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Exercise Your Brain To Regain Memory

Updated on October 16, 2012

Are You Forgetful

I used to be pretty good about remembering details, places and things, but as I have gotten older and busier, I find that no matter how many lists I make I still forget things. I used to have a pocket calendar 4 years ago, until i switched to a smart phone. But now with smart phones and all the passwords I have to remember, I get mixed up. My short term processing skills seems to be diminishing. It is a part of aging. I guess that is why when you talk to an old person, like a grand parent, they can remember 30 years ago, but can't remember what they did yesterday. What prompted me to look into feeding my brain exercises was my middle school daughter.

She is in a gifted program, but has become extremely forgetful. She can spend time doing a research paper and forget to sign her name or pass it in. I can ask her to do do a simple task and she can literally forget what I just asked her. At first I thought it was selective memory. But over the past several years I have noticed her forgetfulness getting worse. It is now affecting her school work. It is mind boggling because you think, "Oh she is carelessness.and being lazy. But that is not true. We have worked with the teachers to see if they can provide an tools that will keep her on track.

I went online to do some research on memory and discovered a website called This website offers games to help exercise those brain functions that are weak, like memory, processing skills, problem solving, attention, speed and flexibility. Its partners are Stanford University, Harvard, Columbia and other prestigious universities.

Lumosity Is for All Ages

Lumosity allows you to play for 3 days to sample what they have to offer. The games are fun at Lumocity. You can even measure your progress and compare your progress to others. I purchased a family plan so that we could play games and improve our brain function for a year. If we have to exercise our bodies to stay healthy, why not exercise our brains?

I have been playing for a week. I notice that if I play during the day versus the evening, my scores are lower at night. They tell you not to play more than 10 hours a week. I am going to see how my memory improves this year. My weakness is attention span and short-term memory. My logic and reasoning is pretty good. I think part of the reason I have short-term memory loss is the result of multi-tasking and aging. I am busier than ever juggling, work, kids, home and pets. I hate to admit that I am aging because I do not look my age. My choice to exercise my brain is an investment in me. I will post more info next month here to let you know my progress.

How I Initially Scored

Well, took the preliminary tests to see where I needed the most help. I definitely have to improve my short-memory and my attention span. I did very good with reasoning, logic, number processing and my visual spacial skills. Lumocity suggests only playing 30 minutes per day only. I joined for a year under the family plan.

Taking Piano Lessons To Exercise The Brain

I just started piano lessons. I am doing this because I always wanted to learn and the benefits are great. I have no musical background, but have always liked music. I like all kinds of music, but my favoriate is fusion jazz, pop, dance classical and easy listening. In college I loved going with friends to piano bars.

It can be challenging as an adult piano student. I have more responsibilities with my own job, kids and household. My expectations are what I set for me. I am in no rush. I am excited about learning and I am self motivated. When i practice I really enjoy it.

I have some physical challenges, like weak fingers and learning coordination of finger movement. When I hit the piano keys, it can sound off-key. I listen and laugh at myself. But I love it. This to me is fun learning. My brain is getting exercise and it doesn't feel like a chore.

I am learning to sight-read, count beats, listen, coordinate my fingers, memorize notes and train my ears to hear the sound of each note. Don't you think that is a lot? If you want to know more you information about strengthening your brain? read here.

Why Aren't More Children Studying Music in Elementary School

It seems to me that all children in grades 1-5 would benefit from having to study any instrument. Especially if it will help them to develop concentration, memory, language, math and science. So many schools have eliminated music and or they do not offer it. So many kids are weak in math and science and they have ADHD. Instead of using drugs to help the kids learn, perhaps an instrument would a more natural solution to helping children.

I tried to get my kids to practice an instrument when they were in first and 2nd grade, but their teacher in school was not the nicest and killed their interest. Only recently have we revisited music and now both my girls are older(middle school) are playing an instrument. I found them a teacher that is fun. I don't expect my kids to be concert pianists, but if this will help them down the road with schooling, it is a bonus that will show up in their SAT scores down the road.


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    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 4 years ago from USA

      LoriSoard, Thanks for stopping by. I love piano. I liked Luminocity too! Thanks for stopping by.!

    • profile image

      jasano 4 years ago

      I have a lifetime membership to Lumosity, but despite using the website, my memory continually gets worse. I do find it helpful in terms of speeding up thought processes, but for memory, it's really not been very helpful.

    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 5 years ago from USA

      Hey Nell, how are you? Gosh I love practicing piano. Lumocity I do for an exercise. It works. I never can remember numbers and I am better. I love psychology. I took a class years ago in deviant behavior. You sound visual like me? colors and things help us remember. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      This sounds really interesting. I remember when I was studying psychology back in the 90s, evening school, we did memory tests, and I can still remember some of the games, one of them was to make a story out of your shopping list and imagine everything as huge, like tomato, for example then say 'I carried a huge tomato indoors and tripped over the 'next thing on the list, garden fork' etc, it really works. I know what you mean about music in school, I was the only one to get 100 percent in music and I hoped they would encourage it, but no, it was forgotten, I will never forget that, thanks!

    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks for stopping by. Check out their trial. it is fun.

    • snagerries profile image

      snagerries 5 years ago from Singapore

      Interesting article. Till know I didnt knew much about lumocity.Voted up.. Cheerz.

    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks! I think to many want a fix overnight! Piano is an alternative in helping or any instrument

    • LoriSoard profile image

      LoriSoard 5 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

      Interesting article. I hadn't heard of Lumocity, but will check it out now. I also like that you offered alternatives like piano lessons. Voting up.