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Mnemonics and Science: How to Tackle a Mathematical Problem

Updated on March 22, 2014

A math problem is theoretically a created problem to be solved. Did you really want to know how to solve that equation on eighth grade? Of course not, it was a subject you had to pass. Now, as I said math was taught way too abstract, for us regular human beings to understand. Fortunately, every day the Internet is catching up with those problems that are actually solved in a different way, whether it is in Mumbai, Tokyo or Moscow


Focus on the problem and gather all the notes that you were able to write down. But, did you know you can use your IPhone to go to that blackboard and take a vivid picture of the explanation in concern?

Second: go to any of our research engines and type the three or four basic words of the problem, for instance if you type 'Quadratic equations problems,' you will get all kind of sites related to the problem.


From now on, take math like a second language to learn, not like History or Literature. That means you have to learn by practicing and memorizing. I know, I know sounds a boring solution. But you are to get help and then go back to Farmville. Oops! 12 texts messages already on that cell?


It won't look at you, it will attack you with its absurd bold theorems. No wonder Newton, almost got his head cracked open when that apple fell on his head. Just ignore that introduction... like a lawyer and his own language. Go to the heart of the problem. " Yeah! Lord is easy to say it when is Sunday night and I have to solve these trigonometrical functions by tomorrow morning, I'm f**d!" Well, didn't mom tell you to solve it Saturday morning, you had all day for that! What? Your friends took your time?

Introducing: MNEMONICS

This is a hub so I go straight to the point. The human mind usually remembers better funny, spatial or even sensual situations. Mnemonics relate this hard to get irrational science with your own personal experience.

An example: you want to memorize the binomial theorem, "which is the algebraic expansion of powers" I didn't say that, it was Mister scary math Joe. I told you, they want to scare you to deathll!

@= 'to the power of"

(a+b)@2 = a@2 + 2ab + b@2

how can you easily memorize this? Let's make a quick example with names and make a story this time.

"There was this husband Andrew and wife Brittanny, who had this rubber duck on top of the Chandelier in their living room. On the next room was Andrew holding a baby duck on his head, next to him was this mommy duck trying to bite Andrew and Brit, holding each other in fear of the imminent attack. Behind all them was Brittany, again with anoher baby duck on her head not caring at all of what was going on." Now after your laughter, your brain will say...oh! that's easier than memorize ' baby,' from Justin the Bieber, right?

Other examples

You want to memorize so many formulas and there are so many ways to create your own mnemonics. Be creative and inventive. If Plato is Spanish for dish, then imagine Plato the philosopher holding a dish. Easier this time? make it fun and make it hilarious!

Newton was autistic, so Einstein was. A normal mind cannot comprehend what they came out with: calculus and the theory of relativity.

Mnemonics can be found all over the net. Some methods are great, other are just to get by.

Good luck!


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  • profile image


    10 years ago

    haha I wish lol..:)

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    10 years ago from New York

    Thanks again KAtkaif. Pass it on!, don't tell your teacher..he/she might get fired.Lol


  • profile image


    10 years ago

    good way to handle its really beneficial for me nice hub.


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