, think about some of your classmates in high school that you wondered how they passed and graduated, would they be able to pass the test. The test itself tests the individual on tests that meet and exceed the level of the 60% of the high school graduates. So I believe that we shouldn't judge the person on what certificate they hold, but rather consider the actual knowledge and experience one has.

    • profile image

      TreyG 6 years ago

      Ok, so I'm an AP student and I missed a week of school because of pneumonia. Now I'm failing every class except cooking. I really want to become a chef an I'm getting sick and tired of all the bullcrap I have to put up with at school. Would taking the GED and moving on be worth it?

    • profile image

      Bent 6 years ago

      My daughter is an Honor student and does great in high school but she hates it. We live in an area that they teach to the test and if she misses too much school, she can loose her credits. However, why does she have to attend a class when they are watching a video just to keep the students busy. Therefore, she asked if she could get her GED so she could work and go onto a community college to get her 30 hours and then transfer to a 4 year university. She did major research and 95% of your colleges accept GED's. The world is changing and there are different options on how one can do school - home school,online courses and GED. People just need to think outside the box. One makes their decision on what is happening in their life and they choose how to move forward. Not everyone fits in a round hole.

      If you are going to collaborize online, some of you need to look at a dictionary to choose other words besides cuss words. It makes you sound very illiterate. That is a nice way of saying Stupid.

    • profile image

      Nope 6 years ago

      I GED is not the same as a diploma. Getting out of bed, going to school and actually trying is worth more than guessing your way through a test. GED is inferior.

    • profile image

      austin 6 years ago

      i think that people need to stop putting down the people that are and or getting there ged i mean who are you to judge? i think if the situation is bad like if it was a choice between being a family homeless becuase moneys hard to come by lately and having high school diploma or helping your parents out and getting a ged and keeping a home and family together then hows that giving up it sounds like trying to me so all you people who automatically think "oh that persons a quitter or dumb for getting there ged" need to shut up and get a life stop judging and fuck off

    • profile image

      josh 6 years ago

      I agree with all of you. It is really half and half. My mother tells me all the time " You need to go to school or you will end up in a bad place" I think that's just not true. These teacher teaching useless shit, the principals turning the school into a prison. Im tired of doin the same shit everyday. Im tired of feeling like a fucking felon walking down the hallway. I got to riverside high school Durham, Nc.

    • profile image

      Dylan 6 years ago

      Getting a high school diploma is much more important if you plan on attending higher education. I can just tell by the comments, language and grammar skills are lower in a GED graduate then a High School graduate. For those who were getting "stait As and Bs" (yes that is how it was spelled) in high school, maybe it was your fault for not challenging yourself. Most schools have AP/IB programs that are college level. My schedule is entirely composed of AP classes. Trust me, there is nothing easy about them. The fact that you dropped out proves that you are lazy and do not possess the work ethic to go on to higher education.

    • profile image

      ($)_($) 6 years ago

      13 years or more for a HD or 12 hours to 6 weeks on average for a GED, GED is frowned upon in the work force, but not every1 has the time to go to high school, the GED is your basic skills you learn from 1st grade to 12th all summed up, in PA you have to at least got to the 9th grade to get a GED, though exceptions are made, so rlly instead of completeing those last 4 yrs for a bunch of bullcrap classes you don't need to get by in life, you take a test so you can start college or working. grade school-high school is merely a money scam in my eyes, you do 13 yrs of college and pay taxes all your life, yet not even half those taxes are used to help the students, how often you get new upto date books? ive nvr seen a teacher give out tablets and pencils. we pay schoolt axes for a reason. you don't need to know half the stuff you are taught in a school, the amish go to school for 8 yrs and they graduate, they only learn what they need like a trade school, read write add subtract multiply divide and basic comprehension, everything else is trade specific and not needed. getting a GED isn't for every1 though, if your a fast learner or can hold your own fairly well intellectually or don't plan on being som1 go for the GED just don't expect a lot of scholarship offers, but if you have more trouble learning, they have ppl there for the GED, but high school provides you with more beneficial environment to learn more and in more detail with more help.

    • profile image

      O.O 6 years ago

      Cant you get both?

      I think im going to get a GED and a HSD

      I got the best of both worlds YAY!

      everyone's saying a GED is better, i think they are both the same. I don't get why everyone has to be so harsh and put down everyone with a HSD. Your making it look like they wasted 4 years of there life in highschool instead of just getting a GED. As long as everyones educated i could give two shits. MAYBE JUST MAYBE if the government focused more on education and less on military STRENGTH OMG? is that our solution? MAYBE! Love to learn haah :]

    • profile image

      OnlyOne 6 years ago

      Obviously there are public schoolers here. Only thing I learned from public school is how much of a scam and greedy hell hole it is. You say it's hard getting a high school diploma even though many students are passed through the system? Personally I see the GED somewhat better and hear is why. More people trying for their GED are not only successful but they have to strive to learn on their own. Please someone tell me a good argument for sitting in a class at a certain period of the day with a bunch of morons helps?

    • profile image

      the exception 6 years ago

      Okay guys here's the deal. My sister went through and decided high school wasn't for her. So she dropped out got her GED and is now a certified nurse making bank.

