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Garage Sale Etiquette

Updated on October 27, 2009

Everyone likes going to a yard sale or garage sale once in a while to find things we need, want, or collect. This is great and all but there are lots of people who flat out do not know how to behave themselves during these events. This article is for those people.

***Do not arrive earlier than the ad says. If the sign or ad says they will open at 8am that means you are welcome to shop around at 8am. Not before. Do not be standing around outside peeking in the windows or knocking on the door asking when will they open.

***The price on the widget is the price the owner wants for the item. If it says $.25 then just pay the quarter and go on. Do not try and haggle down the price an extra 5 cents. If the seller wanted to sell the widget for any cheaper, again it would be right there on the sticker. If an item is FREE it will be in the FREE box. If you do not see a FREE box then there is not one. Do not ask.

***Do not bring your 6 children and the family pet to run a muck all over the place picking everything up with their sticky little fingers and screaming bloody murder while your dog is doing his business in the yard. If you must bring your children teach them some manners first. Leave the dog at home or at least put him on a leash and pick up after him.

***Do not come smoking. Not everyone is a smoker and the ones who do not smoke certainly do not want their homes to smell of smoke. Not to mention it is a health hazard. Do not put your cigarette butts out in the driveway or yard unless you would like to bend down and pick it up yourself.

***Do not pick up the books and read it front to back unless you are buying it.

***Do not rummage through all the clothes and leave them all wadded up and unfolded. Put them back just as you have found them. And do not ask if you can get that pair of jeans any cheaper since they are too long or do not fit YOU.

***Do not ask to use the restroom so you can look at whatever else is in the house that is not for sale and then ask to buy it.

***Do not pay with checks. Always use cash. Small bills is best. After all this is not a bank and the seller probably does not have change for your $100 when you bought a $2 item.

***Do not ask if the sale will still be open next week or at a later date. It is not a store. Do not ask if they can hold your things you have been gathering for the past 30 minutes until a later date.They do not have lay-away. If you have no money to spend then do not shop.

***Do not expect the seller to wrap all your breakables for you. You can do this yourself. If you do not like what is provided for wrapping such items bring your own wrapping supplies.

***Do not walk around with an item you are wanting to buy for an hour while you make up your mind if you want to spend the 10 cents or not. Especially if you do not buy it or anything at all.

***Do not ask if "this is all they have" Most likely it will all be out there.

Most of all try and remember these people having these sales have worked very hard to drag out, set up, and price all widgets just for you to come and buy. You should be polite and treat others and their property they way you would want others to treat you and your things.


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