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Whatever Happened To Common Sense?

Updated on February 24, 2016
Evgenia Sviridenko
Evgenia Sviridenko

A young girl loses her life....

A Russian girl has died because she used her phone in the bath. Evgenia Sviridenko, 24 years old, had been reading the social media page, similar to Facebook called VKontakte.

Evidently not only had she used her phone while bathing, she was charging her phone at the time.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Reports say that another girl also died after using her phone in the shower.

Evgenia's friend noticed that she had been in the bathroom for a long time and went to check on her to see if she was okay.

She went on to say that Evgenia had been gone for a long time, and when she opened the door she noticed her floating in the bath, looking pale. After removing the plug from the wall she noticed the phone in the bottom of the bath. As she tried to get her out Evgenia's body was still shaking from the shock.

This is such a sad case. I feel so sorry for her and her family.

But why didn't she realise what would happen?

Common Sense should it be taught?
Common Sense should it be taught?

What's happening to our our Young People Today?

The above tragedy really brought home to me the fact that these days something is happening to our younger generation.

Back in our youth we were automatically brought up and taught not to do this or that, and especially never ever mix electricity with water.

It was the done deal. By the time we were three or four years old this had been pumped into our minds along with road safety, always watch where your going, be aware of strangers and so on.

But for some reason this common sense attitude has totally gone out of the window. Is it because their parents didn't teach them? I think its something far more dangerous.

Political Correctness Gone mad?

if you think about it, over the last 20 years or so ever since the Internet has arrived young people are acting in a completely different way to any other child or adult in history.

Even worse, now that the whole world seems to have a so called Smart phone it seems that our brains are changing and becoming part of the global mind meld that is social media.

Along with political correctness, health and safety, human rights and so on the youngsters of today have been brainwashed into believing that everything has been screened, washed and sorted out for them, a bit like a universal cleaner that will take away the bad stuff and only leave them the good to live with.

In other words, its no longer their prerogative to take charge of their own safety. The 'Big Brother' system will do it for them.

Unversal Cleaner or Brain Washing?
Unversal Cleaner or Brain Washing?

Media Speak.

Every time we turn on the TV, check the internet or listen to the radio we get vast amounts of information stating that 'This is safe to use as its got an automatic turn off switch' or 'By using CCTV we can catch criminals so much faster'.

yes that's all very well, but by pumping misinformation into children's brains you are leaving them open to attack in so many ways.

Ask any teen these days, 'Do you know how to.....? Insert question. Their answer will probably be no, 'I always take it to the shop etc to do it for me'!

The point is, this generation are growing up with the idea that someone else will always do it for them. Whether its safety in the bath with an cell phone, walking down the road staring at your phone and falling into a pond (see Video) or just expecting Big Brother to sort it out.

The lady who fell into the Mall Fountain actually tried to sue the security guards for laughing at her and not helping her!

So, she wanted someone else to think for her? No, this was her fault, if you are going to text, stand still and text!

Funny but very scary attitude!

Can she really not see the danger? talking on cell phone while crossing the street.
Can she really not see the danger? talking on cell phone while crossing the street.

Funny? No just sad!

What's more important?

See results

Too much technology not enough world......

These days technology has taken over safety and common sense. And that's the real point. Where has the common sense gone? Is it really so important to stare at a screen 12 hours a day, on the way to work, going shopping or going out with friends?

I have even noticed, sitting in a bar having fun with friends, that the majority of the young around me are not interacting. They are standing in huge groups, not talking, but texting.

What's so important that you have to text while out with your friends? Are you letting others know what a great time you are having? Do you really need to text while walking down a street while cars are racing past you, people are jostling you in their hurry to get to work and so on? Once again, common sense.

Young people need to start taking responsibility for their own actions. Not rely on outside help.

I am aware that we all do silly things on the spur of the moment. We have what I call a brain freeze, we forget where we are, what to do and so on. But apart from these glitches, we really need to start being aware of what's around us.

Would you rather stare at a screen or look at the world around you? I know what I would rather do.

The world is beautiful, look at it, take it in. Put that phone in your pocket and see the real world, its so much more interesting.

But more to the point, take notice of the dangers around you. Just remember, its your life, its time to take responsibility. Never rely on other people. Use your brain, and your common sense.

© 2015 Nell Rose


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