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Gifted Children: Free Online Survival Guide for Parents

Updated on June 8, 2011

Whether your child has been tested and determined to be gifted and talented or hasn’t had any assessment testing but you are certain you have one of the gifted kids this is the survival guide for you. Maybe you don’t even know how to tell if your child is gifted. This is the guide for you. Gifted and talented students require special gifted education, and although special parenting skills are not necessary, it’s helpful for parents of gifted children to know exactly what they are dealing with. This free online survival guide to gifted children should help.

How to Know if Your Child is Gifted

Sometimes it's difficult to discern whether a child is truly gifted, and therefore in need of special services in order to thrive, or simply very bright and well-served by the traditional classroom setting. Gifted children are not necessarily model students. This article helps parents identify a gifted child.

Was Your Child Born Gifted?

Some people are born gifted, and others are not. True or false? The word gifted is loaded. It seems to suggest that intelligence or talent is something you're born with.

How to Recognize the Gifted Pre-school Child

Most children won't be identified as gifted until they get to school, but many gifted show signs at a very early age. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to identify a gifted child before he or she gets to school? This article will help you understand know if your pre-school aged child is gifted. Identifying very young gifted children early can make their first years in school much easier and happier.

Types of IQ Tests for Children

IQ tests measure only a person’s aptitude, or abilities. It does not measure knowledge. So while your child may take standardized tests to measure his knowledge of mathematics or literature, these do not measure intelligence. IQ tests represent a more comprehensive assessment testing of a gifted child’s potential.

How to Approach the Endless Questions of a Gifted Child

If you live with a gift child, one of the things you will constantly contend with are her endless questions. Curiosity is a prominent characteristic of gifted children and you may as well get used to it.

Battling Perfectionism

Many kids and especially gifted children struggle with perfectionism. What does it really mean when we say someone is a perfectionist?

Understanding the Special Needs of the Gifted Child

Gifted children are special needs children required special services from the school. It is crucial to work within your school system to get the appropriate assessment testing, achievement documentation, interviews, or whatever else is required in order to have your child identified as gifted.

Gifted Education Opportunities In and Out of School

Although gifted and talented students may have the potential to achieve far beyond their peers, special gifted education is important for them to make the most of that potential. While formal gifted education at school is great, so are supplemental programs for gifted kids.

Books About Gifted Children

These books help parents understand what giftedness is, how to handle the special challenges the gifted child presents, as well as what resources are available to help gifted children reach their full potential.

Gifted Children and Attention Deficit Disorder

While it's true that many children can be both gifted and learning disabled, in some cases giftedness is mistaken for a disability. The first thing my son's gifted and talented teacher told me was that the GT (gifted and talented) curriculum was special education, that he had special needs. Sometimes gifted children suffer from attention deficit disorder, and sometimes they are mistakenly assumed to.

Summer Camps for Gifted Children

Almost every major university now offers some sort of summer program for gifted and talented children. There are many things to consider when choosing a program so spend some time thinking about the kind of experience you want your child to have.

Educational Talent Searches

Children who participate talent search programs have access to all kind of academic opportunities outside of their regular school experience. Gifted children benefit from award ceremonies, summer programs, special weekend workshops and on-line programs.

Image Credit: spojeni, Flickr


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  • SpecialKids profile image

    SpecialKids 6 years ago from Miami Beach and Jerusalem, Israel

    It's good to remember that any extreme may cause problems. Thanks for the reminder.

  • GreenTieCommando profile image

    GreenTieCommando 7 years ago from USA

    Are you talking about the IQ of 130-140 kind of gifted or something else,like artistically gifted?

  • Trish_M profile image

    Tricia Mason 7 years ago from The English Midlands

    Sometimes people simply do not realise that bright children can have as many problems as those who have learning difficulties. All may have 'special needs'. Many parents find that they have to resort to 'home education'.

    'Almost every major university now offers some sort of summer program for gifted and talented children.' ~ Almost every one in the USA perhaps. :)

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    online iq test 7 years ago

    Sie haben einen fantastischen Job durch Entsendung dieses Artikels ist es sehr interessant macht weiter iq test

  • thevoice profile image

    thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

    terrific five star hub great i enjoyed reading thanks