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Guts, and Demonstration of Said Terminology

Updated on November 5, 2011
God's gift to all
God's gift to all

Profiles About Courage

What makes a father get up every day to face a world of hard work and sweat...guts!

What does it mean in going to bed and you're so tired from a job, to bath...guts!

What does it take to put your children in school, then work in a mill all day,'s guts!

What does it take for a fifteen year old kid to go on after a spinal's guts!

What it takes for a person to resolve that they will make something of their life..guts!

What does it take for a kid to be called names and spit upon, yet keep on trying...It's guts!

What does it take to keep a country going, that seems to be losing its grip as a society..guts!

What is guts, courage, determination in trying harder, no matter what the's guts!

Picking up the pieces, after they have fallen apart, going forward and being resolved to get back on your feet, has shown the courage of the ages of great people in history. Churchill in England, Lincoln in America, Kennedy in a time of crisis that could annihilate the world, as we know it, the American people after being struck in 9-11, The world's people, the human race, that is facing calamities untold in our daily lives, and then setting our jaws in our strength and moving onward, knowing in our hearts that we can survive. That are the seeds of a courage that can move mountains and change lives. What does it take after losing all you've got and still go on to face's guts!

What does it take in falling down and losing self-respect, and then getting back up...Guts! When we come to the end of our lives and feel like we are going down for the count..Guts will pick us up off the mat, and give us power in our souls to keep going! What has put this knowledge of our strength in our brains, that tell us we can succeed and we can come back?The fact that we believe in a higher power, that of our Creator. He is all powerful and passes His gift of enduring strength on to us, as His children, the Children of God. Without God there would be no courage and no hereafter, and no reason to go on. He is the spring and nourishing fountain of the breath of life and its drive to survive. Guts, or our courage indicates to us that we have no choice but to stand up and be strong in times of difficulty. It is ingrained into our very spirits. Our very natures were made to endure and innovate, and make the most of everything that comes our way, as a human race. We are courage! We are the "guts"that makes us who we want to be! It's in our DNA. I'm sorry, if you don't want any, you've got it anyway! The blessing that we know is in each of us and empowers our lives, a courageous gene that permeates our very being, from our heads to our toes, is courage! The human spirit is endowed with this gift in our lives as a part of helping us all to cope with that which our lives have to offer, be it good or bad. Sometimes we have to reach deep down inside of us and grab hold of the courage, that pulls us through our times of trials and tribulations. It is a part of us!We can survive and revel in our happiness on the face of this blue planet that was made for us in our exclusive stewardship in maintaining it and living in harmony. Animals have the instinct to survive. Human beings were given a brain and the ability to decide our futures and courage to make a difference. God has blessed us all, and thanks to Him for our gifts of courage!


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