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Happy Birthday

Updated on November 2, 2011

Birth...A very pleasant word indeed. It is a time for celebration. A time to rejoice. A time to be happy. We all are born on this planet which was born ~5 billion years ago. This event of birth is such a rejoicing moment. We are all Happy on the Birth of some body. This some body could be us, our friends, our family, or an animal or even the birth of this planet. On the special day we want to forget all our sorrows and rejoice. But, Why? I think these sorrows or pain will make us take a step further towards maturity esp. on a day when we are supposed to be happy since we our friends and family are rejoicing our birth. They are happy for us and what better motive do we have to be happy as well and step up emotionally and get stronger.

We are born on this planet for a reason. On our birthday, we should ponder over our past and look over our achievements. Have we achieved them? Judge yourself critically since this is one day you will NOT be upset. If not yet achieved, try to figure out the ways to achieve it. Your family and friends have all your attention on this day and they will give you the BEST of advice. Take Advantage of this day of being SPECIAL and being all the CENTER OF ATTENTION.

Usually, we make plans of doing stuff for that year and call it resolution for the year. That day, when we are celebrating with friends and family, we are in high spirits but then the next day, we wake up with a hang over and then laugh over our resolutions. If we have it written we make sure it is torn and dumped or to show some sentiments towards our resolutions, we will date it and put it on our refrigerator with the pretext that it will remind us that we had made so and so resolution on our birthday.

We also make sure to save our birthday cards with the hope that when we get old (dunno, how we define old though) and are weak and alone. These cards will serve as our memories. We will see the cards while sipping our coffee or tea and shed a tear while reminiscing about our past. We should not collect material for our future but we should make memories for our future. We should stand up to the challenges and do something positive with our lives such as helping others, being kind, generous, happy for others so that when we get old we will not be alone with just those greeting cards but also with those fond memories and those people whose life we have touched in our past.

Looking at the practical point of view of a birthday, we are born on that day and as the years are rolling by; we are getting older and our body is getting weaker in its normal functioning. But, we still rejoice on that date. Why? Does that mean we are so matured that we are celebrating that date since we are nearing our death, us getting old? If yes, then we are very strong human beings and we should be proud of our attitude. But, I doubt we think in those terms. Ask a person who is seriously ill how he feels when it is his birthday. Man is a Social Animal and all he wants is people around him esp when he is sick. This sick man is rejoicing and has a smile because of company around him but, he knows the intensity of his sickness and cannot ask for more even if the song sung by his friends consists of, "May you have many more."

Even if a person is in dungeon on the previous day of his birthday, he will be all smiles for that day. It is the credit of having humans around him and people remember him that makes him truly happy on that day and that happiness inspires him to walk an extra mile even if he does not have the ability to do so. As Time does not stand still. Comes the next day and we will find that person stuck to his bed. Why?Happiness and joy is the key to it! Wish we could freeze that moment for ALL of us since; that inspires us to move ahead with a smile whether we are sick or healthy.

So, wishing someone a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the day he is born. We are giving him loads of happiness on that day. Since Happiness has no boundaries and the wish that happiness will make him believe in himself to do things that he has dreamt of. By making an effort on that day, will make him believe in himself and eventually lead him to make a colorful future for himself to which he will reminiscence when he is all haggard and retired from life.


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