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Globalization in Teaching as Sustainability

Updated on November 16, 2015

Robert P. Yagelski (2005) defined sustainability as globalization in his article, “Stasis and Change: English Education and the Crisis of Sustainability,” in English Education. Yagelski notes that schooling is our major influence on understanding the world, and it's the major cultural influence that we share as Americans. "He also discusses three important things that English educators should know: (1) The crisis of sustainability that is arising from globalization is likely to define their collective existence in the coming century; (2) Formal schooling is not changing; and (3) They already know the most important things they need to know about language and literacy."

Globalization can be a largely positive thing—technology, communication, and trade spreading quickly throughout the world. Of course, problems in one country are felt in others even more than in the past. Yagelski’s article was before the current Arab Spring that was spurred by social media, such as Facebook and other Internet sites.

Globalization can refer to our global warming problems too; hurricanes and tornadoes seem more common these days, and we’ve had the hottest, driest summer in memory here in Texas. We’ve heard about hole in the ozone over Antarctica and melting ice caps and upset polar bears in the Arctic.

Maybe we can provide a stage where students can discover a new interest concerning other countries. My interest in citizen journalism through writing a couple of widely-read articles for Oh My News led me to read about South Korea and their wonderful rise as a capitalist democracy.

Returning to Yagelski, English can be a transformative discipline through focusing on two issues: "community" and "literacy." "These questions assume that English instruction is part of a wider project of possibility, that it is both an academic discipline and a crucial component of the larger social, economic, and political structures within which people live and work."

To conclude, globalization has ramifications for a wide variety of disciplines, such as English, Political Science, the earth sciences, and certainly the citizen journalism world.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks Ken. Glad you liked my sustainability article. The term was an even bigger part of my composition hub "Give Regional Topics a Chance."

    • ken blair profile image

      ken blair 

      8 years ago

      The word sustainability is a challenging word. The kind of education learned from school must sustain anyone in finding a good and compensating job in the future. Sustainable education means providing the necessary skills that are in demand for future use. Thanks for pointing this out in your hub. Voted up.

    • bohemiotx profile imageAUTHOR

      Joffre Meyer 

      8 years ago from Tyler, TX

      Wow, I haven't looked at my own article in ages. English is the most popular language these days. I know that Japan explicitly made it their second official language, which seems to be the typical implicit act.

    • TehmeerAli profile image

      Tehmeer Ali Paryani 

      9 years ago from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

      Dear Sir: Sorry for late reply. I was busy. We saw each other on Attorney Domingo Garcia Facebook Page. You have written wonderful articles. I agree with your conclusion on this article. We all need to have one unified language as also. Once we have one (English) unified language, we all can share ideas and accelerate innovations exponentially. English is the easiest and fastest language to learn. This is why, it holds its merits to be International language of the world.


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