      Guess what that is all fine and dandy, but that's the exception not the rule. There are people who can succeed with their GED but with every one of them who does, it makes it that much harder for someone else to move up the ladder. And yes although the states declare the GED as an equivalent, that does not mean that the rest of the people in the states do. In fact it is true, with your GED you are looked down on. I went through Four and a half years of high school, not because I was unintellegent, but because I was lazy. My freshman and sophmore years showed I knew my stuff, and if I ever got into a class that actually taught me something new I would exceed. But i finally dropped out, got my GED, and guess what? I am not the exception. 3 years later I work at a gas station working for Sam's club. Now I realize i can not pay for college. So i am struggling to survive. Take the advice from someone who knows what most of the people contemplating GEDs, finish high school or you will always regret it in life. You can succeed, it will just be so much more difficult.

      Good luck

    • profile image

      jake 6 years ago

      sometimes people make mistakes early and cant catch up. all these people talkin shit about the ged and people that have it are the stupid ones. that makes them ill informed and ignorant. i got my ged 6 years ago after dropping out, . and guess what i work at seaworld as an accountant and i make about 80k a year at 24. so suck on that high school graduates.

    • profile image

      Savannah 6 years ago

      I was home schooled all of my life. Looking forward to a GED to get started in the world.

    • profile image

      Jesse M 6 years ago

      I turned 24 on 11/24/2011 & my little brother will turn 22 on 11/29/2011. Our parents took us out of school when I was in 6th grade & my brothet was in 5th grade for Homeschooling. We did homeschooling for a while but then we stopped. The only job we've ever had is mowing lawns & that's not enough anymore. We live with our father who retired about 6 years ago but who is trying to find work again & our mother who kept working who is on dyalysis is off work for a few months until she can get her strength back. We are studying for our GED's on our own but it's going slowly & we are going to try to get help from a place in town that has classes to help you study for your GED, but we might wait until after Christmas to go to the classes in case they might not be able to do as much in between now & chrismas. I don't know if we'll ever go to college, we both had a hard time learning in school & that's why our parents took us out, and quitting homeschooling too was the DUMBEST mistake we ever made. I've thought that if I get my GED that I might take some short and easy college classes to try & get the credits needed to have a better chance at the army if I the GED slots are full. I want to join the army to help pay for a Bachelors Degree in Resturant Management.

    • profile image

      CC 6 years ago

      School has become another casualty of greed. The gov't and school board don't really care that you learn a single useful fact, they merely care about making a paycheck. Also, the concept of one right answer is definitely harmful. The current generation of kids show the most potential we've seen in years, yet the schools take it upon themselves to constantly be in control of how, what, and why you learn, while undermining the individual's personal needs. This system may have worked for Gen X and the babyboomers, but it's become clear that this system has failed more than succeeded in the handling of this generation's education. The previous generations are responsible for this mess and should be the ones to clean it up, not this generation. Whether you agree or not I don't care, but I'm stating the facts: Generation X and The babyboomers are 100% responsible for this mess, and they have the nerve to blame the teenager for not wanting to follow their steps. We're tired of going to your schools, listening to your bullshit, accepting your false promises, enough is enough. You've drastically ruined the future of this generation with your economic expertise and your lackluster schools. Now you will pay the consequences. What comes around goes around.

    • profile image

      CC 6 years ago

      I graduated high school 6 months ago, and jobs are impossible to find. I'd like to thank the school system for the constant stream of bullshit lies and pessimistic viewpoints toward individuality. Diplomas and GEDs mean nothing now, only a college degree. Guess what though, if you go to college (unless by scholarship) you will be in debt up to your neck for years to come. It's time for a change in the education system, and NOW IS THE TIME.

    • profile image

      Suzy 6 years ago

      My son became ill in High School. I removed him from the school, but tried to get a homebound teacher for him, it was not possible. He was very far behind, went to summer school, and then to alternative education which he disliked. He did the GED test prep classes, which are pretty time consuming, and just took the first section of the GED test. He wants to work in a trade, like his father, and will be enrolling in a local community college once he has his GED. We have done our homework, it is true that 98% of colleges will accept the GED. On a job application they will ask you if you have a HS diploma or GED. I have never been asked in a job interview about High School, they were more interested in my college degree. Things happen in life, a GED is a good choice for some people. It will allow you to move forward with your life, enroll in a trade school or college, and be trained for what you plan to do. Do what is right for you. My son did and so far things are going well. He is not a dumb young man, and attended private schools prior to High School. We are grateful to have the alternative of a GED.

    • profile image

      THEDUMME 6 years ago

      I received my GED a few years back. After a short time I started going through a sort of educational remorse. I began attending classes at a local Community College. I am now studying Public Policy and Economics at the College of William and Mary. I would not discard anyone who may have made a brash decision with a young and uninformed mind. One may choose to take a different path, but that does not make them "Dumb", nor does it exclude them from doing great things...

    • profile image

      Thanks for making me sile 6 years ago

      GED ha ha ha! The "good enough diploma." It is funny, I am really stupid, but not dumb enough to go get a GED!

      I have always thought the only reason that the GED existed, was to make morons and window lickers, like nurses, who only have an associates degree; feel good about themselves.

      GED LAWLZ! Damn you must be dumb!

    • profile image

      gameoflife 6 years ago

      I have three family members who are some of the smartest people I know and all received their GED. One of them is an air traffic controller for the army another works IT. I am currently a junior in high school have straight As and Bs and take my classes online. I take all honors and AP classes. Not only that I am a year ahead in school so I am only 15. I have to wait till I turn 16 so I can take my GED. I am not dropping out because I am lazy or something. I am dropping out because I feel that is a waste of my time to take some BS class and sit on my ass for the next two years. I rather get a REAL education. I know people who graduated high school and have nothing to show for it. I am going to apply for college at the start of the semester. I want to be a pilot in the Marines. I don't need a HSD to prove that I am better than someone else. Whether I like it or not people look down on the GED. I think that is a load of crap.

