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Growing up in the 90's in America! The Family Disconnect between Parent and Child across America

Updated on November 17, 2015
steve8miller profile image

Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Growing up in the 90's in America!

This is the sad reality of what it was like growing up in the 90's in America. This is just a quick glimpse into civil life in the average American city. A young man age 16 decides to play hooky from school, shortly after the young man found himself a midst the a police officer. A summons is ordered and the young man and his father wind up in court. Not since Nazi Germany has a Constitutional Democratic free country locked up its youth. Back to the American courthouse and the young man and his "ever present" father.

The Lost and Forgotten Generations of the 90's!

Mr. (insert name of American youth Citizen here) you have been summoned to court (at the age of 13) to find out if you are guilty of the said offense of truancy. Well, respectfully your honor, I was just playing hooky from school no different from anything you did as a child. You better just keep your mouth shut before you find yourself in contempt! exclaims the judge. What does the father think of this matter? Ask the judge. He is out of control, this is what I hear from neighbors when I am away all weekend with my wife, who also moved out because of him. Okay Mr Insert American citizen name here is really going to have the final winning argument here... Come on judge ask me. Ask me. Really she's not going to ask me why? The drugs the violence the fact he is never even home. Is he really pushing me onto the state? He just told me in the car he would ask that I go back home? What is going on here? Well Mr. American Citizen you are found guilty of truancy and I will give you 30 days in West Central (a name of a local juvenile facility in my hometown) to think about what you have done.

What's Going on in America? 90's America Beginning of the End?

Wow is this not partly your doing dad? He asked his dad through dirty glass talking into a phone with an annoying hissing sound (yes it is recorded, for your protection). No! This is your fault you want to go and do whatever you want this is what you get. Are you kidding me? You think I want to do what I want? Hypocrisy anyone? What if they put you in here dad, what if they thought it was your fault? Never happen they know we can't control you guys. They know you don't want to work, you just want to play your games all day. Yea okay, funny those games taught me more than you have. That does it this is the last time I visit you! Father X, exclaimed.

Time goes by, 30 days turns to 60 days now days turn to years from 13 to 18 a year and a half was lost sitting and thinking of how bad we all are.

Money, Money, Greed Makes the World Go Round!

The Hypocrisy of America!

Now age 33 children of (Insert American Citizen name here) and Mr. American Citizen has two children of his own. They are 7 and 8 years old. Mr. dad stays in touch and is sure to point out how lazy we are. Working endless jobs money, money, money is on our mind. Ut oh 3 times Mr. American Citizen was late to getting his girls to school, because he is up all night trying to make enough money to survive. Insert Mr. Social worker and police officer at Mr. American Citizens door. Oh no please do not lock up my children it is not their fault that they were late and it was only 2 days but maybe a third is possible. Yes Mr. American Citizen officer firestorm states, it was three days that they were late exactly 3 minutes late each time. Well Mr. officer it's not like they have ever missed a day, that counts for something right? Here is your summons if they are late anymore they will be removed from your home. Okay Mr. American Citizen thought being careful from prior experience not to say anything wrong. A summons? What will my father think of this?

Growing up 90's. Sinister Cycle's in America! The lost and the Fortunate!

Two days later Mr. American citizen and father are talking. Well father look they are trying to take me to jail! Is this not insane!!?? No son its not, you did it you don't wake up early enough. At that moment Mr. American Citizen wakes up, realizing he lives in Nazi Germany 1939. What is he or she to say? Where does it end? How is this possible? Maybe if I had been taken this would not be happening right now? I do everything right I never leave my child's side for 8 years but now they are gone. My father is actually trying to make up for his mistakes with my children. Now locked up again for 2 years for child support we have been crushed. An epidemic of insanity prevails over this system and it is about to crash. Who will listen? Will the ones who never lost their freedom, never lost their children who seemed to skate through an evil system at the expense of their children, and their children’s children ever understand what is going on? Is an entire generation just to be thrown away? Was it just the right time or is something sinister coming? Drug addiction runs rampant I wonder why?

America Brings The Poppy To The American Citizens!

Stop the Drug War! Just make sure our Poppy Profits continue to rise from 2001!!
Stop the Drug War! Just make sure our Poppy Profits continue to rise from 2001!!

This looks like the end of the Story for America!

