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Updated on April 9, 2010


Whatare some of the specific things you can do to get ready for it? In order to create favorable conditions for your success in student teaching, the following suggestions are offered:

1.      Reduce your load other than student teaching to a minimum.

No one can estimate how many hours you will need to set aside each day or week for student teaching. You can expect that the number of hours will increase as your work in student teaching con­tinues. You will take over some of the work of your supervising teacher.

2.      Recognize that your success depends upon your ability to work effectively with others. To aid you in getting ready for this, the following suggestions are presented:

a.      Be courteous, cooperative and tactful.

b.      Be a pleasant, cheerful, willing and enthu­siastic worker.

c.      Seek the cooperating teacher's advice when you need it.

d.      Respect the judgment of the supervising teacher.

e.      Be objective. Accept constructive criticisms without feeling hurt.

f.       Be professional. Avoid gossip or criticism.

g.      Be tolerant of any limitations you find in the cooperating teacher. Do not expect him to be a perfect teacher for like other human beings, he may have some shortcomings. Above all, do not attempt to improve him.

h. Look for opportunities to assist the supervis­ing teacher and to be of service to this school. Take advantage of the opportunities you find.


i. Be dependable. Do what you are expected to do and give the best of your ability at the time it needs to be done.

3.      Recognize that the school to which you are assigned expects you to maintain high standards of personal conduct, appearance and efficiency.

4.      Begin your work with a determination to conquer weaknesses and to profit from criticism.

5.      Bear in mind that in every activity a teacher under­takes, he needs to plan it carefully.

6.      Formulate for yourself a list of aims that you will strive to achieve as a student teacher.

The student teacher will profit from the follow­ing measures:



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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great teaching hub thanks