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Galveston Oh Galveston! The Hurricane Ike Cover-Up?

Updated on May 15, 2013

Photos of Hurricane Ike

Click thumbnail to view full-size
 Ike Comes Ashore Hurricane Ike covered more than half of Cuba in this image, taken by the Expedition 17 crew aboard the International Space Station from a vantage point of 220 statute miles above Earth. The center of Ike was near 22.4 degrees north  Damage from Hurricane Ike in Bolivar Peninsula, Texas GALVESTON, Texas Ð A Coast Guard HU-25 Falcon jet crew flew over Galveston Island near Bolivar Point, parts of which were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Ike, to assess damage to communities, critical infrastructure and waterways, Saturday, Se Hurricane Ike damage to a Shell gas station at Bridge City, Texas.Hurricane Ike damage in Sabine Pass, Texas.
 Ike Comes Ashore Hurricane Ike covered more than half of Cuba in this image, taken by the Expedition 17 crew aboard the International Space Station from a vantage point of 220 statute miles above Earth. The center of Ike was near 22.4 degrees north
Ike Comes Ashore Hurricane Ike covered more than half of Cuba in this image, taken by the Expedition 17 crew aboard the International Space Station from a vantage point of 220 statute miles above Earth. The center of Ike was near 22.4 degrees north | Source
 Damage from Hurricane Ike in Bolivar Peninsula, Texas
Damage from Hurricane Ike in Bolivar Peninsula, Texas | Source
 GALVESTON, Texas Ð A Coast Guard HU-25 Falcon jet crew flew over Galveston Island near Bolivar Point, parts of which were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Ike, to assess damage to communities, critical infrastructure and waterways, Saturday, Se
GALVESTON, Texas Ð A Coast Guard HU-25 Falcon jet crew flew over Galveston Island near Bolivar Point, parts of which were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Ike, to assess damage to communities, critical infrastructure and waterways, Saturday, Se | Source
 Hurricane Ike damage to a Shell gas station at Bridge City, Texas.
Hurricane Ike damage to a Shell gas station at Bridge City, Texas. | Source
Hurricane Ike damage in Sabine Pass, Texas.
Hurricane Ike damage in Sabine Pass, Texas. | Source

What is Really Happening in Galveston?

As an avid follower of world events and hurricanes the last few years, I watched and followed Hurricane Ike very closely these last couple weeks. I followed Hurricane Ike as it formed in the Atlantic, smashed into Cuba then into Galveston and Houston, causing devastating damage to the small island of Galveston.

Now I have some huge wondering doubts hitting me fast and furious the last couple of days - and question:

What happened to all the people on Galveston that didn't evacuate? We know that many thousands choose to not to do the mandatory evacuation or for whatever reason could not leave Galveston . Now the big question of the day is: Knowing of the incredible destruction that has occurred down there, why isn't there more mainstream news on the aftermath of Hurricane Ike? When I looked at the Yahoo and MSN front page this morning there were no more headlines about Hurricane Ike or the devastation of Galveston, which leads to me think, why the Media Blackout about this important event?

Is the government afraid of us knowing of the real damages down there?

Are they afraid for us to see the response, or any lack of it after the Katrina debacle?

Are they afraid of how this might affect the financial markets, already in a financial meltdown this week?

Are they deliberately helping aid and abet a media blackout about the REAL damages that Hurricane Ike caused? And the real damages to the oil refineries?

Media BlackOut after Hurricane Ike

I like to follow most world events at a forum called Godlike Productions on the Internet.

As quirky as some of the people and posts over there are can be, I usually get news about world events before it ever hits the mainstream media (How great the power of the Internet is, huh?)

A few days ago the subject was broached that there was an awful lack of coverage about Hurricane Ike's aftermath. Strange, huh? Now just so you understand my line of thinking here, what got me to really thinking more about this was the amount of postings from other people wondering the same thing, even posts by residents of Galveston.

Thanks to the great posters over there at GLP, who provide wonderful ways to circumvent the usual mainstream sources, I have a great link straight to Houston news at . . Now if you read some of the posts and news over there you definitely get the sense that this is a disaster of major proportions, which makes you wonder why it's not on the mainstream news anymore.

Maybe they think we just can't take any more after seeing those poor Katrina survivors struggling for days on tops of roofs , with no food water or resources to speak of?

Does the government think we are really this stupid to forget about what happened after Hurricane Katrina? Do they really think that we can forget those images burned into our brain about the horrible suffering?

