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Make Millions Flipping in Runescape

Updated on February 20, 2013

Section 1:What is Flipping?

Flipping: Purchasing an item for a lower price with the intention of selling it for a higher price, generally within the same update. It is also known as short-term investing and takes advantage of shifts within the price for an item over the course of a day.

Requirements: A minimum of 3-4 million gp, otherwise you may be better off mining pure essence as far as money-making per hour. sums other than this are good if you plan on increasing your wealth and wish to practice, or if you simply wish to do it for fun.


The advantages of flipping over investing is that flipping makes more money per day, sometimes 2-3x as much as a person investing with the same amount of money. The reason for this is that in investing making 5% in a day is considered fantastic. Before I started doing slayer I was averaging 6% on days that I was on runescape. A few percent might not sound like a lot, but it was enough at the time that my average money made was the same as my friend who had 3x as much money. I recently started flipping again and boosted my average to 9%, with one 3-day span where I had a 30% gain in net worth. Flipping also gives you a higher level of liquidity, meaning that it is easier to get your money out and use it for skills or combat.

This was written in August of 2008 and is representative of what a flipper with 30-150mil can expect. Those with lower amounts may be able to average 15% per day.

An investor with 10mil making 5% per day, essentially the max, will end up with 43.2 mil after 30 days. The same flipper, making an impressive 8% per day would have 100.6mil,almost 3 times the profit.


Finding good flipping items can be very time intensive. Whenever I find good flipping items, I don't tell anyone else except for my closest friends because even the addition of a few people can ruin the market. If you ask me what my items are, I will probably ignore you or tell you that I don't give them out.

Section 2: Flipping Method's and Strategies

Unlike investing, flipping profits can occur both when the item is going up, or down. Flipping when an item is going down is called reverse flipping, while flipping when an item is going up is called standard flipping. Standard flipping is generally the more profitable of the two, but only when done properly.

Standard Flipping

For Standard flipping, your best choice would be an item that is going up at about 2-3% per day, you should attempt to do 2 flips per day, with one occurring in between updates, and the other purchasing before the update, but selling after the update for that additional 2%. If done properly this strategy can yield 11-12% per day. The advantage with this is the higher profit margins, but it is generally more difficult to purchase the items. Note that these percentages assume that you can use all of your money without hitting the limit. purchase slightly above mid, sell slightly below max.

Middle Flipping

This works only on an item that has the Wisconsin graph; mostly flat with some slight fluctuations. The purchasing price should be about 2% below mid, and the selling point 2% above mid. If you believe that the item varies more or less than that per day, you should change your buying and selling points appropriately.

Reverse Flipping

Your best choice here would be an item that is going down 2-3% per day and aim to always sell before the next great exchange update. 2 flips per day should be your goal and, if done properly, will average about 8% per day. The items are generally easier to buy, which makes up for the additional risk. Purchase slightly above min, sell slightly below mid.


Tip #1 Find an item that you can make money on and stick with it. The better you know the market, the higher your profit margins. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't look for new items, your item may get crashed by manipulators.

Tip #2 Do something else when you flip. Don't stand at the Grand Exchange watching all of your needles come in, do that new quest, or get that prayer level you've always know you want it....

Tip #3 Don't purchase at significant points such as min, mid, max, or round numbers. A lot of other people do that too, so you will get your items faster if you add that 3,372gp onto that 500k item.

Tip #4 Don't ask me or other people in the chat what to flip. You will probably be the 312th person to do so that day, and it gets annoying.

Tip #5 Be patient. If your item does not sell right away, it is probably due to the 4 hour restrictions. If it's been a few hours and none of your items have sold, then think about adjusting the price. It should also take roughly 10 minutes to buy/sell the full limit of an item.

Tip #6 If you don't feel like guessing the price, stagger the range you believe the item inhabits with guesses about .5% apart and leave it for 10 mins. The lowest/highest that buys should be your purchasing/selling point.

Tip #7 If you have 2 items that are good flipping options, and each could occupy all of your money without running into barriers, start buying the second one once the first ones are selling. This way you save 4 hours of time waiting for the sell-buy restrictions to be done.

Section 3:The Grand Exchange, Your Friend (Sometimes)

The Grand Exchange has many features that will are designed to prevent manipulations. If you know of any that are not listed here, I would appreciate it if you would post here what they are.

Price floors and ceilings: These are levels above or below which a price cannot go, they are most noticed in items like Gold ore, which has a price floor of 180 gp.

Number Limits: all items have a certain number which is the most that you can buy in 4 hours. Listed at the end of the guide are some examples.

Unknown selling/buying points: Unlike w2, where you can see at a glance what people are offering at the moment for an item, the G.E. does not tell you what the last person who bought a whip paid for it. The only way to find out what it is is to put an offer in at max and see how much you get back, a sometimes risky strategy and an lways unreliable one.


 Section 4: Selecting an item

Selecting a Group of Items

There is no one group of items that is best for flipping. I have flipped runes, essence, logs, ore, weapons, armour, pouches, sets and even some yew roots. Discovering which items work best for you requires a decent amount of guesswork, as well as some trial-and-error the end result is worth it however, as there are massive quantities of money to be made. Make sure the items that you select can use up, or close to, as much as you want to use on flipping.

Looking at and Evaluating Graph's

Looking at graph's is the first stage. There are several different kinds of graph's that you will see, but you must be in 30-Day mode. This section will explain what each of these graph's look like, as well as what that means about the flippability of an item. The ratings are from 0-5. If you find other graph's, please post here so that I can add to this list.

Steps Down/Up

These graph's show a 4-5% increase/decrease every few days, with no increase in the day's in between. They are poor choices for investment, as well as flipping. The fact that they go up so much but not often means that they will be difficult to get, and the percentage increase per day will be poor.