    • profile image

      unknown 6 years ago

      You people are idiots. It's not hard to graduate grade 12 high-school.

    • profile image

      jonathan hamm 6 years ago

      i will be taking my ged test in 2 weeks i doing pretty well just need to brush up on my math skills.come test god will be with me doming the test

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      I was one of those "lazy" intellectuals who spent all class reading ahead and listening to the teacher, but refused to do homework when I got home. The teachers hated me because I got A's on all the tests but didn't do any homework. The school I went to allowed each teacher to decide how they wanted to grade their students and most went 50/50 homework/tests. Which meant that I was failing despite knowing everything I was supposed to.

      I stepped into 9th grade, stepped back out halfway through and went to work after trying the city's crappy adult ed. Years later I eventually got my GED and now it looks like I'll be going to a community college.

      I probably should have just cheated off other people's homework... but instead I wished the world could see that I learned differently and decided to be stubborn.

      It's ironic really. Freedom isn't possible without accepting individuality and yet Americans are all lumped together and considered the same in the eyes of our education system.

    • profile image

      Shantal 6 years ago

      Im wondering if a GED can do everything a High school Diploma can? like getting jobs and using it to get in2 college? i heard that people with a high school Diploma are more likely to be chosen over the ones with a GED and that makes me nervious.

    • profile image

      jazzy 6 years ago

      I think having a GED is wonderful. I had a very hard childhood taking care of my siblings due to drugged addicted parents so I most of the time didn't get a chance to go to school and when I did go all I thought about was my siblings and is my mom dead this time. My mind was always worried. So all I'm saying is for me to consider school again after all I been though is a blessing. Everyone has different shoes to walk in so give them a chance with an open mind.

    • profile image

      cob 6 years ago

      My grandpa got his GED and he was a fire chief

    • profile image

      monique 6 years ago

      well i was 13 when i had a child now im 15 bout to be 16 and its hard to get back into school or get a job cause i have no working papers

    • profile image

      Shawn Beliveau 7 years ago

      Hey great site! You should check out this other cool website I found with information on HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA’S ONLINE GED ONLINE

    • profile image

      Jimmy 7 years ago

      Bullshit!!! I have my HSD and a B.S. My best friend has his GED and a B.S. Who has the better job? He is currently working in computers making over 80,000 while I'm in public relations making 62,000!!!

    • profile image 7 years ago

      People are talking so much crap about the ged vs hsd but some of us seriously need to learn proper english. It's so sad to see that some us can barely spell . Bottom line we determine our success. I could have a ged and be just as successful if not more than a person with a hsd and LIKEWISE. You may have your ged or diploma but think of what to do with it. In today 's society ... A ged nor a diploma can stand alone so i highly suggest college for most of you or some other alternative.

    • profile image

      ThatOneGuy 7 years ago

      This is just pathetic. Quit acting all high and mighty, you are probably another soccer mom. The GED is the equal of a high school diploma. I'm in my junior year right now, taking all the AP classes offered to me. Learning in school? What a joke. I learn how sad and pathetic human beings can be, and that some people have to brag about their situation to people with no luck. I was born with clinical depression, and this world is infested mostly with arrogant beings who are not better than anybody. Sure the high school diploma shows commitment, but that's the only difference. All of you using racial slurs and profanity don't help the situation at all. So you got lucky, good for you. I am in the process of being accepted into a college and not finishing high school. I feel lucky that I even got the chance to apply, much more be considered. My first two years in high school were terrible, terrible grades and a lot of friends dying. This year however, I am getting straight A's without even trying. If I don't get accepted into the college this year, too bad. I'll join the military when I'm 17. Calling me dumb won't do anything, they would take me with open arms if I took the GED. While all you arrogant people got average scores on your ASVAB, I scored a 90. High school isn't even considered for me anymore anyways, since I don't want to deal with your stubborn and arrogant children. Have fun being

      mediocre, you arrogant people.

    • profile image

      ladydon 7 years ago

      i think they use education to determine a person worth and that just wrong.having a ged or high school diploma don't make different back in the 60s and 50s people worked good jobs without a diploma it's just another way man is being used by the satan to oppress people its sad because many people don't know this, the earth was giving to all mankind but some say we don't have rights to support our family because we don't have what they say we should and they make this stuff up to oppress people

    • profile image

      Robert Christian 7 years ago

      There's always a lot of confusion between a High School Diploma and a GED. This was a great post explaining the differences and similarities, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      beentheredonethat 7 years ago

      I dropped out due to my own stupidity when I was 16. I went on for the next 10 years without it, I got married, owned two businesses, bought a house. I am currently a freelance web applications designer. One day I got the contract offer of a lifetime and went through the whole process and was accepted until they discovered that I did not have my High School equivalency. Stunned and ego bruised I trotted off to the nearest GED examination center and tested out the first day. While there I learned of people who did not know how to read, people who had to help crack head dad stay out of jail and feed the family. They were said cases, it made me fully regret not sticking through High School. But now I have finished and passed with honors and am attending university part time while I was lucky enough to have only escaped with a bruised ego and not a destroyed future.

    • profile image

      Retard 7 years ago

      I got my diploma and I don't know jack shit! I only passed highschool because my Mom did all the work for me. Thank God my teachers never found out!

