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Graphology and Its Uses

Updated on January 21, 2014


Every individual's handwriting is unique about them, just like the fingerprints. Fingerprints identify your physical body, whereas handwriting reveals one's whole personality.  Graphology is the study of one's handwriting, which indicates one's character and attributes. It is considered as an art and science and as a  branch of Psychological studies. When we write, our hand does the work of writing, but our mind does the work of dictating. As a result, our personality is reflected in our handwriting.

Who is a graphologist?

The one who has done the training in graphology is called a graphologist. It is amazing to know that a trained graphologist can detect one's early detection of cancer analyzing his/her handwriting. They study the downstrokes and upstrokes of his handwriting. It is interesting to know that one's signature is capable of exposing the writer's personality characteristics, behavioural patterns, and plus and minus points in one's career. A graphologist believes that one's signature reflects the mind. By seeing different signatures, have you ever thought that each one has a distinct identity and character, which clearly says in their signature? When our life style gets altered our signature automatically changes. Graphologists say that your handwriting is an instantaneous photograph of your mind.

Video about graphology

Uses of Graphology

Now graphology is used as a science, and it has several uses.

1. You can understand yourself better, through your own handwriting.

2. You can understand about others through their handwriting.

3. Your handwriting analysis can help you to choose the appropriate career for you.

4. With the help of a graphologist, an employer can decide whether the appointing candidate is suitable for the firm or not.

5. Your handwriting can tell a lot about your health, since physical health and handwriting are closely related.

6. Even used for marriage compatibility

Some well known graphologists in India

a) Na. Maghudeeswaran from Chennai by chance and not by choice. He got a Ph.D. from “ Columbo International Open University”, and started the centre of “Graphology Research Centre” at TamilNadu, India.

b) MJ Rajore, Institute of Graphology and Personal Success, Pune

Learn Basics of Graphology

First book in Graphology

The first book of handwriting analysis was published by Camillo Baldi, an Italian physician and University Professor in 1622. Later, Jean Hippolyte-Michon, a French priest, gave the name 'graphology' for his findings, and is considered the originator of scientific graphology collected handwriting samples from hundreds of people and compared them. Later, Michon called it a "fixed signs and rules" theory. Professor Wilhelm Preyer wrote in 1895 that handwriting should really be called as mindwriting. The science of Graphology grew further when Psychology was accepted as a profession.


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