Examplearty Hats/3rd Age

Cliff Up

This graph is rising 4-5% per day, in the past, there has been no significant variation in the prices. Unless this item has been the subject of an update recently, it is most likely a manipulation. If it has been the subject of an update, it is ok for investment, if you can get it, but poor for flipping due to the difficulty buying. It may be risky, so be careful.


Cliff Down

Same as previous graph, but horrible for everything and dropping. STAY AWAY! I sadly once lost 13mil on one of these (I thought that it was going to go up...darn you top hats)

Examplearty Hats


This graph is currently going up, but has only recently started doing so after a long fall. This graph is ideal for investors and good for flippers, but flippers must watch to see if the item still buys in an acceptable time frame. If the increase remains shallow, you may be able to flip this item successfully for a very long time.

Rating: 3.0

Hilly Slope Down

This graph has a general shallow downwards trend of about 1% per day, but occasionally peaks upwards for about 4 days before resuming its downwards trajectory. This item is ideal for reverse flipping during the days where it goes down, and regular flipping when it is going up. Obviously horrible for investment,


Hilly Slope Up

Same as previous, but general trend is upwards. Good for long term investment, and great for flipping.


Ocean Waves

This graph has a rather significant deviation, about 10-20% that is stays within, but moves in in a wave-like pattern. This graph generally has a rather slow increase of about 1-3% over the course of 4-6 days. This is ideal for flipping at all times, except for at the peaks and the troughs, and a decent investment.


Dead Man

This item has little or no movement in the last 30 days, this is the most interesting/difficult graph because the graph could be fantastic, horrible, or anywhere in between. If the item is not moving because it has reached a price floor or ceiling, it is horrible. Otherwise, it could be flipped for 10%.

Example:Willow logs

Wisconsin Graph

Named after my home State, this graph fluctuates very small amounts(around 1-2% total) frequently changes direction(sometimes every day/every other day) it is fantastic for middle flipping, and horrible for pretty much everything else.

Example:Black d'hide body

Section 5

In case of emergency, Pull HERE

This section is in case your flip fails. Each of these situations has their own level of hazard ranging from the annoying to the catastrophic. Note that these are general situations and the advice may not work for you.

Item Fails to Purchase

Usually this means that the price that you have selected is too low. If this is true simply raise the price by about 1%.

However, sometimes you get the "kiss of death". When your order goes in, you instantly purchase ONE of the item for absolute minimum. You will not be able to purchase any more for a while. The time limit is unknown, as is what triggers it. If there is another item that you flip, you should start that one if possible.

All Items Immediately Purchase

This is not necessarily a bad thing. If this happens, do not panic, if the item is crashing, 15 minutes wont matter. Go to the graph and evaluate it and determine whether it was a fluke investor dropping out, or a possible shift in the direction the item is going. Other things that might help include checking the forums and talking to fellow investors.

This is most likely to happen in volatile items (items that shift direction quickly and without warning), if your item is not one of those, it was probably just a fluke investor.

Item Declines

If you are doing a Standard flip and your item starts to decline by a small percentage, an immediate analysis must take place. If the graph is of the Mountain type, immediately sell the item for as much as you can get(min if necessary). If it is a Hill or Ocean Wave graph, sell the item slighly under mid price and consider reverse flipping it.

If it declines by a large percentage (4-5%) put it in the G.E. for minimum and run around yelling for an appropriate period of time.

Item Fails to Sell

In most cases this means that you are asking for slightly too much. Lower your asking price by an appropriate amount and it should sell. Evaluate as to whether it may start declining


Great Exchange Limits:

Logs, ores, runes and flax

Raw fish

Ashes, ore and bars, soft clay, hides, bones, food, herbs, potions, vials, spirit shards, arrow and bolt supplies and product, feathers, bowstrings, bows(u)

Gems, Jewelry, talismans, teletabs, seeds and finished bows.


100roboscis, battlestaves, "common" armour and weapons(and sets) and flatpacks

Barrows, godwars and dragon items

Treasure Trail items and discontinued items

Credit to DNA Ghost, thanks for the help.

Money making methods

Enchanting Dstone bolts-68 mage

1800 casts per hour=18k bolts enchanted.
Each spell enchants 10 bolts.
the current price differential is 163 per bolt.
Each cast costs 480gp, making the total profit per cast 1150.
1222*1800=2.07mil gp profit per hour, 140k mage exp.

Attatching D bolt tips
appx. 500 are made per minute, 30k/hour

It is currently a profit of 254 per attachment, making this make 7.6mil/hour and about 240k fletching exp.

Enchanting Onyx bolts-87 mage

108.5 profit per bolt, 10 made per cast, profit of cast is 1085per,1085*1800=1,953k per hour.

Attaching is a profit of 65 per bolt, 30k/hour is 1.95mil/hour profit and 282k exp/hour

Check prices as the profits are highly variable. Updated 1/10/10.

Note that enchanting is extremely hard to sustain and that 50-80% of this would be more reasonable over the course of an hour or so.

Attaching bolts is much more easily sustained.

Good luck! happy investing!


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      5 years ago

      best items to flip 14-04-13 uncut onyx they are in high demand buy for 9980k and sell for 11975k

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi, I'm having trouble understanding Section 2/Strategies/Tip#5.

      Can you try making it clear for me if you don't mind?

      Thanks in advance :)

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      6 years ago

      Dang dis is old

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      6 years ago

      guide, bro.

      no seriously, cool.

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      6 years ago

      great guide helped me make some money after being victim of a big hack :)

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      7 years ago

      haha i make more than this with less

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      7 years ago

      I love you.

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      8 years ago

      Exactly what I was looking for! Amazing guide! Thanks a million man!


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      8 years ago

      Nice guide :)


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