    • profile image

      AW07 7 years ago

      Inzane 71, If the GED test was so fucking easey why did you not take it 16 years ago? If you have a home and can provide for your family why do you even need one? It is not so easey for disabled people!

    • profile image

      thinking 7 years ago

      I'm credit deficient and would have to make up a whole year of credits. I'm a junior but soft more by credits. I was wondering about just getting my GED. I work part time at a grocery store and get payed 8.50/h. The pay would be nice for family/life if I worked full time or even more hours. I was wondering about taking college classes online and entering the military or going into law enforcement. I really feel like I'm wasting my time with what I'm doing.

    • profile image

      Ryan 7 years ago

      I hope my experience will help one of you.

      I dropped out of h.s after getting certified in 4 networking classes and A+ certified (junior year, i was in a tech school) and went to grab my GED because i my mom moved and i had to support myself while she was away for 4 years. Basically I passed with high numbers (it is not as easy anymore btw)and went to college for 2 years. Got a job as a tech without problems, got into college with a GED without problems, and got into military for aerospace engineering without problems. I'm now working in the Air Force for just that, and having a GED never stopped me.I do see in some cases where a GED is not as great as a H.S diploma, but if those jobs interview you and see how educated you are it will not matter honestly. Stay in school if u have the option, but if you are afraid you will screw up your life by dropping out don't worry. Understand that whether H.S.D or GED, your gonna have to go to college and work hard to get somewhere high in life. If your lazy, stay in h.s though lol.

    • profile image

      don't judge! 7 years ago

      High school diploma, GED......

      Both are the same. You get a GED by passing the minimum state requirements for education test- after you study very hard or you get a high school diploma aftr 4 years of being taught and tested in the traditional high school setting on the state minimum education requirements. People look at high school test scores. They have draatically dropped over the last ten years and will continue to do so. I did get my high school diploma many, many years ago and went to college but quit. I have a great job that pays very well. It doesn't matter which one you get (Diploma/GED), your happiness and success comes from your personal drive, desire and ambition. Good luck to all of you!

    • profile image

      hops13 7 years ago

      I think students who get their GED are more advanced and smarter than most students who get their HS diplomas because they can learn on their own and at their own pace. HS students have to wait for teachers to feed them exercises and questions. GED diplomas are equivalent to HS diplomas. My GED diploma says High School Equivalency.

    • profile image

      some skater kid  7 years ago

      and i forgot to add what i wanted to do with my life i wanted to create this skateboard company but i don't kno what collages would take a GED to go to business i got money when i turned 18 and ill keep getting money till i get all the money which will prob be around when im 20 something but it wont help me for so long so i was going to create this skateboard company cause i love skateboarding its something i do alot but idk if a collage would take me to learn business idk why life has to be hard on any of us like we are all 1 species you kno what im saying where human why cant we help each other in life so every thing is not so hard why cant we be like ants lol i kno that's weird but really they all work together and have crazy tunnels why cant we do the same like rich ppl help other ppl get to collage donate money you got alot of it idk just life would be way easier if we knew how to work as 1 instead of many

    • profile image

      some skater kid 7 years ago

      i don't know what to do im already in my 5th year of highschool and im making b's there telling me ill be there for 6 years cause my guidence counsler lady at school doesn't think i can to it i need 9.5 credits i don't know what i should do should i get GED? or keep going i don't know if its worth going for 6 years i always sit and wonder cause my school wont help me they keep saying just take GED its your only option cause they don't want a 6 year student fuck schools they tell you so much bull crap i don't know what to do this sucks.

    • profile image

      inzane71 7 years ago

      i just got my GED. i'm 34 years old, i dropped out of school when i was 18. the GED test is a joke, i thought i'd be proud when i passed, but i'm ashamed. i thought i'd go apply for some jobs, but i'm embarassed. i spent 9 hours last tuesday taking a test that my f#*Cking dog could have passed. even tho i feel like HS diplomas are given out to whoever, its still better than a GED. in today's job market, a GED isn't gonna get you anywhere!! because its true, people with college degrees are applying for jobs that are way beneath what they could be doing if the job market wasn't so bad..

      on a happier note, i've done well without a GED. i own a home, my wife stays home and watchs our son.. i support my family on my own just fine. i've done as well as my friends with hs diplomas, and even as well as a few i know with college degrees. i work hard everyday. i do hate my job, and if you decide to drop out of school, chances are you will be in the same boat. kids, stick it out.. its not that hard.