Don't they think we'd like to know what's going on after Hurricane Ike to make sure that there is a different response this time to a major hurricane hitting major United States cities?

I'm really mad right now. I'm mad for the survivors of Hurricane Ike who have to linger under this media blanket blackout- with lots of unanswered questions and not knowing if there loved ones are OK or not. We know that at least a couple thousand were rescued after Hurricane Ike hit (thank you first responders) but what about the missing? Perhaps a lot of them will never be found due to the TYPE of disaster this was, and where it was, but at least these people deserve to know more about what is going after the devastation of Hurricane Ike, don't you think?

And don't we have the right to know too? Don't we deserve to see Fema at work this time ? As citizens of the United States and taxpayers that pay for these services don't we have the right to see that it's being done right this time?

A Galveston Residents Frustration

Here is a telling post by one Galveston resident who is also frustrated by the media blackout covering the aftermath of Hurricane Ike:

"My wife and I live in Jamaica Beach and evacuated to Austin. We have been scouring the Web, phoning and texting friends and family still in the impact area, and reading blogs. Not only is access to the West End being controlled by land, sea, and air using state and federal assets, but when reporters are permitted in we are getting misdirection. On two separate occasions, new copters have reported providing footage of Jamaica Beach which was actually Sea Isle. I know, I live there. How two separate new copter reporters from two different stations could both misidentify what they were shooting is baffling. Don't they have maps?

I am not much of a conspiracy buff but I am deeply disturbed by this information blackout. It is not a security matter; if so, there would be similar measures in effect on Bolivar and there are not. It is not a public safety issue; preliminary reports suggest the West End fared much better than some other areas, the waters have receded, the weather is cooperating and folks who live out there know how to take precautions. If there are floaters and corpses about, one can decline to show them on TV but still be truthful to press.

Why are they working so hard to prevent information about the West End from getting out? And why is the news media not hammering officials for the truth. Is there something to hide? What could it possibly be?"

- Karankawa

Indeed Karankawa, we agree with you, why are they working so hard at NOT PROVIDING MORE INFORMATION?

Republicans Trying to Avoid Embarrasment?

An editorial from the Galveston County Daily News:

"The city's priority today is efficiency of operations for those in the recovery effort, which is fine, and a desperate effort to avoid embarrassment for the Republican administration in charge of FEMA. It is, after all, about six weeks from a presidential election. Nobody wants another Katrina at this time. What that means is the focus of those in charge of recovery is to get on with the recovery. That's good, and as it should be. But the other main focus, avoiding embarrassment, leads to disrespect for the news media personnel attempting to cover the story. And it leads officials to be less concerned about the fear and anxiety of those who are away from home than they should be. And it leads them, frankly, to be less than candid. Inside meetings of the people running Galveston's recovery, some joke about shoving the media out of the way. They speak of reporters "infiltrating" meetings of the high muckety-mucks running things. Can't have that. Attendees at those meetings are cautioned they may not speak to anyone, not even family, about what goes on inside the recovery management team."

Poll on Possible Media Black-Out

Do You Feel There is a Media BlackOut Concerning the Aftermath of Hurricane Ike?

See results


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  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @Dianna) Thanks for that info. Sorry to hear about your dogs. I imagine a lot of toxic stuff got loose in the hurricanes. Best of luck.

  • profile image

    Dianna Ware 6 years ago

    I live in Jamaica Beach and already had to put to sleep my poodle named Skip. He developed a skin disorder after the hurricane that was uncontrollable. Now I have a Beagle dog who is also developing this skin disorder. I just wonder if the McGinnis Pits across the bay flooded like everything else and maybe blew into Jamaica Beach these chemicals that were dumped in the pits and this is what is causing my dogs skin disorders. If anyone else is having this problem - my email address is would you please let me know.

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    ashley and keke de fefe) The hurricane had casualties and a lot of property damage. Rebuilding is still happening.

  • profile image

    keke de fefe 7 years ago

    i would like to know what happened during the hurricane

  • profile image

    ashley 7 years ago

    i would like to know what happened during the hurricane

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    angel115707) What you say makes sense. Sadly banks failing and the election got more coverage than Hurricane Ike.Glad to hear people are getting back on their feet.Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.

