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Glowing Mushroom in Tropical Rainforest

Updated on February 13, 2010
This species of mushroom glows at night
This species of mushroom glows at night

Last week I went to Table Mountain which was located around 100 meters from my bookstore. The trip was part of my activities in promoting ecotourism in this regency. The mountain is still covered with tropical rainforest. Some foreign travelers have come and visited the mountain after reading some of my articles about it on the internet. I hope that more tourists will be interested in traveling to tropical rainforest of Papua so that they will raise public awareness about the importance of preserving this environment after they have returned to their countries. When I was walking along a pathway leading to a cave, I saw an interesting plant. It was a mushroom. Its cap looked red. My friends said that this species of mushroom glows at night creating soft light for its surrounding vegetation.
I took my digital camera. It was a Sony Cyber shot DSC-W30 that I bought several years ago from an electronic shop in Surabaya city. I took several photos of this mushroom. When I got home, I copied them into my computer and editted one of them, that was taken from right angle, in Adobe Photoshop. I resized and added some text below the picture. When the photograph was ready, I saved it using save for web feature of the software.
During my trip to the mountain, actually, I saw many kinds of mushrooms. Unfortunately, I have never read or studied these small plants. I could not identify their names. I only know that there are mushrooms that are edible. It means we can eat them. There are also mushrooms that have medicinal merits. I heard that in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), mushrooms have been used to cure various kinds of diseases. I don't know whether this glowing mushroom has medicinal functions or not. What I care is that this mushroom is glowing and it is beautiful.
In recent years, mass media continues to inform us about how important a tropical rainforest is in absorbing the CO2 gases, that we emit every day, and converting them into Oxygen. The area of the tropical rainforest around the world is decreasing at an alarming rate. If we don't stop the ilegal logging now, the rainforest will become extinct. by Charles Roring


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      7 years ago

      I sell Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Growing Kits


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