    • pandy2323 profile image

      pandy2323 7 years ago from Cali

      CONTINUED: although sam1 also made multiple grammar mistakes

    • pandy2323 profile image

      pandy2323 7 years ago from Cali

      okay, i totally agree w the ppl who think the school systems suck. All the teachers suck, and a lot of them have no idea what they are teaching (and I go to one of the best high schools in California). Yes, I understand that a lot of you guys believe that a GED SHOULD be equal to a HS diploma, BUT ITS NOT. Some may think it’s unfair, but you just gotta live w it; NOT EVERYTHING IS FAIR. True, many dropped out of school not due to the fact that they give up, but to personal/financial issues that they can’t help; but a MUCH BIGGER PERCENTAGE of dropouts quit school because of reason #1. Diplomas are NO DOUBT better than GEDs; without it, you can’t enter many colleges, join the army, have as good of a job or become a doctor without some SERIOUS connections and luck. There is just NO WAY a GED can compete. Of course it would help though; a GED is better than nothing; it just wouldn’t be the same (sorry for repeating, but I’m trying to stress this fact here). Many of you said that you dropped out, but passed the GED test “with flying colors without studying”. What does this say about it? The GED must be HELLA stupid if dropouts could pass it easily. Going through high school is a LOT more educational than passing some lousy tests that, as some believe, somehow sum up the information learned in FOUR YEARS of school (GED). “You sit on your ass all day, except to walk to your next class, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. You have to follow every word the teacher says like it's law, and they (the school) have the nerve to bitch about students being lazy and not caring. Well, maybe if they didn't make kids sit perfectly still all day, and maybe if they didn't bore the hell out of the students, or maybe if they taught (NOT teached? there are prob more mistakes; I’m just not rereading it) something USEFUL, perhaps the students would care more.” Uhhh, WRONG. You LEARN at school, not “sit on your ass all day….” You don’t try, so that’s why you think it’s stupid. And yes, if you tried, you WOULD HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING. Also, a lot of what your teacher teaches IS required. There is a ____ state curriculum guideline that teachers MUST introduce (for certain subjts like history..etc); its REQUIRED. I agree that some stuff is boring, but you just have to SUCK IT UP, wimps (you know who you are). I HIGHLY SUGGEST finishing high school, getting your diploma, and going to college before doing w/e the hell you want. Sometimes what you want won’t work out; what will your plan be then?? Go to some lame, crappy community college at the age of 40?? I don’t think so; it would be too late then (for most ppl) to have a decent future. If you really have no choice, or have already dropped out, DEFINETELY go for the GED. Again, a GED is a LOT better than nothing. Then, try to attend the best college possible, and continue from there. Don’t give up, get a diploma if possible, and good luck in life, ppls (yes, I know that’s horrible grammar, but it’s my way of talking. DON’T use this against me; that would be pointless).

      Chris, if you did the work, tried hard, knew the curriculum; there is no reason for your teachers to not give you credit. You could have talked to them (even if you hate them; it’s worth it for the rightful credit you deserve- IF you deserve it). If they STILL for some stupid reason don’t give you credit, talk to the school administration and the district attorney if you have to. They can’t refuse to acknowledge your work when it’s right there (but be prepared to have proof- ie reliable witnesses, evidence/work etc).

      Samantha 1, I agree with you, although some stuff is too vulgar for me.. :P watch your grammar ppls! (its alright if you just make some stupid mistakes, or w/e *such as the "ppls" hinthint*, no one really cares/minds, but too many just explains why ppl like you drop out!! jeez. although sam1 also made multiple grammar mistakes

    • pandy2323 profile image

      pandy2323 7 years ago from Cali

      okay, i totally agree w the ppl who think the school systems suck. All the teachers suck, and a lot of them have no idea what they are teaching (and I go to one of the best high schools in California). Yes, I understand that a lot of you guys believe that a GED SHOULD be equal to a HS diploma, BUT ITS NOT. Some may think it’s unfair, but you just gotta live w it; NOT EVERYTHING IS FAIR. True, many dropped out of school not due to the fact that they give up, but to personal/financial issues that they can’t help; but a MUCH BIGGER PERCENTAGE of dropouts quit school because of reason #1. Diplomas are NO DOUBT better than GEDs; without it, you can’t enter many colleges, join the army, have as good of a job or become a doctor without some SERIOUS connections and luck. There is just NO WAY a GED can compete. Of course it would help though; a GED is better than nothing; it just wouldn’t be the same (sorry for repeating, but I’m trying to stress this fact here). Many of you said that you dropped out, but passed the GED test “with flying colors without studying”. What does this say about it? The GED must be HELLA stupid if dropouts could pass it easily. Going through high school is a LOT more educational than passing some lousy tests that, as some believe, somehow sum up the information learned in FOUR YEARS of school (GED). “You sit on your ass all day, except to walk to your next class, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. You have to follow every word the teacher says like it's law, and they (the school) have the nerve to bitch about students being lazy and not caring. Well, maybe if they didn't make kids sit perfectly still all day, and maybe if they didn't bore the hell out of the students, or maybe if they taught (NOT teached? there are prob more mistakes; I’m just not rereading it) something USEFUL, perhaps the students would care more.” Uhhh, WRONG. You LEARN at school, not “sit on your ass all day….” You don’t try, so that’s why you think it’s stupid. And yes, if you tried, you WOULD HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING. Also, a lot of what your teacher teaches IS required. There is a ____ state curriculum guideline that teachers MUST introduce (for certain subjts like history..etc); its REQUIRED. I agree that some stuff is boring, but you just have to SUCK IT UP, wimps (you know who you are). I HIGHLY SUGGEST finishing high school, getting your diploma, and going to college before doing w/e the hell you want. Sometimes what you want won’t work out; what will your plan be then?? Go to some lame, crappy community college at the age of 40?? I don’t think so; it would be too late then (for most ppl) to have a decent future. If you really have no choice, or have already dropped out, DEFINETELY go for the GED. Again, a GED is a LOT better than nothing. Then, try to attend the best college possible, and continue from there. Don’t give up, get a diploma if possible, and good luck in life, ppls (yes, I know that’s horrible grammar, but it’s my way of talking. DON’T use this against me; that would be pointless).

