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Gateways of the Future Through Few Right Clicks

Updated on May 16, 2017

Twist and turn of financial aid

The cost of education is rising in every second. Most of the students are planning to drop college or try to getting degree from community college to avoid future financial menace. Although the rise in cost of education is deterring student to get a degree but it will prove a harmful step very soon in near future. As we all know until some point of career there will be stagnant stage-where you will not be promoted because you don’t have enough credential. This issue of financial dearth can be easily overcome by knowing and understanding the process and procedure of procuring financial aid from government organization or other nonprofit sector or even taking a bank loans.Today in this hub I will discuss about few terminology regarding your future education and financial aid.

Saving the future with FAFSA

If you are looking for a student assistantship, it is very important to know about what is FAFSA. The FAFSA orthe Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application procedure to procure a student loan. US department of education is taking constant efforts to support students who are in financial need. Most common questions that may arise in this case are what is FAFSA and why they are supporting the student assistantship. The simple answer is it is federally funded organizations that support outstanding and motivated students to carry out their education beyond high school in US. All Americans are eligible to apply for it. The tuition fees in most colleges in the USA are constantly rising, most of the students in dire financial hardship are dropping out after finishing their high school graduation. In this highly volatile situation of the economy, the FAFSA is the only hope for motivated students and subsequently for future generations. FAFSA Is taking utmost initiative by tying up with financial institutions and others services to help students and families who are unable to pay their college expense FAFSA on the web is extremely simple yet critical procedure to work out.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a web based form used by the U.S. Department of Education to determine your candidacy to loan out the federal dollars. The FAFSA is a common application procedure which is used by all colleges and universities to determine the eligibility of getting financial aid in terms a grant or education loans or by offering work-study program. FAFSA on the web make a calculation for individual student about Expected Family Contribution (EFC) by doing a statistical analysis. This analysis is also referred as “need analysis” which is solely based on information like household earning, asset investment and other household report. These are usually submitted by the student by their own or by their parents if they are dependent on parents. The form submitted to FAFSA is usually screened by the US department of education and the report charts are directly sent to the concerned institutions who will be dealing with students.

Being paranoid can be helpful for this

The FAFSA Scholarship application is a freeware where Federal Student can apply for financial aid. It is the process which can help you pay your tuition fees for college, technical school, graduate school, or other recognized training courses. The custom designed site is very much user friendly and very easy to access. An accurate FAFSA Scholarship application can easily go through the site and declare the outcome as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to filling the application on first day of the year. This not only increases your chances but also expedite the process of the application process. It is highly recommended to read all the information available on the website to get a complete guide on filing the application. There are some private organizations and websites, which claims that they can ensure a granted scholarship, are actually found as a scam to deceive students. It is always a good idea to start working on your application from the very beginning, by obtaining the necessary documents from school as well tax documents which are sometimes required during application. Financial aid is usually defined as scholarship or grant in terms of money to support student’s tuition and boarding and other expenses for particular programs. Present day obtaining a financial aid is becoming highly competitive. As a huge number of students are applying for an assistantship each year and that is the reason school, colleges or funding organization, sometimes is not able to support full tuition waiver or stipend to eligible students. Financial aid can be divided into two types one is through merit based and the other is through need based. In the last academic year 2009-2010, federal government has sanctioned 168 million dollars to fund a student for their higher education. Students can be usually offered some prestigious grant like the Pell Grant or low interest federal loans like Stafford loans. Ideally a financial aid application should be submitted to the Department of Education as early on 1st January or before the summer and the beginning of the fall. Financial aid is highly difficult to obtain if you are not a native of the same country you are applying. Fast Web is a sister portal of Monster job search portals. This is a versatile service which has millions of databases for scholarship information. These procedures become very popular in searching scholarship just like a monster job. Fast web application is quite easy just like filling one application for millions of scholarships depending on your profile. There are two types of application Fast web support both merit based and need based. It is always important to mention the stream you intend to apply for as there are special grants or award that id dependent on a particular field like medicine, engineering or economics etc. One disadvantage to the Fast web is the registration process and collection of information is very tedious and boring one. Fast web is although free, but their application is supported by lot private universities around the world. Most of the times you have to compulsorily read some unwanted add which might be not much interest to your field. Some universities act pushy to fill their application directed by the Fast web.

Fast and steady win the race

Free scholarship is not the hand of the fortune teller. But it is your endeavor and exact amount of hard work can decide your way to future happiness. There is a proverb that early bird can catch the best worm is very applicable in applying scholarship. Obtaining a free scholarship is always a more favorable, if you are the first one in the queue applying for it. There are large numbers of students aiming for the same scholarship as you are trying, it is extremely essential to make a unique application package. It is very important to identify your strength and shortcoming before sending an application for scholarship. You should always highlight your strength and masked your weak points as much as possible. There are some scholarships which in which you have to compulsorily take the standardized exam like SAT or ACT and you have to score really well to cross these screening lines. If you fall under minority or you are on some other special quota, which can support you to narrow your application among others and put on more favorable chance to get a scholarship.

