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General knowledge of science

Updated on October 14, 2011

General knowledge related to scinece

at is meant by black lead ?

→Henry kavindas

What is meaning of H.B. written in pencil ?

→Hard and Black

Which is the brightest star ?

→Dog star

Which gas is in Refrigerator ?


Who is known as father of electricity ?


What is said to the hole of moon ?


What is said to that person who are moving while sleeping ?


The smallest bone of human body is stapes, than which is the biggest one


What is the full forms of Aids ?

→Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome

Which blood group is known as Universal donear ?

→Group 'O'

The front part of tongue is verifying sweet taste, than last part is verifying which taste ?


Which gas is used for cooking fruits ?


Which chemical is there in Negative of photographs ?

→Silver Bromide.

Due to what milk is white ?


Which part of sun is seeing from earth ?


Which planet is called green


Vehicle are throwing which gas ?


Which gas is known as inflammable air ?


Which device gives the information that driver has drunken or not ?

→Breath analyzer

In Latin language which liquid is known as heavy water


In ozone gas how many oxygen atoms are there ?

→three (o3)

Malaria is caused by which insects ?

→Female Anopheles mosquito

The outer part of snail is made by what ?

→calcium carbonate

Which insects is transferring many diseases ?

→House fly

Respiration is being in which part of our body ?


How much percentage of our body is water ?


Which things transfer the heredity character of parents to their children ?

→gene, made of DNA

Who invented dianemo ?

→ Mikel pharade

Who invented calculator ?


Who invented AC ?

→Bilis H. carier, America

Who invented Cycle?

→Mac millan, Scotland,1842

Who invented cinema scope ?

→Henry chatrin, France, 1931

Who invented diesel Engine ?

→Rudolf diesel, Germany 1895

Who invented Dynamite ?

→Alfreda barn hart Nobel, Sweden 1962

Who invented Reflective telescope ?

→Newton, Britain 1688

Who invented Washing Machine ?

→Charles stone, America 1884

Who invented F.M. ?

→Admin Armstrong.

Who invented Electric generator ?

→Michal Parade, England 1831

Who invented fountain pen ?
→Waterman, America 1884

Who invented steam Engine ?

→James watt, Scotland 1765

who invented Telephone ?

→Alexander Graham bell, America 1876

Who invented Thermometer ?

→Galileo Galileo, Italy, 1593

Who invented Payrashut ?

Who invented Television(Mechanical)?

→J.L.bayrd, England 1923

Who invented x-ray machine ?

→Wilhelm Conrad royatgent, Germany1895

Who invented Printing press ?

→Gutenberg, Germany1450

Who invented Photograph ?

→Lui denur, France1833

Who invented Movie Projector ?

→Thomas Alba Addison, America

Who invented Machine gun ?

→R. gelling, America 1861

Who invented Kodak film ?

→jerge east men, America 1884

Who invented Helicopter ?

→Break bet in 1905


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      aaaaaaaaaaaaa 5 years ago

      very good but i want information

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      kinza fatima 5 years ago

      its good but i want infomation.................

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      saman lodhi 5 years ago

      good site for knowledge

    • Sherbet Penny profile image

      Sherbet Penny 7 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Great again, I love science and this is a great hub.