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Guide To Choosing The Right Major in College

Updated on February 3, 2012

Many students wonder into college without a single clue as what they want to do. They go to college simple because it is the next steps in education or because their parents pressure them to. They end up wasting a year of college or they get a degree that they hate.Choosing the right major can be one of the hardest or the easiest things to do. Its about understanding what college is and knowing your goal. Here is a simple guide for those misguided people:

1) Know Your Passion

When choosing a major, decided what is it that you want to do for the rest of your life. Usually this will correspond to what you like and dislike. If you enjoy math then try a technical major. If you enjoy reading and writing, maybe a humanitarian major is for you. If you want to help people then try something in the life science department or nursing. Sit down and write down everything you like and dislike and the major will become clear. You might even find out that college is not for you.

2) Consider You Future Paycheck

Once you compile that list of likes and dislikes, use it to narrow down the number of majors that fits you. When you have that list of majors that you feel is what you want to do, consider how much you will make in the future in those occupations. Do your research and write next to each major the average salary of an entry level worker. Next to the average salary, write down how much you will make in ten years. You want to pick a major that has the opportunities to grow.

3) Know Your Debts

Be sure to know how much you own and to whom. A private loans have a higher interest rates (can change without notification) while a government loans usually have a fix interest. A government loans, such as direct loans, have more payment options: if you cannot find a job you can get a deferment or forbearance, pay base on your salary…etc How much you own should be one of the major factors in choosing your major. Do not get a woman study degree with 100,000 dollars of debts. Your salary as an entry level worker will not be able to pay off the interest.

4) Put It All Together

Put all the information together and decide on the major that is right for you. The major should be something you enjoy but will also allow you to pay off your loan, have a good standard of living.


1) Even if you decide a major that is not right for you, you can always switch career. A degree is merely a piece of paper; it’s what you make of it and how you convey that skill sets to future employers. You can be an engineer and work for a bank. Do not let your degree limits you.


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