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Al Gore's Global Warming Hysteria Debunked by NASA Climate Data

Updated on August 30, 2014

Al Gore Speaking

Al Gore
Al Gore | Source

Iceberg Floating in Water

Iceberg floating in water
Iceberg floating in water | Source

Al Gore Extremely Concerned that Ice Will be Gone in 5 Years

Al Gore Debunked: Global Warming is a Thing of the Past

Scientists in the U.S., Britain, and Russia are all in agreement that evidence is now pointing to a planetary trend called global cooling.

This news is devastating to researchers that have been working around the clock to produce a U.N. report that the Earth is headed for doomsday because of global warming.

The fact of the matter is that the heating of the Earth's surface has slowed over the past 15 years, despite real data that says that greenhouse gas emissions are still rising. Yes, Al Gore was wrong. Imagine that. Global cooling is taking place. Maybe this will keep Al Gore from sweating profusely during his global warming events.

Al Gore predicted this as he received the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2007 that the North Pole could by ice-free by 2013. His prediction was not only wrong, it was wrong by 920,000 square miles of ice siting at the North Pole. In fact, more than a million more miles of ocean is covered in 2013 than was covered by ice in 2012.

Guess who else got it wrong?

The BBC reported in 2007 that global warming would leave the Arctic circle ice-free as soon as the Summer 2013. Oops! Somebody got it wrong.

The truth of the matter is that the polar icecap at the North Pole is currently at its highest level since 2006. This can be seen in two photos below: Aug. 26, 2012 NASA satellite photo of the Arctic ice, then you will notice the Arctic icecap has expanded in the Aug. 15, 2013 photo.

NASA Satellite Photo of Arctic Ice

NASA satellite photo of Arctic ice taken on Aug. 26, 2012. Yellow border shows where ice is in 2013.
NASA satellite photo of Arctic ice taken on Aug. 26, 2012. Yellow border shows where ice is in 2013. | Source
NASA satellite photo of Arctic ice taken on Aug. 15, 2013.
NASA satellite photo of Arctic ice taken on Aug. 15, 2013. | Source

Russian Scientist Quote

"There are no grounds to claim that global warming will continue till the end of this century."

-Vladimir Kotlyakov (Head of the Institute of Geography at the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Green Party Quote

"The heat is not missing. The heat is there. The heat is in the ocean."

-Andrew Weaver (Green Party member of the British Columbia parliament

Global Warming Believers in Shock

Those that cannot believe the overwhelming evidence that global warming is now a thing of the past, want to say that the missing heat from global warming is settling temporarily in the ocean.Okay, that's an interesting thought.

Meanwhile, German meteorologists say the start of 2013 is the coldest in 208 years. Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov from the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory believes it is proof that the planet is heading into a "Mini Ice Age." This was reported in the German Herald on March 31, 2013.

U.N. Global Warming Report Still Coming

The authors of the U.N. global warming report are now having to come up with an explanation.

Keep in mind that they have an agenda. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is support to definitively link global warming to human activity. There is only one small problem: Global Warming is no longer taking place.

The overarching implications of global warming is that since human activity is causing the Earth to warm, there are only two solutions. We must stop the human race from warming the Earth, or we must force everyone to buy carbon credits. Somebody is going to get rich off global warming, and this person or organization will no doubt owe a lot of their wealth to the propaganda of Al Gore.

Ignore the Global Cooling... or Global Warming Slowdown? is reporting that there are major concerns between governments concerned about this "global warming slowdown" that scientists are observing.

In fact, Germany doesn't want any mention of the global warming slowdown by the IPCC. They don't believe 10 to 15 years is enough evidence.

Belgium objected to using 1998 as a starting point of reference because that year was "exceptionally warm."

Hungary is concerned that the IPCC report would only give ammo to those trying to fight global warming.

The U.S. urged IPCC urged leaders to keep the hypothesis that the reduction in global warming has simply dissipated into the ocean.

Why is the IPCC Report Important?

The IPCC report is important because it will then be the scientific basis for U.N. negotiations used to force countries to lower their CO2 emissions, or pay a fine. The global climate treaty is set to be adopted in 2015.

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