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Gift Ideas for College Graduates

Updated on July 16, 2011

It’s terrible that specialty stores and gift shops don’t offer gift ideas for college graduates the way they furnish wedding, birthday, holiday, or other special occasions’ registries. College graduates would like to start their career fresh and revitalized, so they need new stuffs. Unfortunately, since they don’t have enough money, particularly those who are self-supporting, attending their graduation party with something that is useful, practical, and helpful, will surely be appreciated.

In general, college graduates necessitate two types of presents. First, they are in need of gifts that can be of assistance in their new chosen careers. Second, they may look for things that they can bring with them in their new apartment, known as post-college home, so consider getting good quality furniture or house-wares.

College Graduation Gift Ideas

Career Presents

Starting a profession or career fresh from college can be a frustrating and challenging experience. Give your recipient a boost of self-esteem and confidence with decent quality professional gifts that will be functional in his or her new vocation. There is no better way to recognize the rite of passage of graduation than sending a college graduate with a characteristically grown-up present.

Here are some professional gift ideas for college graduates:

  • A classic or chic briefcase (depending on the personality and style of the recipient)
  • A leather-bound portfolio
  • A custom-made desk nameplate
  • A pen engraved with his or her name or initials
  • A sturdy and professional frame for his or her college diploma
  • A professional cellular phone
  • A gift certificate to a shoes or clothing store that sells professional attires
  • An appealing business attire accessory, like scarf or necktie
  • A quality datebook or journal
  • A laptop computer or notebook
  • A leather wallet that comes with a pocket or slots for business cards
  • A “grown-up” computer application software such as money or financial program

Home Presents

You should understand that most college graduates would like to break out from their college student way of living. Thus, they are pretty sick of mismatched dishes and towels, and would like to own a number of “grown-up” household materials to reward them the “adult feeling”. As mentioned above, they don’t have the budget for a shopping spree; therefore what you and your receiver can consider as housewarming gifts will be treasured. After staying with mom and dad for so many years, having their own home items is a sure bliss.

Here are some of the best household items:

  • A matching set of table sheets
  • A matching set of kitchen towels
  • A coordinated bedding set that comes with pillows and blankets
  • A cookware set
  • Curtains
  • A set of power tools
  • A welcome mat
  • Silverwares
  • A microwave oven or oven toaster
  • A coffee maker
  • A set of dishes
  • A set of drinking glasses
  • Matching bathroom packages

See! There are many gift ideas for college graduates in the market. You just need to be ingenious and diligent in your search. This way, your recipient will remember you and your present until he or she reaches the prime of his or her career.

Do you have anymore gift ideas?

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