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Get Free Legal Advise From a Personal Injury Solicitor, at WHSmith.

Updated on October 21, 2012
Justice seal.
Justice seal. | Source

Where theres blame.....

There's a claim, that is the motto of our modern compensation culture. Accidents happen is no longer a concept we are familiar with and everyone is responsible for their actions. Cosmetic surgery gone wrong. You can claim for that. Been on the receiving end of bad dental care. You can claim for that too. What about a bad hair cut, surely you can't claim for that? Actually you can and many people have successfully obtained money as a result of their hairdresser getting it wrong. If your having a bad day, and mistakes are made by you, you better hope you don't end up having to pay for it some way down the line and dipping in to your own wallet as a consequence.

No one is exempt from being held accountable, employers have been claimed against by there employees, employees have been claimed against by the customers. Schools, the NHS, the police force, the military and even members of the government have found themselves in court for their incompetence. Who next the royal family?

I know it sounds like I don't entirely agree with the whole concept of personal injury claims and that your probably expecting me not to give personal injury solicitors any praise or credit for their work, but that's not the way I roll. It's not so much that I don't agree with personal injury claims, or personal injury solicitors, it's just I think we have taken it all a bit too far, haven't we? It's fair enough if someone has been unforgivably and frequently negligent, and peoples lives have effectively been ruined because of it, then by all means a claim should totally be made. And it's important for the little people to have a voice and representation. But has it got to a stage where we are just using this as an excuse for a fast buck, I can guarantee that some people are.

Personal injury solicitors on the end of the line, at WHSmith.

If you have never heard of W H.Smiths because you do not live in the UK or maybe you do live in the UK but there just so happens not to be one in your local area, or even perhaps there is one in your local area but you have just never felt compelled to enter one, then let me just fill you in quickly.

W.H.Smith is essentially and traditionally a book shop, (although it does appear to be morphing more and more into a newsagents by the day). It sells newspapers and magazines, stationary, sweets, drinks, calenders but mostly books.

It is not a law firm and has in my mind at least, no association whatsoever with personal injury solicitors. Except for selling the odd book on law and the justice system. However I have noticed that they are now housing telephone booths. These booths run a direct line to a personal injury solicitor and its free to phone. Yep actual free advice from a personal injury solicitor.

If this is an idea that takes off, I suspect that more of these booths or telephones will probably arise in other outlets, probably the big chain supermarkets. We will have to wait and see, only time will tell.

What are the benefits for the personal injury solicitors and for WHSmith's?

Well if you haven't already heard, bookshops are dying out, apparently the Internet has killed off all the local independent shops, they just can't compete. However correct me if I'm wrong, but were supermarkets not doing that anyway? Anyway I digress, WHSmiths want to stay in business so they have to evolve, expand, change with the times and branch out into different areas, to continue to make a profit. If you don't learn to adapt and do this kind of diversifying in today's modern economic climate, you are simply not going to survive. So that's what they have done, they have decided to rent some of the space available in their stores, to a law firm and there personal injury solicitors.

In turn the personal injury solicitors from this initiative gain a whole new pool of potential clients. People that have thought about claiming but were not sure how to go about it, can spend just five minutes of their time establishing if their injury is worthy of any compensation.

Most firms run on a no win no fee basis, this works pretty well for both parties. If the claim is not a strong one and the personal injury solicitor doesn't believe it to be worth their time, then they simply won't take it on, however if the case has a good chance of success then the fees that they can earn could be substantial.

The concept of supply and demand works, we see proof of it in action everyday, in my opinion this notion is just another demonstration of this, only in a new and different form. I believe it will be a prosperous venture for both the book store and the law firm and furthermore, I predict we will probably see more of these booths popping up in the future.

Would you use the free legal advice available from WHSmith?

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