  • angel115707 profile image

    Angel Ward 7 years ago from Galveston, TX

    Dorsi, I live here, and I hate to say it, but its not a controversy or hiding info, it was the medias obsession with Obama at that time. Remember the election was at its peak and no one really cared about us...the media was being paid off to cover Obama and the banks were failing so we were left out... there weren't thousands of people who stayed, in Galveston Island itself, they were forced to evacuate, only a small handful stayed, and they have pretty awesome stories, that are not hard to find...if you actually live here, try visiting the Strand and visit with locals you will get a lot of videos, info, etc.... thanks for showing you care, but that news reporter who threw a fit for not being allowed to fly over, was a jerk, I do not blame the local authorities for not wanting dead bodies all over the 6 o'clock news... with wives and children watching, usually its the men who stay behind...

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    IslanderKev) Thanks for stopping by and reading. Did you read the comments above? Some people were upset about the lack of media coverage after Hurricane Ike when they were looking for answers...but I'm so glad you and your family are OK. (also look at the poll above where it shows an overwhelming amount of people thought there was a media blackout too)

  • profile image

    IslanderKev 7 years ago

    All this goes to show how quickly rumors can get out of hand and how the medias portrayal of an event can hae such an impact. I was back in Galveston the day after the storm and have been here every day since. There were no special papers I needed. I work for a local merchant. The only thing nrereded to return was my employee ID. There were no dead bodies, no black helicopters, mobile morgues, nothing. In fact, no one I know (i am a 3rd generation islander and have over 400 co workers in galveston) knows of anyone who has died or is missing. The pictutres of the destruction on the news are of unihabitated and unicorporated areas. These homes only occupied during the summer. The actual population of Galveston at the time of the storm was only about 40000 and most did evacuate. Those that didn't sought selter at the local high school, which escaped damaged and resumed classes a week later. The refineries were up and running the next day. In fact i belive the death toll for Galveston Island was 4 and fotr Bolivar maybe 12. Shame on you for this irresponsible reporting. I hoped everyone learned a lesson here. Its like they wanted it to be worse to prove a point. Galvestonians are tough. It will take more than a hurricane to keep s down. We shall return, and so to this island. And for evryone that had a friend of a friend aiding in the rescue effort that saw hundreds of bodies. I wonder what's wrong with someone that would report such lies. Really makes you wonder.

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Thank you so much for coming by and visiting my hub about Hurricane Ike and Galveston. My heart goes out to all of you who were affected, and I pray for as speedy recovery as possible. I live in earthquake country and I remember after the Loma Prieta earthquake that it took people along time to come to grips with what had happened, and the rebuilding took along time.

  • profile image

    marymarcus 9 years ago

    I neglected to make it clear that in some places on Galveston Bay, if you had not evacuated before dawn on Sept. 12, it was already too late to make it out under normal circumstances because the surge arrived much-much sooner and certainly much higher than officials expected. No one expected this. If they did, it was not conveyed to us commoners. Some of us have lived down here for generations and the devastation route by Hurricane Ike was not foreseen in any normal forecast that we knew of. Afterwards, the search for bodies seemed haphazard and disorganized, plus it didn't last long. Most of the searches, through necessity, were conducted by untrained volunteers. I don't think anyone not here can understand the miles and piles of debris fields located in truly rural, swampy, alligator-infested areas. We will never know how many were killed by Hurricane Ike. Also, the lack of information about what really happened continues to be frustrating. This storm should not require this amount of digging for answers and endless research. A deep silence remains even on the local level.

  • profile image

    marymarcus 9 years ago

    Something that has been overlooked when it comes to the number of rescues that were not conducted, is that the U.S. Coast Guard carrier was situated 100 miles off the coast closer to Brazoria than to Bolivar and that it lost all power in the very beginning of the storm. In other words, it was dead in the water. Meanwhile, the 'official' word from the Coast Guard was that it was "too dangerous" to attempt rescues and the victims ended up being blamed for their own deaths because they were 'too stupid' to leave. The fact that the Coast Guard can rescue people from small tossing and bucking boats in the middle of the churning-raging storm and not attempt rescues of people atop immobile structures near flat shorelines has been overlooked. Also, the surge caught everyone by surprise, including scientists who had been closely studying the approach of the storm. Nothing like this surge had ever been experienced here and people were truly caught off-guard. Though the Coast Guard cannot be blamed if they've been given rusty ships to man, I don't understand why they haven't made the problems they had on their end more well known and have allowed the storm victims to be blamed for their own dismal fates.

