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Gap Fill for ESL – Medical English Activity

Updated on December 6, 2013

EFL / ESL Medical English



This is a gap fill for medical students.

The first gap needs to be taken from Box A and the second gap from Box B.

If there is only one gap, just use box A.

The verbs need to be put into the correct form.

1. These days over 7 million Africans living with HIV/AIDS are __________ antiretroviral therapy. Drug costs have ____________ from $10,000 per person per year to under $100.

2. New surgeons will train virtually using a robot called da Vinci. This robot will be ___________remotely by the surgeons using a console. One of the features of the simulator being developed is pressure sensitivity. If the surgeon _________ too much pressure, the tools glow red.

3. Hospital design needs to be __________ in order to combat the amount of bacteria found in these buildings. More sunlight, closely ____________ airflow and antimicrobial surfaces would all help reduce the threat of superbugs.

4. Conventional 2D mammograms can ___________ to many ‘false positives’, resulting in higher patient callback rates. Research from the University of Pennsylvania ___________ that 3D mammography is more effective.

5. The consumption of large amounts of energy drinks can lead to heart palpitations, a rise in blood pressure and seizures. Researchers in Germany, who have been studying the link between heart function and energy drinks, ____________ that people with heart arrhythmias __________ from drinking highly caffeinated beverages.

6. Narcotics ________ themselves to the receptors in the brain and ___________ the sensation of pain.

7. Obesity means ____________ too much body fat. A child that has obesity is more likely ___________ obesity as an adult.

TEFL / ESL Medical


8. There are many problems which can ___________the bones and joints. These __________ arthritis, ligament tears, bone tumours, fractures and spinal deformities.

9. If you are using oxygen in your home, ___________ sure your fire alarms are working and that you __________ fire extinguishers.

10. “If you have severe breathing difficulties you may need ___________ a flu shot to help ____________ infection.”

11. A one-two week course of oral steroids _____________ by the doctor.

12. When using over-the-counter medicines, always __________ the instructions. ____________ the expiration date before using any medication.

13. Over-the-counter medicines can help __________ the symptoms of a cold and make you ___________ better.

14. Some antihistamines tablets can __________ drowsiness.

15. Diaper rash can be __________ with topical antifungal cream. The fungus Candida, which causes the rash, likes __________ in warm, moist areas - like a diaper.

Box B

  • Apply
  • Block
  • Check
  • Decrease
  • Develop
  • Feel
  • Grow
  • Have
  • Include
  • Monitor
  • Prevent
  • Refrain
  • Suggest

Box A

  • Affect
  • Alleviate
  • Bind
  • Control
  • Cause
  • Follow
  • Get
  • Have
  • Lead
  • Make
  • Prescribe
  • Receive
  • Recommend
  • Rethink
  • Treat


1. decreased / receiving

2. controlled / applies

3. rethought / monitored

4. lead / suggests

5. recommend / refrain

6. bind / block

7. having / to develop

8. affect / include

9. make / have

10. to get / prevent

11. was prescribed

12. follow / check

13. alleviate / feel

14. cause

15. treated / to grow

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