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Updated on January 24, 2016

Tips and tricks to ace the GMAT

I am assuming you are aware of the GMAT and are preparing for the exam. This article aims to provide you with few tips and tricks that will help you ace the GMAT.

Congratulations on the first step towards securing your future – Your decision to take up the GMAT. I have taken up the exam and realised that there are few things, if done right, can make you achieve the dream “700 Score”.

Tips to crack the GMAT

Tip 1: Know the pattern of the exam. An in depth study on the examination pattern and understanding the time limit for each section is crucial. You must know that all sections of the GMAT, including the Analytical Writing (AWA) and the Integrated Reasoning (IR) are important for a well rounded score.

Tip 2: AWA – Prepare a template during your preparation and stick to it during the exam! There are lot of templates available on the internet, including the Chineseburn. Customise the template to suit your writing skills. This will ensure a 6 in this section.

Tip 3: IR – Your IR score in the exam will be similar to the IR score in your mock tests. Refer to the IR work problems in the Manhattan GMAT books to ace this section. Manhattan GMAT also has a wide range of online material for IR. Solving the problems in their books, combined with online coaching can help you achieve 7-8 on IR.

Tip 4: Quant – Quant scores can be improved by concentrating on Data Sufficiency (DS) problems. Most of the students find it difficult to crack the DS section, since they are not familiar with it. Solving lot of DS problems during your practice sessions will help you get a good score 49-50 in Quant.

Tip 5: Verbal – Not many students know this, but the Verbal score is the key to achieving your dream GMAT score. Understanding the sections of Verbal will help you master this section.

Reading Comprehension (RC): Prepare by reading magazines such as The Economist and The New York Times. These magazines have articles that come close to the RC passages on the GMAT. Read articles in these magazines and try to guess the title. Also, concentrate on understanding the essence of the passage, in other words, the theme of the passage.

Sentence Correction (SC): This section focuses on grammatical knowledge. The SC book in the Manhattan series is an excellent resource material to ace the SC section. The SC Grail is another useful resource.

Critical Reasoning (CR): This section is the trickiest section in Verbal. Each question requires pre-thinking, which has to be perfected before taking up the exam. The power score GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible will help you understand the process of pre-thinking. E-GMAT also provides training in pre-thinking and I highly rate it for achieving perfection in this section.

Tip 6: Never carry over a previous problem. As you go through the exam, you will face difficulties in few questions. Never think of previous questions! Treat each question with an open mind.

Tip 7: Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes a man perfect. This definitely applies to the GMAT.

Tip 8: Never leave any question unanswered. Finish the exam. The GMAT penalises heavily for any unanswered questions. So, they are testing not only your problem solving skills but also your time management skills.

Tip 9: Have a timing strategy for the GMAT. The Manhattan GMAT Book 0 - GMAT Roadmap is an excellent resource to develop a strategy for the GMAT. Make sure you stick to the time allotted for each section.

Tip 10: A good score in the GMAT is relative. You should know that no University concentrates only on your GMAT score. The GMAT score is only a part of your application. You need to have a strong profile to get into a good University.

AWA Guide


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Most useful resources to crack the GMAT. A detailed review of all the resources available and the most useful resources.


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