    Also, the word to evacuate arrived late in the afternoon or early in the evening or much later at various places here on Galveston Bay, so most people didn't leave until the next day (Sept. 11). Weather reports contintued to waffle about the direction and the intensity of the storm. It was reported as looking like it was going to be lowered to a Category 1 by at least one Houston tv station that night, prompting some people to think they could return home. There was not a great sense of urgency and certainly no knowledge of an approaching killer-surge conveyed. So many were caught by surprise and trapped. The panic must have been horrible. After the storm, government spokemen acted like the victims had been fools to stay and used them 'to teach a lesson' to those who might consider 'ignoring an order to evacuate' the NEXT time. Also, everyone in charge suddenly seemed to know the storm surge was hindsight.

    But fires are now raging in California and our entire economy has tanked, so life moves on. But so many questions will remain about this forgotten storm. Hurricane Ike.

  • profile image

    marymarcus 9 years ago

    You might want to check out DREAM ACT-TEXAS Missing Persons.

  • profile image

    MARYMARCUS 9 years ago

    I live across the bay from Galveston and another unidentified body was found here yesterday in a debris field. It is assumed that the poor lady drowned. There absolutely was a news black-out in the aftermath of Ike. Our lives have been changed forever and if we could get the hell out of here, we would. As it is, though our home was fully insured all these years, we've not heard back from the insurance companies. Meanwhile, FEMA has turned down 87 percent of the requests for assistance following Ike. There has been a most peculiar lack of reaction to this devastating storm. We appreciate your interest. Keep it up!

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Galveston Resident:

    I'm sorry what you are having to go through after this devastating hurricane. I know what it's like to have to recover from a disaster- first a fire in my home and the Loma Prieta earthquake. You have had much more to deal with, and I can't imagine. If you read the context of this article closely you will see that it was written right after Ike, when media coverage was scarce and many people were frustrated with the lack of coverage. I am an independent writer, not attached to any media outlet, so I am able to discuss things that DON'T get picked up by the local media, and are not subject to censorship. Many came here to look for their lost relatives, and to discuss Ike.

  • profile image

    Galveston resident 9 years ago

    cover up?? You people are scandal mongers. Galveston residents need the continued support of their family and friends while we wait for our gas and electricity to be turned back on, for our businesses to rebuild so that we may return to work, while we cope with relocated loved ones and the chaos that attends prolonged evacuation. How many hours of news coverage Dorsi in San Francisco can find through which to gawk at "devastating damage" has exactly zero impact on these issues; furthermore, excessive media presence on our island only demoralizes, aggravates, and impedes us as we put our lives back together. So, Dorsi, switch it back to Lifetime, and unless you happen to know how to hang drywall or inspect my wiring, unless you can personally hire me or defray my hotel bills, refrain from your self-appointed advocacy. You amount to static on a bad radio station during an air raid.

  • profile image

    tyjo23 9 years ago

    Hello, this is an UPDATE for missing family (my sister and nephews - Chapman) in Galveston, Tx.

    Danielle, Joel & Addison Chapman are alive and well, this conformation came from the Galveston, Tx police department. My heart still goes out to the families who still are looking for their loved ones from Hurricane Ike.

    The family (our father, brother and myself) have/were deeply concerned about the safety and welfare of Danielle, Joel and Addison after this storm, Hurricane Ike hit the island. Since there was not any substantial concrete verifiable communication from Danielle or my nephews, in that time frame. It has been a month, we finally got some real answers.

    I WILL NOT BE SHAMED about doing what other families or family members would do in this situation, ask for help in finding their loved ones after any major catastrophic event. I wouldn’t shame the father of the boys for doing the same, since he found out on a internet blog about Danielle and his boys were among the missing from Hurricane Ike.

    Thanks to the efforts of the following: The Laura Recovery Center, Galveston Police Department, Galveston Sheriff’s Department, Galveston’s Fire Department and to the Wichita Police Department and a special THANKS to the organization which helped by having a place to create the flyers for the missing (children), Lastly to ALL the Folks who help post this story on the internet, CNN, Lan Lamphere and Snark Food podcast) though other blogs, TV Stations, Radio, other listings and just plain posting up the flyers. If I didn’t say it before, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!.

    (They were not victims of Hurricane Ike nor victims of foul play).

    Again, our family extends our thoughts and prayers out to everyone and the victims of Hurricane Ike.

    God Bless,

    Traci Turner,

    San Diego, Ca.

