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Giant Isopod Pictures

Updated on January 25, 2011

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giant isopod pic
giant isopod pic

Giant Isopods

 Giant Isopods are usually found in the deep part of the sea close to the sea floor. These giant isopods crustacean can grow up to 15 inches in length, at the same time they can roll up into a ball like shape for their security mechanism. They eat so much when food supply is ample that they cannot even walk after a full meal. Giant isopods are carnivorous - they primarily eat the left overs of expired whales, fish and other rotten stuff and they also go after hunting smaller creatures like sea cucumbers and small worms. Enjoy looking at the ugly creature in these high quality Giant Isopod Pictures shared on this page.

Giant Isopod Facts

Get your Giant Isopod facts here:

Commonly known as Giant Isopods, aka biological name - Bathynomus giganteus, these creatures are found in deep parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. During a deep sea exploration, a submarine ran into a Bathynomus Giganteus. Giant Isopod is a giant sea creature that lives on the bottom of the ocean floor, especially in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and they are hard core scavengers.

The giant isopods have a compound eye with over 3,500 facets. They mainly feed on fish, shrimp and crab remains. Some consider these creatures to be predators too. Eggs of the giant isopod are also giant, up to a centimeter in diameter. Biologists have always wondered about the unusual giant size of Bathynomus giganteus. Some say it is a consequence of larger cells sizes obtained under cold temperatures. Looking at the Giant Isopod pictures, it is amazing to see that they really do get that big.

Post your thoughts about the curious Giant Isopod and its characteristics in the comment section given below.

Giant Isopod picture gallery

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Giant isopodgiant isopod picture
Giant isopod
Giant isopod
giant isopod picture
giant isopod picture

Giant Isopod video


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    • profile image

      big cwix 5 years ago

      It looks like a crab , centopied (not spelled right), and a roach put together it looks likw its gonna eat me.

    • PADDYBOY60 profile image

      PADDYBOY60 6 years ago from Centreville Michigan

      They are very cool creatures. I can see where some of the science fiction movie producers got some of their ideas. In a way they remind me of Horse Shoe Crabs. Also a garden bug around here that we have always called a Pill Bug. I enjoyed your article.

    • profile image

      Kirsten 6 years ago

      i feel like they're going to eat me ):

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very, very ineresting read. I have never heard of them and thank you for your hub.