      Chris, if you did the work, tried hard, knew the curriculum; there is no reason for your teachers to not give you credit. You could have talked to them (even if you hate them; it’s worth it for the rightful credit you deserve- IF you deserve it). If they STILL for some stupid reason don’t give you credit, talk to the school administration and the district attorney if you have to. They can’t refuse to acknowledge your work when it’s right there (but be prepared to have proof- ie reliable witnesses, evidence/work etc). It would be completely stupid to allow your teachers to do that to you.

      Oh, and I agree with Samantha 1... watch your grammar people (some mistakes are alright, but too many explains why you dropped out)! (although samantha1 also made multiple grammar mistakes

    • profile image

      Question 7 years ago

      I am an immigrant to Canada. I have not completed my high school.I am of 20. Now i am doing my GED. I want to be a Doctor in future. Will the GED help me to get my target? Will the University accept me as the student of medical Science? I am in confusion. If any body have concrete solution please share. I will be thankful.

    • profile image

      Samantha 7 years ago

      NOBULL FYI I do have two full time jobs. I am and EMT for two ambulance companies and I'm in school for criminal justice. I am privileged that I am able to do my school work on my down time in my rig. So you should stop it and know that some people do work most of their day. I save people all day long and will continue for many years to come. I work inner city so I know how it is so don’t think I’m just in the suburbs not getting major emergency calls and that I don’t know how it is to live there. When you can say you've dodged bullets sitting at a post then come talk to me.

      You said you want to teach your child not to give up. Would you let him/her just settle for a GED? Would you not want him/her to get the best possible to be the biggest success they can be? I’m sure you’re not going to let your child drop out just because they don’t care. What happens when your child says well you dropped out and got your GED why can’t I do the same? I know I’m going to do my best to help my son succeed and make it with a high school diploma. I know my husband who does have his GED will do the same. Why would people make it harder on them selves by getting a GED when they can get a diploma? Ok I understand coming from a different country being and immigrant my self. I also understand being very ill and not being able to attend but I’m sure that it’s illegal to not let a child make up school if he or she his truly sick. I believe they have to send the work home to you. The whole inner city I’m going to get stabbed if I go to school stuff is not an excuse. I went to schools like that. Just as its hard for some one who is black to go to a majority white school I was a native German going to a black Latino school and I made it through just fine. No my parents weren’t big dbags like some of the ones described on here but we were dirt poor and when I was old enough to work I did after school to help my parents out.

      My dad has his GED and when he was a young man the GED was great. He went in to the military and served for 13 years. When he left we were dirt poor so he went to college got a degree and now does well for him self.

      I’m not entirely bashing the GED in some situations that’s the only options people have. The people who blow my mind are the ones who are lazy. Who go all the way up to senior year then drop out because they don’t want to be in school any more. Or the ones who think they are too good for school or that they can live off the government.

      The GED is not as powerful as it used to be. We see this in many things now a days. Yes some people become quite successful with only GEDs but those people are a select few. All of you should work hard to get the best shot you can for further education or what ever endeavors you plan on after high school. I’m sure most people who have their GEDs would like to switch for a high school diploma if possible.

    • profile image

      donna langford 7 years ago

      hi my name is donna langford I hove bent wanting to get my diploma for a longtime place you can help me I do not diver if some one can help place girt me a call home phone 386 935 - 5316 thank you

    • profile image

      kailea 7 years ago

      im 15 and in my sophmore year. my parents are religious and refused to let me go to public highschool, so i was forced to do online school. it was TERRIBLE. i sat home all fucking day staring at a fucking computer. i tried some lame private school for a while but didn't really like that either, too much rules and money for a shitty education. so now im doing video school.. and its about as lame as it sounds. so i pretty much came to the conclusion that i don't really like school. at all. and i want to get my GED and move on with my life. ill be 16 next september and hopefully ill be able to get my GED and have a job or maybe start community college or something. but im wondering if you have to have a certain grade level of education to take the GED test? and does it make it harder to get a job or go to college with a GED rather than a HS deploma? i live in hawaii if that makes a difference.

    • profile image

      Miles 7 years ago

      I cannot believe the horrible things people are saying. All people have different situations, and reasons for not finishing high school. I for one come from a country where schooling is not free (unless you want to get stabbed at one of the public schools). I was at a semi private school when my dad was retrenched leaving my family unable to afford my schooling, or even pay the rent. The school stopped supplying me textbooks (which I could not afford to buy on my own), and they started pulling all the kids without paid school fees out of gatherings, making examples of us. They even withheld our reports. As a result of this I started failing, kids bullied me and when my dad was offered a job in another province I was taken out of school, later to find out that the job fell through. When my parents tried to get me back into school, no where would accept me. My family was evicted from numerous homes, and I was left having to take up full time work to help support them. Even with a full-time job, I was still unable to afford distance learning.

      Recently I moved to Canada and found out about the GED. I did a bit of research and discovered that loads of colleges accept GED’s, and yes I cannot become a doctor or join the army, but I can still study business, join the police or prosper in a number of ways just with a GED. My wife has quite a few family members here who did not finish high school but still managed to retire at 45 with millions in the bank.

      So I take absolute offence when people say that people who did not finish high school are lazy, useless and worthless. I am taking the GED and I am proud of it. I am not lazy and I have excelled at many jobs. I have managed call centres, restaurants and even done a hell of a lot of international travelling with only a grd 11. So to all you taking your GED, GOOD FOR YOU, ignore all these self righteous fowl mouths and know that anything is possible just with a bit of hard work and perseverance.