  • profile image

    Alysa 9 years ago

    I live in Houston and the information is very limited here as well. Even IN the area we can't get information. I stayed during Ike and I know how bad it was for me and I'm half an hour inland. Everyone I know is just ignoring it and I feel like we deserve to know exactly what is happening out there.

  • laflat7 profile image

    laflat7 9 years ago from localhost

    thanks for the info. such pictures grasp the spirit. thanks god i dont have Hurricane in my coutry.

  • profile image

    upset in texas 9 years ago

    More evidence officials are searching for individuals and reporting their findings as they have documented evidence. It would be unethical to do otherwise.

  • profile image

    anonymous 9 years ago

    i heard from someone who knows one of the rescue team members that they were bagging hundreds of bodies. seriously. why the cover-up??

  • profile image

    David 9 years ago

    If there was ever an argument to limit what folks can say....this site provides an example. I live in Houston and have a home on the West End. I'm amazed at the LIMITED damage. It could have been much worse.

  • profile image

    centraltexan 9 years ago

    I've wondered everyday when the media would update the casulities of Ike.  It is very odd,  such a large devasting impact to our coast, to all of Texas, and to the US and after it was over, that was it!  I've been amazed at the lack of coverage.  I spoke to an insurance adjuster very recently that had employees in the Galveston area tallying up damage reports and he said that bodies were being washed up and uncovered daily. If this is true, why hasn't it been reported?

  • profile image

    tyjo23  9 years ago



    Missing FAMILY MEMBERS (MY SISTER & NEPHEWS) FROM IKEDanielle CHAPMAN and her two boys, Joel, and Addison CHAPMAN from Galveston, TX. Have not heard from them since Gustva. (approx. 9/3/08) I know IKE hit them hard, like everyone else. Not sure if they evacuated. They live on the far west end of the island. (PAST JAMAICA BEACH in SEA ISLE EXTN 3) 4115 Kent Drive. The garage door has been painted a Texas flag. Don't know what happened on that end of the island, haven't seen pictures of its outcome. CALL 858 337-9850 with any info. about them and or the area

    Send pictures:

    GOD BLESS everyone - THANK YOU!Traci

  • Die'Dre' profile image

    Die'Dre' 9 years ago from The Great Pacific Northwest

    There is certainly reason to question. Nice job.

  • NellieOApple profile image

    NellieOApple 9 years ago from Texas


  • profile image

    phil 9 years ago

  • profile image

    Phil 9 years ago

    If you don't think there are Black Helicoper flying around the some of this footage found on a local news web page! The raw footage is not from the media and not is just mile after mile of total destruction...It really looks like a NUKE hit the area. I was in the USAF for 10 years. as I watch these videos....I wonder how the hell anyone who stayed behind could have possibly survived it. There are miles of areas where there is not even as much as a twig left to hang on to, much less a house to be in.

    Something is strange about the whole aftermath. I'm not sure, but I have a real hard time believing there are not thousands of dead bodies out in the Gulf of Mexixo or in Galveston Bay. Time will tell.

    If the victims exist they will either surface or people will start showing up on missing/dead lists because unless they were previously living as ghosts most everyone has bills and house payments to pay and the bill collectors will come calling and then it will be realized that maybe those people were all washed away and you will start having names of these victims come to light.

    I could just see me trying to "be missing and unknown" for a month or 2. I am in such debt the bill collectors would be looking all over for what about those missing..."We don't know their names"? ...weren't these people tax payers....theres your record for identification!

    VIDEO: Aerial tour of damage by community | TOP STORIES | | News for Houston, Texas

  • profile image

    upset in texas 9 years ago

    Here is a page done by an individual of pictures from Galveston. There is even a picture of president Bush and one of his helicopter as they survey the damage. These are not fluff pictures, but ones of real destruction showing the extent of the carnage. How can an individual compile these kind of pictures if there is a media blackout?

  • profile image

    upset in texas 9 years ago

    please check out the following link:

    people are being allowed to return. This is nothing more than local, state and federal government (granted with fits and starts) restoring basic services then allowing people back. Note they are telling them what services they can't provide yet and what to bring if they stay. No black helicopters, no coverup, why do some think of these things and spread lies that only hurt the people affected by this tragedy? Please people, this isn't political,Bush didn't send the Hurricane, there is no coverup, climb down from that hobby horse and find a way to help people in need. Oh, it is a 3 stage plan to allow people back on the island. The island is divided into 3 parts with each successive part open to residents a few days apart. Not to scoop bodies, but to allow time to restore power. There are many photos available of the fantastic work being done by electric workers from around the country. This is an opportunity to praise first responders of all kinds, not dream up fairy tales.