The story is over here we are living in America. The opportunities our fathers had here are gone. We live in an America where we are told we are going to lose it all tomorrow anyway. The economy will crash, wars will be fought and we really wonder why? If you are reading this and have no clue what I am saying then perhaps you are one of the fortunate sons. However, it aint me. It is not millions of Americans hopelessly lost resorting to drugs because the world appears lost and cold. I praise any addict who can actually find support and resources to get clean and stay clean. Anyone can stop using drugs at any time, but if no one is there to support that individual then they will just go back to using. We all see the older generations using drugs and criticising others who use drugs.

Xanax is drugs, wine is a drug, combined you get pretty high. We live in a world where everyone appears to be insane, walking around on a high horse judging everyone else. They judge with no understanding of what is going on in this world and especially in America. We all do it, I just ask a person to take a second and think. Why do we see an entire generation of people committing suicide walking around half dead on heroin. Maybe our society is so lost that is the only way to cope with this insane reality. When they want help no one is ever there, be sure someone is always there to give you the money to kill yourself though. Yes quick to give money, slow to give help when it is needed. I started a fundraiser to see if anyone would help a person who understood and tried to fix the real issue, it's still there called Gr8ForHumanity and you can look it up. It's sad to say though that Humanity seems to want to destroy itself. I guess this generation will just sadly sit back and watch. Just shooting out words we are trying to make a difference, but it seems the lights are starting to go out one by one. Good luck and God bless.

Where is America?

Are you Aware of What has Happened in America?

See results

His children are far from safety, crushed in court without a defender.

— Job 5:4

Child Sacrifice in America!? Sacrifice of a Different Sort!

I placed a poll on this topic with 3 answers and one question. The question being "Are you Aware of What has Happened in America?" If you read this article then you know the question. I love Sociology and that is actually my main area of study. Anyway, if you have read this article then you know what it is about and you understand what is going on. What is going on? One generation is willing to sacrifice their own blood in order to continue the status quo and "make it" in this world. It is easy if you are sitting on the top and throwing your child into the system, into jail without protest so you can continue your way of life.

But what if that was you? How easy it could be you, if you are over 50 years old in America today you have skated through the most troubling times in America. You have most likely a child who is or has been in jail for things that you yourself did with no "state" consequence. It is easy to judge if you are on top, instead you just hold your head down and continue to move forward in you "jobs/careers" when you should have stood up to take your children, and your Country back, but instead you sat down and got ahead. At what expense? The expense to your own freedom and your own personal long term well-being and your families well being.

Families worldwide have a "black sheep" a person whom they have written out of their lives in order to again get ahead. The nuclear family is gone in America the "state" destroyed it while you watched your own children go to jail. You put your head down ignored the problem and let your own blood suffer so you again could "succeed", you have not succeeded in any way. Your don't know God, your soul is in jeopardy, and your country is about to collapse.

Why did you sit back and watch when your forefathers fought against such tyranny to the death? Maybe because you saw that the state was now going after you. The same things you did as a child and even to this day are now being scrutinized and what do people do? They simply grab the guy beside them and throw them under the bus. Sadly said that "guy" is your own blood and you sacrificed them for your own success, then you wonder why this country is about to fall. God is not happy and this world is going to shake. I know these issues because even I have suffered from this insanity and I know my generation and we know what is happening. We are either dead, dying or shouting from the rooftops about the treacherous actions of our fathers and mothers.

Socialism is the idea that the state will raise your children, and I know many a republican socialist today and they say that we are socialist. I do not believe the state should take and raise children. I do not believe in state education, I believe that the parents should be with the children and taught by the family. Well, we cannot have that today because we live in a socialist dictatorship in a country our fathers and mothers, so blissfully empowered and created.

Growing up in the 90's in America!

I wrote this extra post here because the question in that poll I was speaking about above. There are three answers and the last answer being this "you understand what you have read and do not care because we have done this to ourselves". Wow did not even think anyone would honestly pick that answer, but it is honest I will say that. Goes to the brain-washing of most Americans nowadays. If I can avoid being placed in jail because I am doing what my son or daughter is doing I can make a good excuse an excuse like this. Its just I'm older and have a career to deal with so I will just place all the light on them so I can scurry away and do what I want to do, after all this is America.

