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Gateway To The Sublime Unconscious Kicking In The Door of Barriers

Updated on June 9, 2011
Sublime Swirling
Sublime Swirling

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology Moving Through the Unfamiliar

A change of venue is always occurring. "To be where one's feet are" while unmoved in the midst of the whirlwind of chaotic confusion and migrant transfusion requires a volatile irreparable stillness. This is That!

Something so spectacular is occurring in your life! You intuit its sacred ambiguous movement but are uncertain as to what is actually taking place within. All that you are certain of is that what you ‘used’ to be, you are no longer portraying.

When you gaze into the mirror, you appear to look the same as you always have, but, on another level, the level that truly matters, something has definitely shifted. It transpired without your conscious participation or knowledge.

The season changed and you with it. One may even interpret this occasion as a mystical starting point which will, from this point on, guide and direct all of your artistic activities. The deeply imbedded talent surfaces for expression.

However, this unexpected sensation is not new or unusual. This revered artistic sexual sensual impetus has existed throughout time (as we understand it) and before the emergence of this universe. “It” is a powerfully fresh imbued energetic renewal of which some refer to as “Being born again.”

How does one distinguish the exclusive self-exalting experience apart from a religious façade? By the undeniable facts exhibited in your daily life.

You will live totally unhindered, unmoved, unaffected, unaltered, and untouched by the wiles, and whims of defeating infectious opinions of others. In other words, you simply won’t give a rat’s furry behind what ‘they’ say or don’t say about what you do. You are one with the sublime universal force that establishes, maintains, and propels all of existence throughout the various galaxies.

This artistic impetus is incalculable, inexpressible, immeasurable and indistinguishable.

You exist in the very midst of it. It lives in spite of you, because of you and exhibits itself through you. No way are you to capture ‘it’ and describe its unutterable character; search the deepest recesses of your brain, and you will not find ’it’.

This sacred incalculable sexual artistic impetus can not be contained or imprisoned and yet it is expressed in every single thing that can be seen or unseen. To the human mind, ‘it’ emerges out of a place more mysteriously profound than the unconscious.

All memory is stored in this sacred place of the so-called unknowable unconscious, (Not the unconscious we define and recognize) where everything is stirred and everything remains still.

You as a human being take part in the immeasurable event of this inordinate impetus, but, not until after the event has transpired and not before; though the event in actuality has already taken place once you become aware of being involved in it. While on earth you may experience this sacred impetus in a state to reoccurring amnesia.

Or, at the very least, by realizing that the things that once mattered so much to you don’t raise an eyebrow of interest anymore. Conversations have become boring, dull, uninteresting and down right stupid. You desire more than the ‘same old, same ole.’

People misunderstand your constant daydreaming. You have moved from the place where you have always resided and people comment: “They don’t know you anymore.” And, furthermore, “Why don’t you straighten up and act right?”

Try as you might, nothing can reinstate the interest you once thought you possessed. Nothing can erase the sacred transcendent artistic stirring of this precious innate creative impetus. Every event you have ever been exposed to has been written and imprinted upon and in this codified impetus of divine inspiration.

 Pain is most times associated since the breaking away from that which has always been so familiar, comfortable and relatively easy’ in the sense ‘ of not having to break patterns of monotony of ingrained habit, and registers in the body as some sort of illness. Rest assured; it will pass.

Nothing occurs outside of this sacred codified pattern. This gateway of the supreme umbilical divine unconscious operates indifferently in the face of the pleas of human cries.

 Trying to access the release valve through good works or pitiful bouts of begging for mercy make no difference where this established reverential route has been indelibly carved in the ethers. It’s all a matter of plugging up to its internal structure by dismissing any semblance of conditioned desired thought or action.

One must be as a receptive ventricle, open to receive and release involuntarily the individual specifications from on high.

 Contradictory as this may sound, the deeper and more concrete hopelessness seems evident in your life, the sooner you will be put in (input) the universal electrical artistic sexually stimulated circuit. Otherwise, the gate remains closed.

Unmistakable chaos supersedes this artistic flow. With proper understanding however, if one will but realize that if he has had no control over what transpired to cause the ‘assumed brokenness’ “detachment’, ‘disinterest’, of his current life, he can in no way physically, mentally or emotionally take on prescribed measures to fix it. {It’s not supposed to be fixed. Nothing’s wrong!}

Though others won’t possibly comprehend the change in demeanor, you will flow naturally and conveniently into the next phase of your life.

Dependent upon one’s hold onto the past, circumstances that accrue to eliminate a certain malady in one’s life, has nothing whatsoever to do with the feelings the person is currently expressing. Although, living in an adult world, the reactions may be interpreted as infantile.

That’s why certain behaviors look so bizarre and are incapable of being explained when traumas arrive. The form of emotion may be so exaggerated or understated that it defies all rationality. But, people insist upon taking either credit or blame for the various circumstances that arise without ever even having a clue to real origin that is locked behind the gateway to the sublime unconscious.

The divine impetus relayed and displayed in you is the impersonal stroke of artistic expression. Period. From the gateway of the universal artistic unconscious do all things great and small emerge.

The physical body will one day turn back into dirt, but the gateway into the universal unconscious shall remain forever and ever and ever. Like a raging fever that precedes pain in the body as the first sign of the miraculous healing taking place, so too must one be willing to forgo all mind supports of hope for something better.

In order to cross over into the gateway to the unconscious, he can have no idea of where he is going, for what reason, what may or may not come from it, whether he’ll be able to go on or if he will ever return, should he so decide. He simply places one foot in front of the other onto the unknown tightrope with no net to catch him.

Give up the need to control while this indescribable artistic journey unfolds. If something appears foolish or out of the ordinary in your life: Follow where it leads without judgment or recall.

Not too many of these opportunities surface which directly invite you into the ineffable sacred gateway. Most people are too pre-occupied to notice, are you?


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 8 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Finding and staying true to your particular vision requires undaunted courage, relentless fortitude and unmitigated dedication to your artistic call. Under no circumstances are you to 'turn loose' of the ineffable sound of truth you have discovered within the recesses of your soul. Never try to defend or explain your position; simply grow more into the authentic cry of unfathomable bliss.

    • pinktaxi profile image

      pinktaxi 8 years ago from Tualatin, Oregon, USA

      I enjoyed reading your article. I agree 100%. Your article was very eloquently written. I found the link to your article on