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General knowledge of science

Updated on August 7, 2020
nitishchaudhary profile image

Hi, i am posted this hub for increasing General knowledge so read this and gain your knowledge

General knowledge related to scinece

At is meant by black lead?

→Henry kavindas

What is meaning of H.B. written in pencil?

→Hard and Black

Which is the brightest star?

→Dog star

Which gas is in Refrigerator?


Who is known as father of electricity?


What is said to the hole of moon?


What is said to that person who is moving while sleeping?


The smallest bone of human body is stapes, than which is the biggest one


What is the full form of Aids?

→Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome

Which blood group is known as Universal donear?

→Group 'O'

The front part of tongue is verifying sweet taste, than last part is verifying which taste?


Which gas is used for cooking fruits?


Which chemical is there in Negative of photographs?

→Silver Bromide.

Due to what milk is white?


Which part of sun is seeing from earth?


Which planet is called green?


Vehicle is throwing which gas?


Which gas is known as inflammable air?


Which device gives the information that driver has drunken or not?

→Breath analyzer

In Latin language which liquid is known as heavy water


In ozone gas how many oxygen atoms are there?

→three (o3)

Malaria is caused by which insects?

→Female Anopheles mosquito

The outer part of snail is made by what?

→calcium carbonate

Which insects are transferring many diseases?

→House fly

Respiration is being in which part of our body?


How much percentage of our body is water?


Which things transfer the heredity character of parents to their children?

→gene, made of DNA

Who invented dianemo?

→ Mikel pharade

Who invented calculator?


Who invented AC?

→Bilis H. carier, America

Who invented Cycle?

→Mac millan, Scotland, 1842

Who invented cinema scope?

→Henry chatrin, France, 1931

Who invented diesel Engine?

→Rudolf diesel, Germany 1895

Who invented Dynamite?

→Alfreda barn hart Nobel, Sweden 1962

Who invented Reflective telescope?

→Newton, Britain 1688

Who invented Washing Machine?

→Charles stone, America 1884

Who invented F.M.?

→Admin Armstrong.

Who invented Electric generator?

→Michal Parade, England 1831

Who invented fountain pen?
→Waterman, America 1884

Who invented steam Engine?

→James watt, Scotland 1765

Who invented Telephone?

→Alexander Graham bell, America 1876

Who invented Thermometer?

→Galileo Galileo, Italy, 1593

Who invented Parachute?

Who invented Television (Mechanical)?

→J.L.bayrd, England 1923

Who invented x-ray machine?

→Wilhelm Conrad reagent, Germany1895

Who invented Printing press?

→Gutenberg, Germany1450

Who invented Photograph?

→Lui denur, France1833

Who invented Movie Projector?

→Thomas Alba Addison, America

Who invented Machine gun?

→R. gelling, America 1861

Who invented Kodak film?

→jerge east men, America 1884

Who invented Helicopter?

→Break bet in 1905


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