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Gummy Bear Meets Potassium Chlorate Reaction!

Updated on March 16, 2013

The Crime

Rain poured down in sheets outside a lonely jail cell were a criminal known as C12H22O11 awaited his fate. His crimes were so high, that morality had ceased to exist in his world. Destruction, death, and unbelievable horror followed him everywhere that he had ventured. The blood of countless victims stained his hands. And for his crimes, he was being sentenced to death.

The Method

The courts decided to make his execution an example to deter criminals across the nation. They brought in doctors, physicists, and chemists from around the world to collaborate on the worst method possible. They debated for countless hours. Ethics and morels were forgotten during the grueling dark two weeks of devising the most horrendous method of death for such a criminal. Late at night on the fourteenth day, a solution was reached. The C12H22O11 was known to have a passion for arson in his killings, so it was decreed that he would die by a similar means.

His fate: Death by Rapid Oxidation

The How

A brilliant young chemist devised the plan to use oxidation to end the criminals life. She proposed that, since the criminal was mostly composed of sugar, that the court use potassium chlorate to oxidize him; and so it was decreed that on Oct 24, 2012 at 1:15pm that the criminal be executed.

The Execution


The Science Report Presented to Council

High Council

We, the scientists of the realm, have concluded our search for a deviant means of execution. Because the criminal C12H22O11 killed so many by fire, he will die in a similar means. We propose that he be put to death by rapid oxidation.

C12H22O11 unique body composition allows for us to use molten potassium chlorate as a means of oxidation. The Criminal will be broken down into carbon dioxide and water though our method, thus never posing a threat to society again. Explanation as follows:

Rapid Oxidation between C12H22O11 and Potassium chlorate is a two step reaction.

Step one: Decomposition of potassium chlorate as it is heated (about 350oC) into a liquid molten form in preparation for C12H22O11.

2KClO3 (s) ----> KCl (s) + 3O2 (g)

Step Two: Introduction of Criminal C12H22O11 into molten potassium chlorate(KCl(s)+3O2(g)). The oxygen will react with the Criminal, and energy will be release in the form of bright light, heat, and screams.

C12H22O11 (s) + 12 O2 (g) -----> 12 CO2 (g) + 11 H2O (g)

This method of execution will be a good indication to other criminals that crime will not be tolerated in this nation.


The Scientists of the realm

Oct 22, 2012

Live Coverage of the Event


This experiment can be extremely dangerous if not done in a professional setting. Please do not attempt this reaction unless you are being supervised by a professional and/or are a professional, and using all necessary safety preparations.


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