    • profile image

      BiGiSh65 7 years ago

      ok freshmen year i joined the football team and got injured i didn't have insuranse so i got taped up and had to heal at home on my own for 4 weeks where i live you cant miss more the 18 days of school or you lose crediet so when i returned with no note or any thing the teachers all said i might as well jus stay home cause i had no chanse in passing that year so i waited to return next year as a repeat freshmen so i do fine the rest of the year getting A and B until i get the flu again had to stay home to get better on my own couldn't afford medicine got back to school to find out that i was one day over the limiteso all the hard work i did with getting good grades down the drain so ima drop out and take my GED cause im not going to repeat a second time hopefully every thing works out for me im thinking of getting my GED the go to tech school to become a disel mechanic as my career wish me luck

    • profile image

      NOBULL 7 years ago

      OK stop the bull-crapping Samantha there is no way in hell you work x2 full time jobs and go to school full time just stop it!

      To everyone out there i got a GED and went to collage and i own a MAJOR skateboard BRAND i'm doing good for myself as of now and really have no need for school but i have a child on the way and i want to teach him to never give up.

      Many people have left school for all sorts of reasons mine is like most others, my parents were crap, they didn't invest time in me so as a child i didn't really care, but you live and you learn that's life different strokes for different folks.

      High school diploma or ged just do what works better for you to improve your situation and remember you owe NO ONE ANYTHING OR AND EXPLANATION

    • profile image

      Samantha 7 years ago

      Michael you are in fact the gay ass. Gay ass is two words not one. Its wtf not wdf moron. I guess they didn’t teach you spell check in GED class. Charles is correct the military thinks GEDs are worthless; at least they do in NY. I have to agree. Sitting on your ass and doing nothing all day in high school may have worked for some of you people who were just passed through high school but as for myself I busted my ass. My husband has his GED and can do nothing in the state of NY. He has to work retail and jobs no one wants because of his GED. He is also trying to join the Air Force. He had been denied once before because he only had his GED but now he has some college credits and stands a better chance. Though I love him very much he was a quitter in his high school years and now wants to better him self trough the military to make his GED not the only thing people look at. Come on people why the hell would u go through so many years of grade school just to drop out the last one or two years? People say because they had to help their families. Those are just excuses. My father is a disabled veteran and my mother is from over seas. In Germany she has a master’s degree but in the US is just a high school diploma so when I was in high school I worked a full time job and a part time job to help them get by. Now some years later I'm in college working on getting into med school and I work two full time jobs raise my son and attend college full time. When I came to this country I did not speak any English. Now I am proficient in it and succeed in what ever I want to do. GED is for people who give up. It does not equal a high school diploma and if you think it does you will face the hard reality when applying for jobs, applying for a college or even trying to serve your country. If you do make it in to any of the three you will be at the bottom of every thing. That’s ok because if you can not get into any of those areas you can just get on welfare and live better then the hard working people. We will pay your way while you sit on your ass in front of your flat screen TV. There is no excuse in our society today for GEDs. If your to lazy to utilize the opportunities that are out there (scholarships, grants, etc...) you deserve to fail.

      Jbreezy you need to go back to what ever ghetto alley that you belong in. learn how to spell and use English properly. It’s not cute to spell fucking fuccin. No wonder you’re in a group home. I bet you make your mother cry every night.

      BenL thank you for just proving even more that one can stay in high school even when their family is struggling or falling apart and still succeed.

      Ruby how can you expect people in the classes you hope to tech in the future even care what you have to say when you could not even get passed the 7th grade your self? I would like to know what state you’re from because as far as I know the upper eastern states require one to be 16 to drop out of school. You contradict your self. Where are your parents during this? The teacher who could not go through school her self very ironic and funny.

    • profile image

      BenL 7 years ago

      Jbreezy is obviously a "crip" gang member, refuses to use Ks. So we have proven GED is not equal to a high school diploma.

      Having a GED is okay, but it looks as bad as getting a degree from an online school. But 90% of the people at my school that took the GED said "haha I took the easy way out, fuck y'all."

      I took all advanced classes in high school, and myself almost dropped out until the beauty of online free high school courses offered by the state of Florida.

      Stick it out and finish your high school. It takes a while but get it done, it looks better.

      I now have a 3.75 in community college and my aspirations are higher than ever before.

      And yes, I roughed out high school after moving in with a friend away from my drug-addict, mentally ill, emotionally abusive mother.

      Thank god my father stepped into the picture after 18 years of nothing.

    • profile image

      jbreezy 7 years ago

      i dropped out a long time ago started fuccin around with shit then i got arestec now im stucc in a group home n have 2 get my ged its easy first day in i passed

    • profile image

      Ruby 7 years ago

      Awesome. I dropped out in 7th grade a few years ago and plan to get my GED the day I turn sixteen and go on to get a bachelor's degree in education or english. This article REALLY filled me in xD

    • profile image

      us army 7 years ago

      Let me just say a few things. you can enlist in the army with either a GED, HS diploma or 15 college credit hours.

      Either or the problem is the recruiter may be lazy and not want to do the paper work if you don't have HS diploma but they can enlist you if they would just do the proper paper work.

    • profile image

      Linsey Jackson 7 years ago

      I believe that it is ur chocie weather to finish high school are go an get ur GED i believe that with either one u get the farthest u wanna push ur-self in life u have to know what u want in life to understand what u need to do if u put ur mind to it u can do it just believe in ur-self!!! I went through high school & in 10th grade my father passed away i started failing all my classes didn't want to go to school!! The GED prgram got me back on my feet an i am somewhere in life u can do it to just a little time an patience!!

