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Good and Bad of Home Schooling

Updated on March 9, 2015

Growing up I went to public school until the beginning of my junior year, I was getting bullied to the point were I was skipping classes and eating lunch in the bathroom. Thankfully I had a mother who was willing to enroll me in a homeschooling program. First off the program I was in wasn't a traditional homeschooling program, I went and got my books and my homework. took it home and completed it and then went back and took the tests. I had to check in at least once a week and they were always there to help. For me that was the perfect set up, but for some maybe not so much, here are some pros and cons of homeschooling.

Pro - It is an awesome way for really gifted kids to excel at school, they can get finished quicker and they don't have to sit through classes and listen to what they already know.

Con - You have to stay motivated, for me that was probably the hardest part. If you can't motivate yourself to get your work done then homeschooling is not for you.

Pro - It is a great way to get one on one attention, if you have a child who suffers from ADD or ADHD. Obviously traditional schooling can be a little tough, so that can be a great option to help a child succeed.

Con - They are not social with people their own age, that was the hardest part for me. I was never fond of anyone in my high school, but the few friends I did have I have completely lost contact with.

Those are just a few pros and cons to think about. Of course there is a lot to consider when it comes to home schooling, but there are some wonderful options out there. I was put in a homeschooling program because of the way I was bullied, but that doesn't mean that if your child got picked on once that you should pull them out of school. Every kid is different and homeschooling could hurt some kids more than help them. This is an extremely important decision that you need to make with your child.

God Bless and Best of Luck!



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    • Brooke Charlston profile image

      Brooke Charlston 3 years ago from Michigan

      Thank you, good luck with your decision.

    • HoverLock profile image

      Hannah Overlock 3 years ago from Maine

      This article was quite helpful! My husband and I have been discussing what schooling options to consider when we have children, and your insight was a helpful perspective.