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Gravity, matter, motion, energy Mankind and Nature (one is the being one is the shadow).

Updated on January 24, 2016

Cerebus and Hades Beast from the East


Gravity, matter, motion, energy (force).Mankind and Nature (one is the being one is the shadow).

Gravity pulls atoms together, molecules and matter form, what we know as mass or objects‎.
The mind reflects on memory.

We recognise certain objects, we can even distinguish between the form of life by the sounds they make.
Fellow human beings we can recognise their voice which we are familiar with the particular soul, perhaps individual.

Animals also use their senses to register sounds and images those they are familiar with and those they ‎that are foreign to their knowledge.
When a dog sees it's master approaching the drive way, home from work, it wags it's tail.

When a dog hears a stranger passing the front gate, and it is restless, it barks.

When a human being sees it's dog bark. he is pleased and may reward the puppy with a treat perhaps a bone.

When we are home alone at night and we hear our dog bark, continuously, we may be alarmed, check if all the doors are locked, should our dogs continue to bark we call a loved one, that is near by and has the means to comfort as well as protect us.

Mankind and nature this can not exist independently.Nature provide us with shelter, vegetation, our gardens, food, and we can use mother nature as a resource to get away from the rat race when life becomes too stressful.

Science is based on the observation for how the planets the universe and earth co habit. Our medications come from plants.Viruses mutate the human body immune system and other living organisms.Bacteria flourishes where life is prominent.
The quality of life is precipitated by the abundance of fresh water, air, fertile soil and a ‎moderate atmospheric temperature.

Yet where does intelligence stem from?
Doing the same routine over and over again, being alert, learning to do the same task better and faster.
Yet how did mankind get the curiosity to make the first fire?
What do we still to discover in our lifetime?

The accumulation of knowledge.
What ever creed, or organism, you carnate as you hunt a certain way, you eat certain food, you rest or sleep at a certain time.You mate at a certain season.You a hunter or you are the hunted.

Over time you evolve.Certain animals migrate to greener pastures during certain seasons, to avoid the bad weather, acclimatising to more favourable conditions‎.

Yet lions zebras, crocodiles, snakes are doing the same norms of survival they were doing 5000 years, around the birth of ancient human wisdom.
We have invented and follow different religions.We worship God.We built pyramids and ships.We invented guns and enslaved one one other.

Yet it is not all glory.There is guts and shame.
I do not know of a single beast that performs an abortion.Yet certain dogs, eat their young at birth.The black widow female spider eats the father of its young, after fertilisation.

Yet we have Poverty. With all the wealth, food, minerals and abundance the earth provides, we are foolish.
Because of our foolish nature there is crime.As the gift called life, now has a price tag, you need heritage and earn a living as well as to survive.

We are gruesome in actions.Crimes so violent the victims need counselling, the perpetrators can not be rehabilitated, not even by the prisons and jails.
We have the death sentence, when you hang a fellow being, lethal injection in some states stoning to death while still conscious and alive, who conceived these atrocities or ways of redemption into our society.Why do we live by these rules.Are some laws just, as cruel, insane as the crime and murder may seem to be?

We have become like the God's we have created narcissism. Inflation governs happiness.When the rand is low, confidence shrinks, wondering when your spouse is moving on to a brother with more currency, then your house hold.Blood pressure increases.

Depression, gives birth to suicide, the fruits of a stressful reality.


Take a close look at your shadow.Follow your shadow around your world, your home, garden, work, your neighbourhood.What are the actions and reality of your shadow.The laughter is it filled with warmth.
Are you covered in good clothes.Are you warm at night?Do you eat good food?Do you earn a good living?What are your dreams?What are your obstacles?How will you over come them?

Will you look back on your life and say, I materialised my dreams?

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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