  • profile image

    ann827 9 years ago

    I spoke to my sister today she lives in Conroe,she and her family are fine but she is upset for all of her community because it is a very poor area all the food and ice are being distributed 5 to 30 miles away not very attainable for a family with no transportation and no formula or food for infants. I am disgusted with this news....We live in NY state and have been watching for news of any aid in these areas. It is a sad comment for this country

  • profile image

    Keats 9 years ago

    The media may be inundating you with coverge, but you don't understand that the rest of the country is not seeing it. I just started searching today because a Fox News headline (internet site only) read yesterday: "Officials in Texas concede that many of those who defied evacuation orders and stayed behind during Hurrican Ike may have been washed out to sea." I'm like - what? Then it was gone. I took a snapshot of the posting. If this is the case - where is the news? I don't see a single mention of anything on the news networks on TV. The mayor of Galveston and her PR assistant keep saying NOTHING - and no estimates of the MISSING is totally unbelievable at this point. Not even guess-timates! I for one - don't blame Bush or his administration - geez, can you people ever think beyond your hate? I do concede something fishy is going on here, and it is not fair to people with friends and families in the impact areas, or the country in general.

  • profile image

    upset in texas 9 years ago

    I stayed in our home during the hurricane. The destruction was incredible. But we are Texans. People started cleaning up their property and helping their neighbors when they saw a need. We're not looking for some imaginary reason to blame others. We're not waiting for the federal government to fix our problem. We're getting on with life. Choosing to have a positive attitude through this tragedy and making life the best we can. The media is inundating us with coverage. What blackout? Do something positive instead of dreaming up these tall tales. Volunteer or send donations to the Red Cross. Help those who are hurting or have lost everything.

  • profile image

    electricianontheroad 9 years ago

    There is a media blackout. Absolutely! I know for sure that as of tonight there are still many NO MEDIA ALLOWED signs posted throughout the Galveston area. The military has taken over in that area and NO ONE (without the right papers) is allowed in the area. My husband is a first responder down there and his base camp is immediately next to Galveston Island. He says that ambulances, sometimes 12 at a time, are going in and coming out all around the clock. There are also helocopters above the ambulance groups. He is guessing that there must be a lot of bodies in there. He said it looks like a nuke went off.

  • hot dorkage profile image

    hot dorkage 9 years ago from Oregon, USA

    Those wacked out republican strategists are taking a page from burma's book. or is it myanmar? or is it now burma again. whatever. If we don't talk about stuff it didn't happen. 1984.

  • akeejaho profile image

    akeejaho 9 years ago from Some where in this beautiful world!

    Conspiracy? In this country? This day and age? I'm shocked and astounded! (Not really, but had you going didn't I!?)

    Nice Hub. Most informative.

  • kerryg profile image

    kerryg 9 years ago from USA

    It certainly is possible, likely, in fact. Simply, my usual experience of natural disasters is that they report a suspected figure quickly, usually within 24 hours, and then it goes up or down as more accurate information comes in. Usually up. :(

  • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

    Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

    Well, I have heard and read news on deaths and missing (can't remember the exact numbers). Do you think it may possibly be that right now, they just aren't sure? I mean, it has to be a total madhouse in those areas and you have to consider the fact that some people may have actually been washed away in the tide and it will take time to know exactly who is missing, who didn't make it and where any bodies are. It just seems that no matter what happens or what the situation is, it is always blamed on the government in one form or the other. The fact is, the government, be it local, state or federal, are made up of human beings and human beings can only do so much at one time, regardless of political power. There has to be some element of common sense about these types of disasters. It takes time and a lot of tireless effort to overcome something like this and I think we need to give them the space that they need to do what is necessary to begin the rescues and start rebuilding. It's a major disaster, not some political consiracy.

  • kerryg profile image

    kerryg 9 years ago from USA

    I've been wondering about the silence too. With the number of people who stayed behind, you would expect a few casualties, but I haven't heard of a single one. No crowing about how few there were either, though. It's really, really strange.

