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Has TARP improved the quality of your life?

Updated on September 8, 2013

TARP Improving Your Life?


Watching the Commodity Markets

Upon the 2008 presidential elections I watched the commodities markets. With sugar sky high and India taking grain deliveries (no longer just a speculator in our markets) it was clear the USA markets were about to fail. For the better part of the last decade we have been in a war over commodities in which every country is a player. This article is going to ask the frank questions of too big to fail and how that thought process has effected TARP and improved your daily lives.

We are moving into an election cycle and while there are several questions to ask of who might big the next president, the only pertinent question to ask of the current president is why he hasn't be able to improve our economic lives in the last 3 years?

Did Tarp Work?

Did Tarp Improve your Economic Life?

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Do You Believe the USA avoid a Depression?

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Yen and the Chinese Backed Mortgages

Do you believe the artificially deflated YEN and Chinese banking prctices hurt the USA economy?

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It is not personal as we like the Chinese People.

I have friends that are Chinese Nationalists. I like them. I have been invited to China many many times. I have seriously considered going. This is not an insult to Chinese business but a practical question as to whether other nations should have access to strategically important areas of our government like the treasury? Isn't that a folly?

I think our government is has been unable to identify international banking practices as one of our economic down falls but are quite capable of accussing everyone in this country of being addicted to oil. Blame the people.

Better off?

When George Bush JR was in office did you have more money in your household?

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How likely are you to vote your pocket on the next Presidential Election?

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In Conclusion

Our perceived economic melt down seems limited to the USA as it did not effect Canada or Europe which is very uncharacteristic of global markets. What happens in one market tends to happen in all of them. And you have to ask yourself why the government went in and took over the banks and then why the banks paid the funds back so quickly when the credit lines for everyone needed to be open. And then you have to wonder what is going on at the federal treasury when they haven't already calculated the impact of global trade and trade practices effects on USA markets and the people of the United States because where the Treasury might believe it only works for DC and New York in the end the Executive works for "The People" and TARP may have only made a decade of inflationary recession which puts off the depression for a decade but a depression that is still looming. You have to ask yourself, are you better off than 4 years ago now? Who will make you better off as the next president? And is it a good practice to have other countries predatorial practices against the USA citizens on US soil from within our own government?

In the early 1900(s) we had the exact same problem. Not to anticipate this would occurwhen we opened up to globalization is to not understand history. The USD is probably deflated in this economy as well but inflation keeps rising and that is a horrible plight for individuals here. "The People" aren't pagan sacrifices for foreign businessmen. We are after all the only country that still has a standing military.

Asian and China are not bad in particular but a few unsavory businesses practices and I am certain that the USA has had some unsavory business practices as well but this strikes citizens and is exceptionally predatorial. I think the message should be to foreign businesses that if they don't wish to participate in fair business then they don't need to be involved at all. And all predatorial business practices within the borders of the USA aren't enforceable under the inalienable rights clause of the US Constitution.

Inalienable Rights

Do you Believe as a US Citizen your government to protect you from foreign threats as your inalienable rights?

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Serving you.

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