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Giant Grenadier

Updated on May 15, 2014

The giant grenadier (Albatrossia pectoralis) is a very large ratail fish and the only known member of the Albatrossia genus. This weird fish lives at the benthopelagic level in the midnight zone. Its habitat covers the north Pacific from northern Japan to the Okhotsk and Bering seas, east to the Gulf of Alaska, and south to northern Baja California located in Mexico.

A. pectoralis Description
The A. pectoralis reaches a maximum total length of up to 2.1 m( which isabout 7 feet), however the average size is 80 cm. This strange fish also has a distinctive highly pointed tail. A. pectoralis has a low snout which is slighty protruding beyond its very large mouth.

It has a black or brown mouth, head and body. The scales are pretty small and oblong with a prominent dark posterior border

They are slow growers, with. the oldest ever recorded specimen being 56 years old.

A. pectoralis Behavior
It lives in very deep depths, varying from 140 up to a maximum 3500 m deep. Adult giant grenadiers commonly eat cephalopods,shrimps and some other fishes. From time to time it might also feed on other animals and organisms including:

  • amphipods,
  • ctenophores
  • echinoderms
  • crabs
  • worms

Most of the specimens caught are female, indicating that males reside in deeper depths than females do.

A. pectoralis Reproduction
Giant Grenadiers are oviparous animals (this means that they lay eggs)

Albatrossia pectoralis Conservation Status
The A. pectoralis isn't currently evaluated by the IUCN and as a result its conservation status remains a mystery. However it is a very frequent bycatch with no indications that their populations are declining. For this reason, researchers believe that the species survival is under no immediate threat.

Is it edible?

Most people describe the taste of its meat as "unpleasant" taste. The meat is poor in protein and has a low nutritional value compared to most fishes.

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