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Get insights on SaaS, Google Latitude, PostScript!

Updated on October 11, 2009
Google lattitude!
Google lattitude!
ADOBE postscripts!
ADOBE postscripts!
Vector graphics!
Vector graphics!

GOOGLE has unveiled a new feature known as Google Latitude.
This free service allows a user to track friends and know their exact
location. For privacy reasons, Google Latitude allows a user to
configure whether they can be tracked on a map or simply give out
only limited details like the city rather than the exact location. Google's
Dodgeball also offered similar facilities through SMS. But with Google
Latitude, this service can now be accessed via a PC as well. Taking privacy into
consideration, Google had announced that it would not store logs of user's locations as well as overwrite previous locations with new ones. For now, this service is supported by several mobile phones including Blackberrys and Windows Mobile phones.
SAAS is an acronym for Software as a Service. It is
basically a method wherein a software can be used
from a web server remotely. This service is mainly
used by medium scale organizations since the amount
paid is usually less than that of a licensed software.
Users accessing this service would have to pay a fee
and thereafter renew it every month.
The main advantage of using this service is
that users would not require installing additional hardware since the application is
hosted remotely. Its also eliminates the need for organizations to install or configure applications as well as upgrade system's hardware or software.
POSTSCRIPT is a language that was developed by
Adobe in 1984. It is used to describe the graphical content
within a page as well as define the graphical appearance
for screen and print. Before the introduction of PostScript,
pages that had text images were manually assembled and
photographed on a paste-up board and later sent for print.
The introduction of PostScript by Adobe, has made production of high quality
pages with text and images possible as well as compatible with several devices and operating systems, since it uses a standard format. For example, A PostScript file with a .ps extension opened with Adobe Acrobat, appears exactly same when viewed on different platforms.
IMAGE formats such as GIF's and
BMP's are made up of a grid of pixels.
But this is not so in case of vector
graphics. Vector graphics compromise
start and end paths with angles and
points. Paths in a vector graph can
be anything such as a square, line or
different shapes. Using these paths,
simple or complicated drawings can be
created as well as specific typefaces of
characters can be defined.
Since these images are not made
up of dots, they do not lose quality
if scaled to larger sizes. If a normal
graphic is blown up, it becomes
pixilated whereas in the case of a
vector graphic, the edges remain
quite smooth. Hence vector graphics
are usually used for creating logos on
business cards and so on. EPS files are
common types of vector graphics. A
disadvantage of vector graphics is that
the logo or graphic created, might
seem quite distorted if it has not been
worked out properly.


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