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Handwashing lesson for Halloween

Updated on February 28, 2015

Germs are Scary! - Halloween Hygiene Themed Lesson for your Classroom Activity

Germs are scary! Maybe even more scary than ghosts and ghouls because they can have real and immediate consequences! -Hand washing and hygiene lessons are needed to combat the scary germs and especially needed in schools and around the cold/flu season. Because you will be doing Halloween lessons around the holiday anyway, you may as well teach hygiene and good hand washing at the same time! The Halloween Infection Control Activity is a fun way to talk about scary things (germs) and ways on how to avoid illness. There are many variations that can be conducted with Glo Germ- contact us ( for additional hand hygiene lessons or other germ simulations.

Lesson Objective:

The students will be able to investigate and attest to the "scariness" of germs. The students will also participate in activities and games associated with germs and the upcoming Halloween holiday.They will be able to properly clean their hands and maintain a sanitary environment for maximum health.

Recommended Materials:

Glo Germ System, colored paper, scissors, glue, paint, macaroni, rice, string, markers, educational and promotional posters, prizes (i.e. pencils, magnets, gift certificates, etc.), Certificates of Achievement, and other design materials(glitter, cloth, etc.)

Build foundation of germ knowledge OUTFOX PRevention
Build foundation of germ knowledge OUTFOX PRevention

Build Basic Germ and Infection Control Knowledge

Give them some info on germs to start the lesson

An introduction to any lesson is the one of the most important steps. If you mess up the introduction, the rest of hygiene lesson has a low chance of success. In order to get the germ and hygiene topics introduced to your students, ask students the following questions:

* Where does the concept of the Halloween holiday come from?

* How do we celebrate it differently today?

-Are Germs Scary

* Why are germs considered "scary?"

* What can we do to escape scary germs and the related outcomes?

You can add more infection control or germ related questions if you would like. Any question that starts a great conversation about gross or scary things can be beneficial! The "gross out factor" of germs is an effective way to teach proper hygiene.


Avoid GERMS like the PLAGUE ;)

Glo Germ Products on Amazon

Glo Germ is a formula of fluorescent particles (comes in lotions, gels, sprays and powders) that helps demonstrate hand washing, infection control activities and other lessons about germs. Use it this Halloween to show all the scary germs! People of all ages have enjoyed the germ lessons for years!

Glo Germ in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention
Glo Germ in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention

Exploration of the Glo Germ System to Show Scary Germs

How many scary germs remain on your hands after hand hygiene practices?

Explore germs and the infection control topic by reviewing the following bullet points. Feel free to add more ideas or topics that are relevant for your school, health organization or restaurant.

* Look at pictures of a variety of Halloween costumes. Look at costumes that are funny, scary, etc.

* Use the Glo Germ System to illustrate how germs spread and affect us daily.

o Have students apply the "scary" germs (Glo Germ Identifier Lotion or Powder). Make sure they get it all over their hands (or apply to doorknobs, sinks, pencils, or other designated area)

o Using the black light, show students how germs lurk on their hands

o Have them wash their hands and check for the germs again

o Use the Identifier Lotion or Powder for many of the activities and games supplied by OUTFOX in this manual

-The Glo Gel represents simulation germs and can be placed anywhere for verification or to show spreading!

Glitterbug and Brevis in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention
Glitterbug and Brevis in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention

Lesson Explanation about Infection Control in the Classroom or Community

Germ Lessons are Necessary for Great Health!

The following are ideas that can be used to make your lesson more understandable and consequently more effective. Use back up materials (infection control posters, infection control pictures, germ pics, etc.) to enforce the lesson theme and get them in the mood to learn! The "gross out factor" is very effective for most ages.

Before the class, hang educational and promotional posters dealing with hygiene, scary germs and the effects of illness.

After discussing Halloween customs, costumes, and other details of the holiday, explain that the class is going to make their own set of scary germs. It is recommended to use the Glo Germ System (lotion, powder, and black light) at this time to turn the students' attention to hygiene, germs, etc.

Following the Glo Germ System, explain that although germs are scary, we can keep them away. Describe ways that students can escape from the related outcomes of disease and illness (washing up, keeping a clean environment, using tissues, vaccinations, staying home when sick, etc.).

Instruct the students that they now can build their own scary version of germs. It is ideal to have them build germs that are at least 12" x 12" or larger. Give them the materials they are able to use and have a prepared example for them to visualize to get their imaginations working. Set a time limit of completion. Hang the germs as they are completed (or dried). Display the finished scary germs on a wall, in the hall or another visible area.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer on Amazon (or you can buy some fun pump items to make hand sanitizing fun) - Hand Hygiene at Your Fingertips

Need a convenient way to continually stock hand sanitizer for your classroom? Look for bulk hand sanitizer, small bottles and other hand hygiene items on Amazon! There is a large selection of hand sanitizer, hand hygiene wipes and other great hygiene products.

Hand hygiene in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention
Hand hygiene in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention

Hands On Experience for a Great Lesson

Get all their hands dirty is the only way to teach them to clean

Make sure to get all students participating! Get all of their hand immersed in the powder or lotion so they can full grasp the germ topics! If you don't implement a hands on approach for your lesson, the likelihood of successfully teaching the lesson diminishes. Health is so important in the classroom- so make sure everyone is participating and learning how to wash their hands and environments properly!

* Use the Glo Germ System to get their minds engaged

* The construction activity will help build images and reminders in minds of the students

-Have them go home and teach a member of their family the hygiene principles

-Depending on budget, have them conduct a Glo Germ lesson at home

INfection control and hygiene in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention
INfection control and hygiene in the classroom OUTFOX PRevention

Germ Lesson Wrap Up to Help Retention

Make sure the germ concepts are solidified in the students' minds

Good lesson but afraid about retention? Use the following ideas to help your students retain the information. When a student remembers good hygiene, his/her family benefits as well as fellow students in the classroom!

* After the germs are completed, hang the germs on a wall, in the hall or another visible area.

* Conduct a vote for the prettiest germ, ugliest, scariest and best overall (or other categories you see fit).

* Hand out Certificates of Achievement to all students for passing the germ test.

* Provide prizes for the winners of the different categories.

We can all OUTFOX illness and disease. It takes working together and slowly getting our hygiene habits up to par!

Home Connection of the Germ Lesson- The only way to have the lesson sink in! - Make sure the students go home with hygiene principles they can use at home, work

Hand washing kits for classrooms OUTFOX PRevention
Hand washing kits for classrooms OUTFOX PRevention

Use the following to help complete the home connection for your students.

* After hanging the created germs for a specified amount of time, allow the students to take their germs home.

* Encourage the students to create germ reminders with their family members and friends.

If the students use great hygiene principles at home then they are more likely to avoid illness and get other students sick. Good examples at home can be all the difference needed to avoid germs in the classroom!

Germ and Infection Control Videos

Double Dipping anyone? Don't share germs! Watch some funny, random and informational videos about hand hygiene, germ simulation, Glo Germ and other aspects of infection control principles. Have some ideas for funny videos to demonstrate hygiene standards? Let us know! We want to OUTFOX sickness and disease with you!

Leave us comments about hygiene lessons you have conducted, infection control activities or what you think about our simple Halloween lesson! Thanks for tuning in!

Have you taught a hand washing lesson in your class?

How often do you teach handwashing?

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