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God's beauty ignored-walking through nature

Updated on March 8, 2014

Walking along the pathway

Gary and I starting out on the pathway
Gary and I starting out on the pathway
Daffodils along the way
Daffodils along the way

A hike down the path

Gary and I left the soccer field this morning revitalized after watching the children running back and forth, hitting the ball with any part of the body they could manage: feet, stomach, head, elbow and of course, hands if you happen to be a "goalie". I''m not much into the various sports games so don't know the rules, however, "no hands in the field" stood out pretty boldly to me.

Well, let me tell you after sitting for an hour or so, I was ready to get some exercise myself so off we went to our favorite pathway.

I love walking along, saying hello or beautiful day to all hikers we meet, and an occasional biker as we gaze at God's creations.

It is March, spring, trees are leafing out, daffodils, tulips and California's state flower the golden poppy are standing tall, daring you to pass without taking a picture or just stopping to enjoy the scenery.

Then as we meandered on down the path we met a young lady, walking along, earphones covering her ears (she couldn't hear the birds singing) and what I imagine was her IPhone in her hands. Looking down at the phone so intent if we hadn't moved out of her way she would have crashed into us--and probably would not have even noticed unless she happened to drop the phone! She was so busy punching the keyboard on the phone that she missed everything and everyone that she passed along the way.

If she someday loses her eye-site she will have no memories of all the beautiful creatures, trees and flowers created by our Heavenly Father for her pleasure. She missed them all as she walked around the Pina Adobe loop.

If the mountain lion that has been seen within the park recently had spotted her, she would not have seen it, as it quietly stepped up to have dinner.

So please, when you decide to go for a walk into the world, leave your phone and earphones in your car so you can enjoy the scenery and watch out the the harmful mountain lions!!


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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Great advice! Yes, why go on a walk if you are not going to enjoy God's creation all around. I love all of your beautiful photos showing how lovely His creation is to enjoy, if only we are smart enough to unplug long enough to enjoy it.

      Up and more and sharing


      Faith Reaper