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Google Cash One of the Biggest Abusers

Updated on August 28, 2009

Just Don't Join Read First!

How many time have you joined a program just to get charged a fee or more so an outragous fee the next time you looked at you Credit Card Statement and thought you were on a trial period but the print was so small and out of site that you did not see they were going to charge you $80+ within 6 days and then hit you again every month. Or the lead said "Only .99", or join free.

We have all been burned by these clowns and I will dare say there will be a lot more people burned over time by these almost illegals. This is where our government needs to point there Bills and Regulations instead of wasting our future incomes on padding someone's pockets with bonuses and lies.

The way these agreements are written takes an attorney to desypher the meaning on these short books so as to give you an idea of what the heck is going on and how much you are fixing to be screwed. If you are busy in real life and don't get back in six days or whatever the period you are stuck with the bill and wasting a huge amount of money you could have damn sure used somewhere else.

Bottom line is, Don't (with a big D) join anything that you are planning on giving some extra cash out to. There are several site using this method and I will list a few so don't say you were not warned.

How many of you have heard of Google Cash? How many have been burned by Google Cash?

Here is what the Terms Agreement starts off with:

By submitting your credit card information, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, as set forth: By sampling our product for shipping and handling charges of $3.58, you will be given a period of six days, from the time you place the order, to decide if you want to continue using the product. You will receive a username and password in your "Welcome" email at the time you complete your original transaction. This email will be sent to the email address provided at time of sign up. Please ensure you view your "Junk" email folders to find your email with this important information as your filters may put it there. The username and password will allow you access to the website that will be the fulfillment of the program. This will allow you to immediately access the website and begin your exploration of knowledge with the hope of obtaining a more secure financial future through the tools offered by Google. You will receive a DVD with other getting started tips as a "Bonus" in addition to the access of the website. Please allow several days to receive your product. You can cancel at any time during the six day trial period by unsubscribing at our website at the event you do not cancel within six days after you order your trial product, you will be automatically enrolled in our convenient subscription plan and your credit card will be charged $84.79 for access to the website. Thereafter, 30 days from your initial order, you will be billed the monthly charge of $84.79 each month. Limit of one trial sample per household. If, at any time thereafter, you wish to cancel the convenient subscription plan, you may unsubscribe at with no further obligations. Please take the time to read our complete Terms and Conditions below before continuing. with no further obligations.

So read the terms and just think, once you join they have your ID. information.

Another thing to look out for is huge Bonus Rewards. Most of these Bonus' are worthless or so outdated you will never use them.

How many of you actually read these slam dunks at the time o joining them? I'm just saying. Watch out. It's you're money that they are playing with.

I do have, if you need one. A website that will never charge you a penny and you can make money and save money from most every site listed on your FREE 70 Page Website which is everything from Walmart to Home Loans. There are absolutely no cracks to fall through.

(copy and paste into your browser and see for yourself)


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      Lgali 8 years ago

      good hub thanks