    • profile image

      Lisa Singer 7 years ago

      Truthbetold, what college did you go to after receiving your GED?

    • profile image

      bobby 7 years ago

      Well that's your opinion freak!

    • profile image

      Isaiah 7 years ago

      Let's be real about it they are the same but with out a college degree they are both worthless as far as getting a job. I dropped out and got my GED and have been working ever since. And most of the people I know who have a diploma are in the same boat as I am. Without a degree you will have a hard time finding a good career path. Both of my parent have a diploma and it is sad to say but they will never enjoy retirement. I am about to go to college and unlike must I will have life experience that I wouldn't have gotten if I would have went straight to college. I have kept in touch with many friends from high school and have graduated. About 70% have dropped out of college and are struggling. So in my opinion its best to think for yourself. You know your life and needs better than anyone. But without a degree and self motivation it really doesn't matter because without them you will always feel stuck and live paycheck to paycheck in my opinion

    • profile image

      dude 7 years ago

      God take a chill pill man, acting a little spastic there!

    • profile image

      dillon 7 years ago

      I agree with most of the people saying it is the same as a diploma, BUT in some cases looking at if you did what you had to do and made it through the four years of highschool, is better than seeing you took the easy way out in life... me personally did very bad in highschool, never went to class, but went to school practically every day lol... just cussing out teachers and getting suspended, smoking pot with friends( which I still do lol can't stop doing the shit) just being stupid. I flunked out all three years till they finally expelled me. So this is my senior year, I have four and a half credits :( so I enrolled into this homeschooling thing, which I'm realizing its gonna take a long time to finish.. so I'm thinking about just getting my GED and going into college. I definetly want to get my regular highschool diploma because while most people say its the same thing, it definetly looks better. Your mind is set if you already have a GED, but ask yourself... if you could go back would you rather have a GED or a regular highschool diploma...

    • profile image

      Sloan 7 years ago

      So is it possible to get your diploma after you have already gotten your GED? I would really like to "upgrade". Not because I think that someone with a diploma is smarter, but because (apparently) many people do.

    • profile image

      Ernesto 7 years ago

      But u can still go to the promotion with a GED right? Even when u don't dropout?

    • profile image

      George W. 7 years ago

      I agree, manbearpig has nothing to do with today's anal recession.

    • profile image

      Brent 7 years ago


      Easier not easyer... I see why your high school kicked you out.

    • profile image

      someone who knows.. 7 years ago

      getting your GED is the same as getting your high school diploma the only difference is that they have dif. someone said above ppl have different aunt got her GED and she is doing GREAT...either or it doesn't mnatter u can go to college with both and make ALOT of money....stop judging other ppl....

    • profile image

      jacob 8 years ago

      why does everyone think a GED is completely sayin you failed in life. bull shit i know people that winde up being drug addicts because they stayed in highschool or getting in trouble with the law. The fact is 98% of jobs and Colleges Accept a GED. Shit you don't even have to have a fuckin GED to go to some colleges like Everest college and PMI. Not everyone drops out of highschool because they got lazy or bord of highschool. People do have to take care of there familys or they do develop medical conditions in wich it puts them soo fare behind in highschool. I had surgery and was out of school for 4 weeks straight and i came back when i was better just to find out that my school droped me and that it was more easyer to get my GED instead of stay in highschool intell i was 21 and havin my mom packin my lunch with a ham sandwich and a 40 OZ.

    • profile image

      Danielle 8 years ago

      Amanda, I am sorry but it's true.. to get into the military with a GED is much more difficult than with a diploma. The only way they consider a GED equal to a diploma is with 15 traditional (not online or correspondece) college credits. There are a vast number of people with GED's trying to get into the military. More are trying to get in than the military has spaces for. It is a competition. Regardless of what you have heard, take it from a former military wife, there are guidelines the military uses aside from health and mental illness.. lots of them! You just usually aren't informed of them.. which isn't a surprise with the military.. there are lots of things you aren't informed of before you enlist! You can get into the military with a GED, but you better be one of the best people applying to enlist with a GED and be prepared to ace your ASVAB. You can find all of the information on any military website, or just go ask a recruiter. They'll still push you to sign up so they meet their quota, and they'll make you feel good about doing so, but trust me, your chances are slimmer than most and not having a diploma automatically puts you at the disadvantage. The military doesn't look for people who are just smart, you have to be motivated and prove your worth and commitment as well. People who drop of out of high school, while some may have extenuating circumstances, most do not and are just.. drop outs. That doesn't exactly scream "motivation" or "commitment".

    • profile image

      Jeremy 8 years ago

      in procces of gettin my GED i am 17 yrs and all i know is school fuckin sucks i had straight a's b's but i couldn't show up i just couldn't do it so boreing so now im gettin GED hopeing to go to tech-school and live my life

    • profile image

      Chao lo 8 years ago

      I will go to study ged the test of score when you are teach

      me want to happy your public me and you are giving me book

      high school orthe ged book every thing to be continue and

      creighton university of nebraska would like to the united states of America programm and government public my student.

      If you have teeaching and I happy are your.

      thank you very much by every months

    • profile image

      Brenda 8 years ago

      After a car accidednt, I took my son out of school in the 8th grade. He went through a Christian Home school program.

      He got his GED at age 17. He is almomst 31 now and is doing great. He works in the oil and gas indusry and is adriller for a major drilling company.


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