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Great Money Quotes in football

Updated on February 20, 2012

Here are some of my favourite football quotes involving money.With many business tycoons wanting to invest their multi million pound fortunes in football,there is plenty of cash in the game and especially players wages.Read on for soccer's money and wit.

Football and Money Quotes

I never believed any footballer to be worth £3.3 million, until I saw Alan Shearer at Blackburn. Alan Hansen

Roman Abramovich has parked his Russian tanks on our lawn and is firing £50 notes at us. David Dein.

I deserve my £50k-a-week wage... I've had to give up skiing for football!. Nicklas Bendtner.

When I was a teenager at Dundee and I saw the senior players I used to think "Well if I'm with Arbroath at that age,getting £30 a week and all the kippers I can eat,I'll be doing pretty well for myself." Gordon Strachan

I tried to buy Monaco,but I foud out some guy called Ranier had got there first. Ken Bates

I sometimes say to footballers agents,"The difference between you and me is that, if tomorrow there was no more money in football,I'd still be here, but not you." Arsene Wenger

Whether we like it or not, football and finance go hand in hand. George Graham

Blackburn's spending has distorted the finances within soccer.The only hope for the rest of us is for Jack Walker to lose interest in football and discover something else, like women. Steve Coppell

Everything has changed now.Money comes before football and money is the ruination. Bill Nicholson

To build a great team is not all about money.First you have to create spirit and togetherness in the squad and that is not easy. Arsene Wenger

I'll look after the £11 million in the bank and Terry Venables will look after the 11 players on the pitch. Alan Sugar

Opposing fan's used to come to White Hart Lane and chant "Where's your money gone."I was hoping they would tell me. Terry Venables

People say the wages are too high , but it's a short career. Sir Stanley Matthews

Chelsea have won the lottery and we cannot compete financially,so we try to compete a different way. What's important is what happens on the pitch. Arsene Wenger

Loadsamoney Blackburn Fanzine title

Football is business and business is business. Rinus Michels

Why sleep when you can make money. Stan Flashman

A successful career used to be about winning things,now it's about how much money you end up with. Graeme Souness

Favourite Quote

And you know Sir Stan had a career in football lasting nearly 40 on for some more great money quotes.


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