Now I have literally placed my own child in jail, and avoided jail myself because it was the child's fault. Now that child's all grown up and his kids are doing that, but those are my grandchildren, so again now just place the adult in jail take his or her kids and raise them good because when you raised your sons or daughters you did a bad job and it shows because they were already in jail. How many more ways do I have to say this one fact.

The wicked system came in at the right time for some think of it like this. Group A and Group B. Group A and B are doing the same things, but Group A can do whatever it wants just so they don't say anything about how wrong Group B is being treated. Years go by again Group B and Group A. Now Group A is told that Group B will now be locked up and lose their children for doing what Group A was doing before, again Group A goes against Group B in the greatest hypocrisy of all time.

So the socialist state creates things like AL ANON and AA or NA to break up families just like the woman's movement was to drive the women out of the house so the "State" could finally get the kids. Well, they got the kids now in a Satanically perfect evil plan that worked so well they do not even see what has happened. Why we are crazy don't ya know.

The Federal Government does not ship the drugs over here does it? Funny now that the American government is in Afghanistan poppy production is at an all time high! Keep on placing the blame to the kid's everyone, maybe soon we can just cut the crap and throw them in a volcano at birth. Seems we are close enough to that now anyway.

But if your over 50 you probably do not know about the Satanic agenda do you? Or the Gay agenda do you? Don't listen to that internet garbage! Why that truth is a dangerous thing, its better to be blissful and unaware of what is happening! Why, it is not happening to you so you must be doing something right, huh? The second person to vote on the poll show's us all "they don't care, they are blissfully unaware."

If you are over 50 or 60 years old and you get it God bless you. For those others, if you do not understand what I am saying... Well that's a lot of fear you have bottled up and corks are about to start popping people. This is what it was like growing up in America during the 90's.

All I can say in the end is this. God loves us all! I pray for you that don't want to understand this and refuse to study and accept the truth... I am praying for you, so keep voting that you don't care sacrifice does pay off initially doesn't it. God bless us all!

While this may not affect you or I, this is the brutal reality of America under the terror of the Prison Industrial Complex. This brainwashing is Biblical and if you read and understand the Bible, then you would know your role in this grand illusion and seek to undo that witch has been done.

This is what it has been like to Grow up in the 90's in America! The last vestiges of an American society in turmoil unraveling before our very eyes.

— steve8miller

© 2015 Steven Miller


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      3 years ago

      Fantastic post Steve8miller. This is what needs to be written about please continue spreading the truth as you do. I am also a black aheep of my family but, my family is in Germany. My mother came to America to have a better life and give her children the American dream. Well I will tell the dream we have live and can't wait to wake up from the nightmare. I do believe that my mother did the best she could struggling in this society that we now live in. The brainwashing that there generation is most effected by because during world war two they brought the Nazi sicentist to come here. Which they have now alloud to affect all future generations has completely destroyed the future of our children. Then they want a second chance to destroy our childrens future by telling us everything we are doi g wrong but, what we are doing is trying to undo all there mistakes. I believe some of there actions are because they are not intune with the true courroption of today's society. It is at an all time high wether its brainwashing or posioning us with chemtrails they must realize that they have tossed their own children basically blood sacrificing them so that they may continue being a slave to courroption. They go out and just continue working coming home sleeping getting up and doing it all over again. Money, money, moneyis all they worry about. Well money can't buy happiness. Money can't buy love, respect,or morals that they have taken out of the younger generations. This is no mistake they are programed. This is why they are doing this with there grandchildren as well. When they blame everything wrong today because of my genneration. They refuse to accept any part of the blame. I hope they soon awake and help solve the problem. Until this happens our rights will be stricken until there are none left to take. I can take full responsabilty for all my actions and mistakes I have made and then look for ways to fix this with the interest of the children being the number one reason to fix it and find solutions for it's not our future anymore it is the future genneratuon that should matter the most. When the older generation wakes up and they realize what has happened then they may be able to understand that our generation.Which instead they blame everything on and complain about. That we are a mear reflection of there actions and the courropt society we growup in. We must all unite and fight courroption with the truth no matter rhe outcome. Turn off your tv and allow your childrens minds to escape the trance it has been programed to be in. The future of the children relies on you and I to take a step out of repeating history into creating something new for the old is the old why continue to repeat it? Please keep doing the great works that you do. God has an amazing plan for you.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      This is pretty honest and truthful. So I figure people might shy away from it. It's sad if we live in a world where an individuals truth to the world is silenced out of shame.


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