Unveiling the mystery of worries free future

In recent times as the cost of education is rising up every day, grabbing free college scholarship became absolutely necessary. There are lots of organizations both governments and private are sponsoring the different financial aid. But obtaining a free college scholarship is not an easy task. Free college scholarships are highly competitive and they have different criteria to receive them. First of all you have to know the resource where you can able to find all scholarship information. There are some excellent sites like or has intricate details of most of the scholarships for higher studies. But is it is always a good idea to become prepared for all possible outcomes. When you start preparing your application, it is important to know, what are the possible colleges those can accept your application for admission. There are some highly reputed schools like Harvard or Stanford; they not only choose students based on merit. Extracurricular activities play an important role in their selection process and to obtain a private scholarship from their school.

Best endeavor makes you always lucky

The renewal FAFSA can be sometimes some way tedious just as applying it for the first time. In most cases you just need to put the right college code. If your previous year application is all correct and accurate, then you just have to choose the name of the state and college details and you can land up to the main page. Although the renewal FAFSA is more convenient than the applying FAFSA but in some cases you have to read the e-book available to learn about recent updates regarding rules. It is always a good idea to check and reconfirm the deadline for renewing your application. Renewal of FAFSA sometimes gets difficult, if you have changed your address or you are planning to change school or state. Obtaining financial aids for subsequent years through FAFSA can become more difficult if your academic grade falls below certain requirements. Academic performance has some direct bearing with the renewal of your grant application especially if it is through your school. As your present school usually prepare you a financial package.

Which is heavy debt or education?

A few more steps toward independence

Proclaiming independent student status for the application of the FAFSA is not an easy job. There are numerous criteria, which will decide whether you will be considered to be an independent student. Living alone for a few years below 24 years of age will not qualify you as an independent student. But if a student is in real distress or the condition at which nobody can support his or her education, getting an independent student status is not at all a difficult. There are some set rules created by the federal government, which will decide your capability to get this status. The most important criteria are age and others are related to your dependents. If you can show that your parents, or your children or spouse is totally dependent on your support, or there is no one who can support you as you are a fostered child after age 13 or you are an emancipated child then you can apply for independent status. There is one more option for this case is, if you have served US military services for a few years.


Best award to support your college fees

Applying for a Pell grant is a good option for those who are looking for financial aid. A Pell grant is also a federally funded grant like FAFSA. But good news about the Pell grant is that, you don’t have to repay back the money. Applying for a Pell grant is the most feasible option for college education, to them who are in dire financial need. The Pell grant is given to the student who need financial support and whose parents have died, during their service at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan . There is an age limit applicable to apply for this grant. Anyone under age 24, want to peruse their bachelor degree in US colleges is eligible to apply for this grant. In some cases if anybody wants continue their postgraduate education in a teacher certification program are also eligible to apply for this grant. For this year, considering from 1st July 2011 to 30th June 2012, the maximum amount of Pell grant award sanctioned  for each student is 5,550 us dollar.

CSS is putting a more careful eye.


CSS profile is the another way of getting financial aids for education. They are often considered as the counterpart of the FAFSA. It is a private application process considered by few universities like Harvard, Yale and other Ivy leagues etc. This is mainly done for private organizations and institutions, by the help of the College Board, to carefully scrutinize the finances of a student and family. College Scholarship Service Profile or CSS profile is totally distributed and organized by the College Board. They are more rigorous in examining the need of financial aid on the basis of individual family income and property or asset. There are colleges which charge a nominal fee to undergo this process. Some colleges don’t require CSS profile as they have their own financial aid application form. In summary CSS profile is a more critical way of examining your financial need by private organizations. There are some cases where FAFSA has cleared the financial support but CSS profile has rejected the application.


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    • tiniewinne profile image

      tiniewinne 6 years ago from world

      National Science Foundation is another organization which supports lot of funds for undergraduates to carry out their summer research in different organization. They support funding for 2,000 colleges, universities, K-12 school systems, businesses, informal science organizations and other research organizations throughout the United States.

    • tiniewinne profile image

      tiniewinne 6 years ago from world

      thanks Jay,I am glad you like it

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Yep the FAFSA is one headache to apply! Not for the feint of heart as I have done it for others. Welcome to HUB writing. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and awesome.” I'm now your fan! RJ

      Based upon your HUB, you might enjoy today’s HUB…


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