    I was linked to this post on dailykos from someone with family in Houston - doesn't sound like the situation there is pretty either:

  • marisuewrites profile image

    marisuewrites 9 years ago from USA

    hmmm seems like death numbers would be released as news tho....we have the right to know the truth, still, the story will get out eventually, I would not doubt they are withholding info until after the election. The Bush team is pretty controlling and good at it...I'm not paranoid, but neither do I trust much anymore,

  • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

    Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

    Oh, and raul is right. That picture is of grain bins. My husband filled these bins for many years and a friend of mine built them. With the storm that they encountered, I am surprised they are still standing. I have seen tornados in my area scatter these things for miles!

  • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

    Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

    I don't think that there is a cover-up at all, I think it is a matter of priorities. In a news release published on September 18th by Galveston County Daily News, Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas explains the limit of information given to the reporters as well as the restriction on others speaking to the media.

    We all know that the media looks for the worst in every situation and many times can cause undue panic. We should also realize that the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of these officials is tremendous in these disasters and they should be allowed to remain focused on the most important priorities.

    What annoys me more than lack f information is the fact that so many people who were warned to leave and offered help to leave decided to stay and now have the gall to DEMAND help NOW!

    Don't get me wrong, I am saddened for anyone who is injured or lost in these situations. However, if they are given the warning to leave and offered the means to do so but decide they will stay then they should not be making demands on anyone!

    As for those who are so anxious to return to their homes, I can certainly understand their anxiety. But I also know that these types of disasters can't just be "fixed" overnight. It takes time to restore power and other functional utilities to the areas and to add more population to the mix just makes it harder for the response teams.

    My nephew works for a power company building sub station and is among those response teams that have been sent to Texas (as well as New Orleans after Katrina). I would love to be able to know what is going on there and that he is safe. However, cell phone reception is limited and all we can do is pray for his safety and wait. People don't consider the response teams who are away from their families with no contact or the danger that they face in these areas or the conditions in which they are willing to withstand in order to restore the utilities to these homes in order that the residents can return and start rebuilding their lives.

    Media blackout? I don't think so. I think it is more like a priority issue as well as protecting the public from getting the sensational reports that the media is always looking for! As far as this becoming political, I don't think a sneeze could avoid that issue today! It doesn't matter how well things are handled in these situations, it will never be good enough for those who look for a political angle in every situation. That's just my two scent worth.


  • profile image

    Mrs. L 9 years ago

    I have had the chance to talk with a person i work with that lives in Chambers County. She was able to get in via FEMA to see her home (the only one left near her) and she stated that she saw bodies everywhere. So, yes I do think that the State and Government is covering all this up so that they can be made to look good in the end.

  • SusanBonfiglio profile image

    SusanBonfiglio 9 years ago from Woodmere, NY

    Great hub. Thanks for keeping the light on this....even Anderson Cooper is gone from there. Remember...keeping them honest. I had heard that they are keeping the responders on a cruise ship because the area is becoming toxic in Galveston. Between Hurricane Ike, the elections and the Wall Street Meltdown, I have no faith in this government.

  • profile image

    Name not important 9 years ago

    i'm tryin to be an optimist, been following this for 5 days. we know the media can make more out of the situation --sometimes. the government is clearly covering something up. perhaps they know how fragile the economy is. perhaps if news got out about the bio lab (not yet running -debatable). the gravesite that left bodies everywhere. the oil refinaries that were destroyed. pure panick might destroy our economy. anyone think that perhaps sometimes there is too much media and maybe someone is trying to look out for us?

  • profile image

    Shauna 9 years ago

    Raul please watch this video:

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Raul, I'm sure there are a lot of dedicated reporters out there struggling to get more information out, but there are a lot of people missing and many people are wondering why there is a lack of coverage concerning that. If you checked out my links you can see there is a huge controversy concerning this in many forums. Thanks for stopping by.

  • profile image

    Raul Julia 9 years ago

    As a former resident of Galveston, I can assure you that IKE's surge covered the entire East and West ends of the island. The seawall only affords protection from the straight-on surge impact. One can speculate all you want, but there are many reporters and individuals involved in getting the true story out. If there were mass casulties we would know by now. The picture that was posted that "may" have been a refinery was not....that was a grain silo...note the corrugated tin.

  • funnebone profile image

    funnebone 9 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

    I think everytime there is a disaster it sets the bar higher. Katrina will be the standard and as much as every rubbernecker wanted the last two hurricanes to mimic her destruction, they didn't. I am not saying it is right, but it is what it is.