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Updated on August 9, 2009


Gold, sprouting wings and soaring high in the skies, far above the reach of masses?


Gold, the royal metal. Long and hard did the alchemists try to turn copper into this king of metals, but to no avail. Like gold became out of reach for them literally, gold is going out of reach of the masses. What makes it be so? I wish I had paid more attention to my economics classes, so that I could have easily interpreted the reason behind this steep rise I the price of gold that has been continuing relentlessly over the past two years. But as I did not, I am in no position to explain. So that leaves me with nothing, but to wonder at how this will affect the masses. There are those richie-richs  who need not be concerned at all, because no price is a high price for them, and it is indeed they, I believe, who keep on purchasing gold, during Diwali and the other festival seasons, thereby causing the price to soar even higher. Where will the common man, who works hard, and saves for a really long time, to buy a single gold ornament, go? Will his dreams remain mere dreams, whilst others continue to possess more than they need or will ever use? True, gold is not a necessity, and I personally do not wear any ornaments apart from a pair of small earrings, but try telling that to those girls, whose parents land them in the marriage market, and where no prospective grooms are ready to marry them, without a decent amount of gold in tow. I wonder why people crave this metal so much when there are so many different metals in the periodic table. Why does none other command such attention as Gold, except maybe for platinum, but to talk of that would be ridiculous, since it is priced exorbitantly high. Whatever be the reason, the craze for gold does not seem to be going down, only shooting up. As it is said in mythology that Kaliyuga resides in Gold, maybe Gold has put a veil of greed over man’s eyes. If properly used, anything can be turned to a benefit. And after all, Gold is such a pure metal, a sacred object, the royal metal for us chem people. Why not use it wisely, make it available to all, and enjoy its benefits equitably. So long.



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