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Going back to the green age

Updated on March 23, 2011

We hear a million stories and sayings about how we are living on borrowed time. There are so many discoveries and inventions flooding the market that it becomes difficult to pick out one that will work best. The world around us is quite complex and in order to fathom or understand how exactly it works we will have to be patient and give back for a change. If we only keep taking indiscriminately then we will be left with very little as time goes by. It is important thus, to begin to make a difference ourselves and also to teach kids the importance of a healthy, clean and green environment.

Today schools have a separate subject that discusses and educates about the environment and encourages kids to be part of activities such as separating out the recyclable and non recyclable wastes, plating a sapling, developing a love for plants and learning about how they are extremely vital to our lives and our environment being green and healthy. Environmental consciousness and a love for our surrounding cannot come on its own. It is important to cultivate it over a period by beginning the lessons early on at home.

Today most kids know about the climate change, greenhouse effects, global warming and more such things. They still throw their wastes every which way, don’t bother about being green or reducing their carbon footprint. However, even fashion and trends are leaning towards this concept of being green and eco friendly and slowly there is a revival in making a difference to the world we live in. When children see their parents being nonchalant about trees being cut down, improper waste disposal, pollution and more they will take it to heart that it’s okay to lapse. What they do not understand is the importance of learning to begin someplace so they can actually make a meaningful contribution to making the environment healthier.

Encourage your kids to cycle to school by cycling to work. Car pool when you can and reduce your usage of items you know will be damaging such as deodorants with CFC’s, Freon refrigerants and so on. Carry a cloth bag to the supermarket or pay the extra money for the biodegradable bags rather than plastic and teach them firsthand that caring for the environment is something every can and needs to do. Unless kids understand the brevity of the situation and see you taking things seriously and making a difference they will not do the same. Environmental consciousness is more important that it has ever been in the times gone by. Schools and businesses are equally concerned about the importance of going green.

Take your kids on nature walks. Today one of the biggest problems being faced is that much of traditional recipes, green medicines and natural remedies are dying out with people who are knowledgeable about them. I remember how my mom would comment some herb was good for my stomach upsets or how something else would quickly ease a runny nose and a fever. The interest in medicinal plants and natural remedies is dying out as we lead increasingly hectic lives amidst the concrete jungles we keep moving to in search of a better lifestyle.

Often the better lifestyle comes with the unasked bonus of high pollution and no greenery. People are slowly turning to the olden ways of life and trying to replenish the lost knowledge and wonderful tree laden gardens by buying up holiday homes or looking for quiet getaways in the lap of nature. Let’s not make the same mistakes and instead teach our kids about the plants we know and create and interest and love for the green earth and the many blessings it can offer to someone who will show the patience and devotion to learn better about it.


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