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Gorilla shot due to error not RACE

Updated on June 3, 2016

We're in a world of trouble

When I first heard the story this was my thought: If it was my child they wouldn't have gotten through the gates. Let's stop making excuses for people who don't have that parenting instinct to watch their children. I'm also concerned why they don't have tranquilizers? Which they are equip with those due to the need during times of medical care. If this Zoo was equipped better this wouldn't have happened. But of course these are animals we shouldn't care about who's looking out for their best interest. Blame no one else but the animal being held in captivity. Only my opinion.

I immediately became upset that the gorilla had to be shot due to the fact that the child's parents weren't parenting at the time this child got away and into the cage. However, I didn't know or need to know what race of people were involved. This is not a race issue. Especially when non blacks have experienced this exact same thing. The unfortunate difference is that we've never seen it blow up like this. The parent's character is being judged. Criminal background checks being conducted. The racist trolls are out running a muck. It is evident that that the times we are living in is at an all new low.

In other news two lions were shot and killed due to what the Chilean police officials described the so called victim to be a 20-year-old male. A "frustrated man." Where are the so called animal rights and upset victims over the gorilla shot and killed? Why aren't they also upset about this which happened just last month? Are you following me with this? Are you understanding that this story is by far the worse in this case. A suicidal man jumped into the lion's den to die. He is no victim in this story. He is of sound mind. Frustrated yes but sound mind he is. He's not a child. He's not a toddler who wants to pet the animal at the zoo.

But yet this story as well as many others gets no back lash from those so called concerned victims crying out for this gorilla. No racial discrimination found. Not from the research I have done. These same people who have immediately jumped to negative feelings against the parents because they are black. There is no other explanation. The message boards and comments on news boards proves that.

The point here is, we're in a world of trouble when a race of people will be treated differently than others and punished because of the color of their skin. We are back where we started from. Time has passed. The music is different. Our clothes look different. People's indifference, bias, prejudices has not changed. It has only been tolerated. Allowed with the turning of the head and ignoring the truth. America has never been great. Not if this one story like many has gone from an incident of a child getting away to a back lash of racial discrimination. Race has absolutely nothing to do with this. So why is it the main topic?

Race is a non factor


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