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Great and awesome world records about the Ocean

Updated on May 16, 2011

Great and awesome world records about the ocean

(Today is the fifth anniversary (December 26, 2009) of the “tsunami” -- tidal wave that killed almost 230,000 people in twelve countries around Indian Ocean in Asia.)

I was interested about ocean suddenly maybe because I miss the Philippines, home to 7,107 islands and bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west and different seas separating it from China, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. I miss the beaches too. What I did today is to research about some awesome and fantastic ocean records that have been held.

Facts about ocean:

  • Water covers about 71% of the world, now we all know that.
  • There are almost 25,000 different kinds of fish in the oceans and they are like discovering almost 300 other fishes every year.
  • It is home to the biggest animal in the world, the blue whale.
  • Its color is blue because of sky color, and it is salty because when water goes to river it picks salt from the rocks and soil and transported it back to the ocean and then it will not precipitate and stay there as it becomes saltier everyday.

Great and awesome world records about the Ocean

  • The biggest ocean in the world which is as large as almost half the other four oceans combined is the Pacific Ocean, then Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic Oceans--which has been known as the fifth ocean since 2000.
  • The first dog to scuba dived up to 13 feet and is accompanied by the owner -- Dwayne Folsom
  • Deepest dive by a whale is in the Caribbean Sea to a depth 0f 6,500 feet in one hour and 13 minutes.
  • The hardest bite known to a shark can crushed ten cars and it is measured by shark-bite meter.
  • The Atlantic giant squid has the biggest eyes in any animal and the size is 15.75 inches in diameter as big as an extra large pizza
  • The longest seaweed is 200 feet in the Pacific Ocean
  • In 1909 a giant sponge was found in the Bahamas and it weighed almost 90 pounds (it is located now at National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C)
  • The biggest crustacean is the Japanese spider crab and it measure 10 to 12 inches and legs are up to 9 inches long
  • The heaviest bony fish is the ocean sunfish and is 4,400 lbs. and the largest fish in the ocean is the whale shark and the biggest so far caught in the Indian Ocean in 1949 and is almost 42 feet.
  • The biggest animal to ever live on earth is the blue whale which weighs almost 352,000 pounds (equivalent to 27 adult elephants) and the sound of it is louder than a jet engine, (188 decibels). Scientist was able to hear a blue whale’s call up to 530 miles away. And they can sing alright,
  • The highest jumper among dolphins observed is up to 26 feet. Dolphins have been trained to help the US ships safe from enemy swimmer s during the Vietnam War, they can also find mines in the water. They also were used in Iraq to patrol its waters helping to keep US boats afloat also.


Whale shark or "butanding" which are docile and you can  swim with them at Sorsogon Island, Philippines, photo courtesy of
Whale shark or "butanding" which are docile and you can swim with them at Sorsogon Island, Philippines, photo courtesy of


Butanding or whale shark in the Philippines:

I will also promote Sorsogon, Albay --PHILIPPINES -- home of thousands of whale sharks which are docile and you can swim with them safely. You can either swim with the sharks or you can ride a boat, and then the shark swim alongside boats. Isnt that an awesome experience?

It is located Southern part in the Philippines and is accessible almost an hour away by airplane from Manila, the capital of the Philippines.



Sorsogon, Albay tourism

Guiness World Records

Guiness World Records: Awesome Ocean Records: Compiled by Laurie Calkhoven and Ryan Herndon, Scholastic Inc., 2005. USA.


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