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Have A Positive Mental Attitude

Updated on June 5, 2015

Positive Mental Attitude


Think Positive

If we can dream it then we can achieve it. Having a positive mental attitude is a state of mind. Optimism and hope are essential to the development of a positive mental attitude. This idea of PMA originated in Napoleon Hill and W. Stone's book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. Napoleon Hill is considered America's most beloved motivational author. He was born in America in 1883 and began writing at age 13. His works are exceptional and created the basis for America's ongoing self-help craze. Basically, a positive mental attitude is considered the philosophy that states by possessing an optimistic disposition in your life then in turn positive changes will occur. Therefore, you will allow positive energy to be released from your person and also attract positive energy and, as a result, a higher achievement in life will be inevitable. A positive mental attitude is a mind-altering concept that seeks to find and capture the elements in the thought process that enables harmonious and accurate abilities to prevail in your life regardless of extenuating circumstances. A positive mental attitude vehemently opposes all negative thoughts such as defeat or hopelessness. A positive mental attitude quickly disposes of all non-positive thoughts. A positive mental attitude is ultimately symbolized by only a positive adjoining vocabulary. Some of the positive characteristics of a positive mental attitude include but are not limited to the following attributes; faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, generosity, initiative, tolerance, tact, kindness, and good common sense. A positive mental attitude is classified in the category of positive psychology. The theory of a positive mental attitude is considered an internal discipline of thoughts that ultimately will influence your external behavior and abilities. Some research on a positive mental attitude suggests to us that through emotionally structured discipline and intellectual training a person's attitudes concerning success and their perceptions of achievements can be modified to improve one's goals and future successes.

Self Help Skills


Self Help

A positive mental attitude is fundamental in the self-help programs of today. It is these same basic simplistic principles of a positive mental attitude that encourages us to improve our personality and successes in life. Our personal well-being can be transformed by a positive mental attitude. And our success in our professional career can exceed all expectations with a positive mental attitude. We must have an attitude that says whatever I think I can do, I can also accomplish. In the field of sports, one study suggested the main factor in the sports world of successful athletes includes the ability to develop these mental characteristics of a positive mental attitude and the implementation of these mental skills into their everyday lives. Also in the healthcare Industry a study concluded that people that displayed a positive mental attitude had a significantly higher chance of survival and recovery when presented with health problems than did those without a positive mental attitude. I first learned of PMA when I was on a bowling league a few years ago. The entire team encouraged each other and constantly spoke of having a positive mental attitude. The team spirit was we can do it! Having a positive mental attitude is definitely a mindset procedure that constantly reminds us of achieving our goals and keeps our thoughts focused upon our success rather than on our failure.



The Faith of Peter

A positive mental attitude is something that you perceive with your inner being similar to how you have faith in God. Jesus Christ was walking on the water in the King James Bible in the gospel of Matthew Ch: 14. As Jesus walked toward the boat Peter cried out, "Lord if it is You, command me to come to You on the water." And Jesus said, "Come." So Peter being one of Jesus disciples waiting in the boat immediately climbed out of the boat and began also walking on the water as Jesus. Peter being braver than the other men in the boat stepped out in faith to go to Jesus. Peter was accomplishing a great miracle as he walked on the water. At first Peter kept his eyes focused upon Jesus and his thoughts upon the words of Jesus as he miraculously walked upon the water. And with Jesus encouragement combined with Peter's faith he was doing the impossible. But soon Peter began to doubt in himself and his abilities as the storm became boisterous. And questions entered into Peter's thoughts and Peter slowly lost his footing and began to sink down into the water. I think some of Peter's negative thoughts were pulling him down into the water. Then Peter again cried out unto Jesus, "Lord Save Me!" And Jesus immediately reached out his hand unto Peter and caught hold of his hand and lifted him up. And Jesus said unto Peter, " Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt my word?" Peter was displaying his faith in action by walking on the water. So it was the mind of Peter that had doubted the words of Jesus and caused his faith to falter. A positive mental attitude directs our minds to think positively not negatively.

Jesus Walks On The Water


Believe In Yourself

A positive mental attitude is inspiring thoughts that continuously encourage us to succeed and retain our confidence in the midst of any situation. This allows us to conquer our fears and overcome all obstacles. Faith is possibly the greatest positive word in our vocabulary today. And faith is the basis for our religious beliefs in God. Some of the other plus characteristic words of the positive mental attitude concept include integrity. Integrity is having an honesty in our behavior that leads us to always do the right thing. Hope is what we believe in that makes our dreams come true. With hope, we are inspired to go beyond all known boundaries and leap into the future. Optimism is the idea of believing in yourself and your abilities. With optimism, we can rise above our fears and reach our goals. An optimist outlook always sees the benefits in everything. Courage is the strength to step out of the boat. As did Peter the disciple of Jesus when he walked upon the water. With courage, you can let go of fearful emotions and step confidently into future success.Taking the Initiative allows us to be ourselves and lead our parade to victory. We do not have to wait for the losers to move forward, but we surpass the ones that come up short. Another positive spiritual attribute is generosity. With generosity in our thoughts, the inner being is pleasant and content. Tolerance is a must in today's world. With tolerance, we can focus our thoughts and ideas upon our own success. And tolerate all of the negative feedback that might otherwise enter into our minds. Tact is being gracious but determined to accomplish our dreams. With tact, we can maintain our positive mental attitude and look beyond the little imperfections of life to our higher goals of success. Kindness is a valuable quality. And kindness contributes to our overall personality by creating within us a more peaceful and content mental stability. And finally to have good common sense in our thoughts to solve the numerous problems of life. As this will allow us to find happiness in all that we may do in this world. It is good common sense that assures us the victory in the trials and tests of this life. To believe in yourself and what you are capable of is the essence of having a positive mental attitude.


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